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Chapter 1 Painful Memories

Ah my friend. . . you have gone where I cannot follow. I sighed.

On the day that she had died, many foes had fallen beneath our blades.

Felix and Isaac had stood together, grinning - as though they were once again in their precious Vale, sharing a mug of ale in the tavern – despite the overwhelming odds.

The flood of monsters had no beginning or end, it just seemed to go on forever.

Garet had exhausted his Psyenergy but still he fought with the Hestia Blade

Then it had come.

A rock golem stepped into view.

Seeing Garet's back to it, it decided to crash through the throng of creatures and hurl its man-sized fist at him.

Too late I realized its intentions and in my panic I had yelled at him to get down.

He dropped, but too late. The monsters fist smashed into his shoulder, flinging him into the wall.

I had rushed over to see if he had been killed in the amazing impact.

Turning him over, he groaned.

Muttering a small prayer to Neptune, I got back to my feet to resume the fighting.

Soon my Phaeton's Blade glowed with a sickly red colour. Dozens of the demons lay dead at my feet and dozens more came to take their place.

Glancing over I saw that Mia was tending to Sheba, Jenna and Ivan but Felix and Isaac were beginning to tire.

It was then that I realized my mistake.

In checking upon my companions, I had failed to notice the rock golem coming my way.

I managed to block the first attack but the incredible attack left my arm numb.

I knew then that my adventuring days would soon be over.

The second attack broke through my meager defenses and slammed me to the wall Garet had hit moments before.

I heard Jenna yell my name and how I wished that I could comfort her in that moment but I couldn't even comfort myself. I wished that I had told her how I loved her. . . it seemed that now I'd never get the chance.

It raised it's fist, intending to bring it down on my skull. . . but it never made it.

Jenna had made up her mind quickly.

Though she was exhausted and near death she summoned Eclipse.

The great dragon rose to the sky, roaring its protests at the monsters who would dare attack those who had summoned her.

She turned in fury and in one fell swoop the monsters had been incinerated. But so to had the section of cave above Jenna crumble, burying her beneath.

Despite my wounds, I raced to the pile.

I began lifting stones but an arm on my shoulder stopped me.

It was Felix.

He sighed, "Piers, there's nothing you can do, she's gone. She used the last of here energy to summon Eclipse."

Tears filled everyone's eyes.

I just stood there in shocked silence.

The adrenaline rush wore off and I sank to the floor.