Ocean Avenue

Chapter 2: Mr. bright eyes

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A blond boy about 5'9" walks in, kind of looks like Aeshma's evil twin/opposite.

Zack: hello ladies. similes and winks

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Zack: whatever. Wait am I Mr. bright eyes?

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crazy chimp with a flamethrower walks in and starts to torch stuff

A-D: I've always wanted one of those.

Zack: What a monkey?

A-D: No a flamethrower.

Chapter 2 Mr. bright eyes

Kairi was the first to wake up after what had happened last night. The feeling she got waking up with Aeshma, it's something she would never trade for the whole world. What time was it? Hoe long did Aeshma have to get home? Countless hours just seemed to fly by. I don't want this to end.

"Kairi?" asked Aeshma as he poked her. "Kairi, wake up"

"What time is it?" she asked.

"Let me check." He looks at watch and. "shit! I've got to go later I love you." He rushed around the room picking up and putting on his cloths. (A/N: they didn't do it)

"So what time should we meet?" she asked.

"About noon, let's meet at the mall okay?"

"Yeah, goodnight."


Aeshma sneaks out of the room and tries to go out side, he was very crafty but Kairi's little brother was even more crafty. (A/N: don't you love that word crafty.) He walked into the hall and bumped into John on his way out. John was taking a midnight snack.

"I won't tell if you don't?" asked John.

"Deal" replied Aeshma.

Anyway on his way home he realized something, what if my parents are up? I'll be grounded for a long time! I'll try the back window. Out side there's a tree that leads right up to his window, he had used it many times trying to get in. but breaking and entry into your own home is very difficult especially when during the early hours of the day, and fell out of the tree a few times before, he decided to try the front door. But no one was there. But when he opened his door and looked in his room he remembered, his room looks like a bomb went off. He took off his shirt threw it on his guitar, the last bit off open space. And crashed there and then on his bed and went to sleep.

Later that mourning

Kairi awoke several hours later and remembered what she was going to do. She walked into her private bathroom, a small cozy bathroom which was all an aqua blue, for lack of a better word. All that had happened last night was still racing through her thoughts. She turned on the radio before she got in the shower, so she had something to sing to.

"Hey everyone this is dean and your tuned into the rising sun Saturday show, that was "feel good inc." by Gorillaz, and up next is a favorite from the top of the charts, The Killers "Mr. Brightside."

Kairi loved this song, lately she had gotten into the whole brit rock thing, cause if Aeshma he all ways had something like that playing at his house. This song brought up some good memories, and some not so great. Like how both Sora and Riku liked her a while ago. How her and Sora ended. How she and Aeshma first met. Life was never boring she could say that much. Kairi felt refreshed after that like all her worries were a distant past. She looked into the mirror which had fogged up because of the steam. She could hardly see herself. Whatever became of that care free child from memories past, what happened? It all seems so distant dream. She wiped the mirror clean. How should I style my hair? Her hair had grown so it was long and parted over her shoulders and behind her back. She decided to leave it be for time, and got changed. She went down stairs to have her pop tarts, and finds her little brother john eating them.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Eating pop tarts! They're freaking awesome!" yells john he was hyper. "So where are you going? Are you going to meet Aeshma?"

"Leave your sister alone!" yells her mum.

"No I'm going to the mall with Rikku; she should be here bye now." Said kairi.

"Do you need some extra money before you go?"

"Thanks mum you're too good to me."

"Whatever, I'm going to go play outside." Said john, as he ran outside.

"He's really random sometimes."


"Your right all the time, hey there's Rikku."

The perky blond bounced through the door and over to the cupboard to grab pop tarts.

"Hi guys. Do you have any chocolate chip pop tarts?" she asks.

"Yeah, right by your face."

"There they are!"

"Come on enough antics lets go already."

"Alright already."

"Later mum!"

The two walk out into the yard to see john with a stick on fire.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Trust me; it's not what it looks like." He said as he continued to throw the stick.

"Your brother's really weird, but enough about him, I just met this guy who just moved here recently, his name is Zack and he is so cute." Rikku was bouncing up and down barely able to control her excitement. "You can meet him now; he's waiting just a bit down the street.

"On a scale of 1 to 10?"

"An easy 9.5"

"Yeah he's amazing and really sweet, but the funny thing is he looks kind of like Aeshma."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No, would I lie to you?"

"No but still, two Aeshmas, what would that be like?"

"Depends on their moods."

"Hey, last night did you see the way Namine was acting, how see was all over sora like that?"

"Yeah, she and Riku need to quit playing around and get over each other and move on."

"There he is." She points to a guy up ahead. "Hey Zack!"

"Hello Rikku." He said as he walks over to the two. "And this must be Kairi, a pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you to." She said as she gazed into his eyes. They were and strange emerald green. "So when did you move here?"

"I moved here just under a week ago, so where are you two going?" He asked.

"We're going to the mall, but I have an idea… you can go over to Aeshma's house and meet him, he'll show you around the neighborhood." Said Rikku.

"Sounds like fun."

"Aeshma lives in that house." She points to it.

"Don't you let my Aeshma bully you around, tell him kairi said so." Said kairi.

"Cool later, ladies."

So Zack went down the street to Aeshma's house, and knocks on the door to be greeted by a tall older blond man.

"Hi there, I'm Zack I'm new to the neighborhood and my friend kairi told me to come here to meet Aeshma… So is he home?"

"You talk too much." That's all the man, who was Aeshma's dad, said as he closed the door on Zack's face.

What the hell just happened!

The door opened again and standing there was a woman with chestnut hair and strange purple eyes.

"Come on in honey, are you here for Aeshma, he's the second door on your right upstairs."

"Thank you Madame."

Zack walked up the stairs and looked at the second door. So this is Aeshma's room, shall I knock? Nah! He opened the door and stared in horror at the messy room. It was so disorganized, like a bomb went off.

"What do you want?" said a figure from under the covers.

"H there I'm-"

"Listen, I have had almost no sleep and you with your big bright green eyes come on into my room with no invite, that's just wrong! Leave me alone… Mr. Bright eyes."

"Mr. Bright eyes, no my name's Zack, and Kairi told me to tell you to show me around the neighborhood, because she said so."

"Well, can't argue with that now can I... Wrong I can, I'm tired go away."

"Listen, Kairi holds power over so don't make me find her because I will, is she your girl friend?"

"Yeah she is, so don't get any ideas, Mr. Bright eyes."

"She's very pretty you're a lucky man. Who's the idiot you stole her from? Or am I on thin ice?"

"Extremely thin ice, and I didn't steal her from any one, she came onto me."

"Whatever you say."

"Wipe that smirk off your face; it's time to meet my friends."

"This is going to be an interesting friendship."

"Has to be for me to be in it."

"Ha, you're funny."

"I try."

Sora's house

Sora was lying on the living room floor watching T.V. waiting for breakfast. Just the usual Saturday mourning cartoons, not really watching more or less just bored when Riku walks into the room and comes up behind Sora. Who is completely unaware of Riku, as he puts him into a full nelson head lock.

"AH! Let me go! A full nelson, no one can break out of that!" Yelled Sora, who was in extreme pain. "Let me go! I submit!"

Riku lets him go and drops him on the floor, with a thud.

"So Sora what's up?" He asks all casual like nothing had happened.

"The usual, cartoons and food, hey do you want some breakfast? My mum's making pancakes."

"Her famous banana pancakes?"


"Hold on." He takes out his cell phone and calls Aeshma. "Yeah Aeshma its Riku… Come over to Sora's A.SA.P. We're having pancakes… Yes those pancakes…Bring him to… later…"


"He'll be here in a minute, and he's bringing Zack, the new kid in the neighborhood."

"Cool, a complete stranger and a free loader are coming from breakfast."

"You're so simple."

"Simple and clean is the-"

"Don't sing."

Sora and Riku walk into the kitchen and sit down at the table, waiting for the banana pancakes.

"Hi boys won't be mush longer now." Said Sora's mum.

"Hey mum, is it okay if Aeshma comes over?"

"Of Course, he's always welcome."

There's a knock at the door and Sora goes to answer it, and is greeted by Aeshma and Zack.

"Hey Sora." Said Aeshma. "This is Zack, he's new here."

"Hi you two and welcome the food is almost ready now, and he needs a full intro."

Aeshma introduces Zack to Riku Sora's mum, Aries and Sora.

"Wait Tidus and Wakka aren't here yet." Said Sora.

"They'll be here." Said Aeshma. "They would skip out on free food for the world."

So they start to eat their food and Tidus and Wakka show up late, something about Blitz ball practice. Aries cleans up after them as they head into the living room, and after even more Introductions they decide to fill Zack in on what's going on in and around town.

"Wait so it's Riku's birth day next week?" Asks Zack.

"No Rikku's, with two kays." Said Riku. "She's female, so we some times call her Rikki."

"Oh, I get it now."

"Ya ma, get with it." Said Wakka.

"I couldn't have said it better myself." Said Sora.


"Hey Zack, you should have a party at your house cause you just moved here, you know to get to know every one." Said Sora with his infinite words of wisdom, which are limited.

"That's actually a good idea Sora, I'm impressed." Said Aeshma. "Let's divide up the work… Riku call the girls and let them know what's going on, so here's the list."

Riku, Wakka and Yuna get food,

Sora, Kairi and Selphie get drinks,

Tidus, Aeshma and Rikki get music and

Zack and Namine are to set it all up at Zack's house.

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