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A/N: This story is a spin off of the musical that we are performing at my school but I've extended it a bit, so I hope you enjoy!

Ch.1- Pimpmobile!

There hadn't really been anything to do. This was the reason that Gohan and Ash had come over to pay Soujiro a visit. That, and to bug the hell out of him. They didn't have a car, and since Soujiro's house was only a block away, they figured it wouldn't take that long to get there. If it had been a long walk, they would've just stayed home and rotted their brains away watching TV.

As they made their way up the walkway leading to his front door, there was a shout from the back yard.

"Gohan, Ash!" It was Soujiro. "Come in the back, I've gotta show you guys something!" There was an excited edge in his voice.

Exchanging puzzled expressions, the two teens shrugged and walked towards the fence. Said fence's door was ajar, so they went through.

"Over here!" Soujiro said.

As Ash and Gohan turned the corner, they came upon the garage and Soujiro. Behind Soujiro, there was a covered car, probably his dad's. Being one not to turn anything away, Shishio Makoto was known as the neighborhood's…stranger, for extreme lack of a better word.

"You guys, you've got to see this!" said Soujiro, jabbing his thumb towards the covered car in the back.

"Really?" Ash asked, "Why in the hell would we want to see another piece of crap?"

Gohan snickered. Soujiro frowned. "This isn't just another piece of crap, this is my piece of crap!" This comment only extracted more snickers from Gohan and Ash.

Soujiro gave a frustrated sigh. He walked toward the covered car and ripped off the black sheet.

"Holy….my god! It's beautiful Soujiro! Don't tell me you did this all by yourself!" Gohan barely managed to get out.

Now smirking, Soujiro nodded proudly, "Yup, and it's all mine!"

The car was an italic blue with a kind of dragon like vinyl covering the side of it and with additional flame vinyl's on the hood, the car was simply breathtaking.

"Dude, your car is pimp!"

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