Ocean Avenue.

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On with the show

Chapter 1 a dark stormy night.

Aeshma loved the summer; it was his favorite time of year, the baking temperatures, the ‎slinky swim suits and bikini's. but their was a problem, it was raining and you can't have fun in the rain, so here he was contemplating going over to Kairi's or Riku's maybe even Sora's house. what to do?
Who is it?
"Hey Aeshma! Let me in." yelled sora.

"Sora? What are you doing?" asked aeshma.

"I got locked out of my house, and my parents aren't home."

"how did you do that?"

"you don't want to know."

"fine just don't break anything."

Flash back

"hey aeshma?" asked sora.

"what is it?" replied aeshma.

"I think I broke your toilet?"


"I think I broke your cell phone?."


"I think I burned your English essay? I think I broke your door, C-D player, bed, fridge."

End flash back.

Note to self; no more matches and soda for sora while at my house, I can't afford the repairs.

"Oh hey aeshma, I've got this funny story, okay, well I was being chased by me neighbors evil dog… fluffy and it was bid, mean and scary."

"you mean the tiny white fluff ball?"


"oooookay. Your soaking wet, how about we dry your cloths quickly?"

"yeah! Again!"

"good, you go down to the basement, and I'll get you some of my old cloths."

Aeshma walked up the stairs to his room, a comfortable room a light eggnogish brown, a decent place except for the fact that all his cloths were thrown all over the floor. Looking in his closet for some old cloths for sora wasn't easy; sora was shorter and skinnier than him. It was funny. But aeshma couldn't find any thing he wanted defiled by that bi-polar idiot. Okay maybe that was a little harsh but sora was stupid you can't argue with that. wait a minute sora was alone in his basement, he might break something else again, for the ummm… okay he's broken a lot and aeshma stopped keeping track after the blender incident. He just grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and bolted down the stairs to the basement, where he jumped down the stairs, tumbled over a basket, hit is head on the floor and rolled over to the washer. where the idiot was standing perfectly still. Well not perfectly because that's really hard.

"Aeshma, are you…"

"I'm fine; here are your new cloths." Brushes himself off "put your wet ones in the dryer for a while."

"But what about my under wear?"

"I guess you don't get any."

"Fine.. Got any food?"

Aeshma and sora looked through his fridge for food and found………… none!

"I'm gonna call kairi." Aeshma looks out the window to the house across the street. He had been going out with kairi for about 2 weeks, after the end of the school year. At the last school dance they hooked up and from then on, it had been one unipue experience after an other. "Hi kairi."

"Hi aesh, was'up?"

"not much, you?"

"Friday night movie night."

"right I almost forgot, im always forgetting things."

"yeah you are, so ya gonna come over."

"Yeah I'll be there in five."

"Aeshma!" cried out sora.

"What is it?"

"I glued my hand to my face!"

"Kairi, better make that ten. Love ya byebye."

"Luv you too, bye."

"okay sora, where's the solvent?"

"Your seriously not going to use that, are you."

"it won't hurt, much!"

aeshma uses the solvent on sora's hand.


"sounds like it hurt a little? Oh well."

"ARSHMA! That hurt a lot!"

"fair enough I'm sorry, hey I gonna about to head to Kairi's house, do ya wana come with?"

"yeah, just don't start making out with her."

"Oh come on, we just started going out like, a week or two ago…. I won't."

"great, hey can I borrow a rain coat?"


"so I stay dry."

"hold on." Aeshma went to go get his rain coat and a poncho.

"sweetness 'the poncho'." Sora started to bow down to the sacred object. It all started with the outlaw fad, and it was sora v.s riku v.s aeshma to see who could come up with a better outfit, aeshma won by a landslide.

"Do you want it?"


"fine here you go, so lets go man."

Before they left aeshma had to write a quick note for his parents, who weren't home.

Dear parents,

Out at kairi's be home late

Luv aeshma.

The two teens crossed the street, it was a dark stormy night.the two continued on to the large mansion that was kairi's. Her father was the mayor of their town; he was a well respected man, and kairi a hott babe. That's right two t's. The two looked cool walking in the rain, aeshma in his dark trench coat, boots and gloves. And sora in the poncho which was just cool.
Kairi's POV
So I open the door and see these two guys, this one lazy bum in aeshma's poncho, and ‎another in a dark trench coat, with his short blonde hair, mocha skin, lavender eyes. Aeshma!

"Hey aesh, I see you found sora." I said.

"Yeah, he locked himself out again." Aeshma replied.

"Well come on in, dry off and prepare for movie night!"

"Oh yeah!" yelled sora. What funny people I know. So the two rejoined me and my other friends, namine yuna, tidus, wakka, selphie and rikku. This movie night will be one of the best, it's a scary movie night and all we needed was riku.

"So where's riku?" asked namine.

"He'll be here soon; he said he had to get something first." replied sora. Okay so here's he deal I was going out with sora but we broke up for reasons I don't feel like saying, that's when me and aeshma really first met. And after that it was just one adventure after another, in fact I don't think he would have thought of me romantically until I told him how I felt,it's funny how life works.

"Hey, kairi heads up!" rikku shouted

"Huh?" donk. "Ow! That hurt! Why did you throw the DVD case at me?" I said.

Ding dong!

"Riku! I'll get it" said sora as he leaped up. "Hey riku come on in and we can start."

"Sorry I'm late, snack problems." Said riku.

"Okay, so I have the Haagen-Dazs, riku's got the chips and dip, and aeshma do you have the soda?" asked kairi.

"Errrrm? No…. pleasedon'tbemadiforgotit'sallsora'sfaught!" screamed aeshma.

"Just go back and get it."

"Right, sora lets go."

"Why me?" questioned the youth.

"Cause, I said so."


Ten minutes later

"Let's start now with, saw, the tale of psycho's and other such scary stuff." I said as I turned on the DVD and cuddled up to my aeshma.
Sora pov
why do they do that! I dislike it; no I hate it that's right. AHHHH scary!...it's only a movie, hey what's namine doing, hey that's my hand oh. Ohhhhh…. If it's like that then…wait focus on the object at hand, revenge on aeshma. For now I'll just watch and wait.

Later that night. back to third.

"Wow that was sick." Said tidus, the blood had all but drained from his face.

"I'm scared, hold me tidus."Said yuna as she curled up inyo a ball.

"Like… ya…." Was all wakka could mutter.

"hey I hear that this movie was based on a some what true story, about a somewhat true event, about a somewhat true people." Said selphie with an insidious look on her face.

"Yeah." Said namine as she picked up on it. "I hear that the killer roams the streets of this very town."

"Come on guys don't scare me like that" said kairi.BOOMthunder blotBOOM. "AHHH"

Kairi jumps up into aeshma's arms.

"Come on guys enough fun, get on out of here, and we'll see ya later."

Everyone said their good bye's and left exept for kairi and aeshma.

"Was that great or what." Said kairi, as she tried to look somewhat brave.

"Hey yeah, are you okay?" askes aeshma.

"No I'm fine, I just need you… for a while."


The two embrace each other.

"can you stay over, for a bit longer?"

"sure, my parents expect me to me home late."

The two cuddled together on the couch, wrapped up in blankets, and their they shall remain for the rest of the night.

End of chapter one.

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