A Sweet Promise

Chapter One

The Escape

An alarm clock when off with an annoying buzzing. The sleeper smashed it to shut it off. She crawled out of bed slowly getting dressed in the dark. The moon was providing the only light. Walking up to the mirror a dark skinned girl placed on her beloved red cap and sighed quietly.

"Happy Birthday Numbuh 5" She whispered to herself. Numbuh 5 looked to her clock.

"12:14," She sighed again. "Let's go say goodbye." She crept out of her room and into the one right next to her's. Silently she climbed to the top of a wrestling ring, then a bit higher to Numbuh 4's bed. She placed an orange lollipop under his pillow.

"Numbuh 5 didn't think it would be hard to say bye to people who are asleep." Numbuh 5 spoke softly. Of these "people" weren't everyday people. They were her best friends and in a couple hours she would never see them again. In 2 months Numbuh 4 would be decommissioned then 3 weeks after that would be Numbuh 2, then Numbuh 1 and 3. When Numbuh 3 became decommissioned none of Sector V would remember each other. Numbuh 5 ruffled Numbuh 4 hair softly and snuck out. Next was Numbuh 3. Just walking in the room made Numbuh 5 smile. She was never big on rainbow monkeys but they did seem to brighten her up. Numbuh 5 placed a Lime green lollipop under Numbuh 3's pillow.

"Numbuh 5's gunna miss ya girl." True they had never been the Best Friends Forever type friends, but they were always there for each other. They didn't keep anything from each other and they hung out whenever possible. No not the BFF but definitely best friends. Moving on to Numbuh 2's room, Numbuh 5 climbed slowly up the long ladder up to the airplane bed.

"How can that kid do this every night when he's already sleepy?" Numbuh 5 asked as she finally reached the top. Placing a Burpleberry blue lollipop under his pillow she giggled softly at his appearance. He was wearing light blue footie PJ's with little airplanes and clouds on them; he had forgotten to take off his goggles and pilots cap. The cap was lying next to his head and the goggles were half on half off. She got close to his ear and whispered.

"Your jokes were alright Numbuh 2, some were even funny." As if he had heard this for real Numbuh 2 smiled slightly. Numbuh 5 looked down the long ladder. She grabbed on to the side and hooked her feet there. She slid down the ladder and walked out. Slowly entering Numbuh 1's room she paused. His room was lit by the many computer screens. She checked to make sure he was asleep before moving in. She placed a red lollipop under his pillow.

"Don't worry boss, its cherry." She smirked at him. She knew better then to get him anything other then cherry, now. It took her a trip halfway around the world and a life-risking adventure to get him the crown jewel of all candies; of course it was a Burpleberry flavor candy. Numbuh 5 had gotten upset when the first thing Numbuh 1 said was "Numbuh 5 you know I prefer cherry." Of course he had apologized later and thanked her. Shaking the memory from her head Numbuh 5 began to blush slightly as she leaned over Numbuh 1 and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Goodbye Nigel." She said and slowly left his room. As the door closed behind her she returned to her room. Climbing out the wooden window sill she jumped onto a thick branch. She looked into her room at her clock

"1:42, Where are you?" She turned her gaze to the horizon. Far in the distance was a dark shape. She smiled slightly. If someone else had seen it they would think nothing of it, that their mind was playing tricks in the night. Not Numbuh 5. She had been waiting for this moment since she was first captured by ol' Stickybeard. As the figure grew closer it was more noticeable that it was the huge shape of the Sweet Revenge. When it finally reached her, she took one long last look at her room then jumped onto the deck. The large vessel moved around the tree house and made its way on. Numbuh 5 continued to watch the tree house shrink as she became farther and farther away. Behind her a smell of rotten teeth and sugar filled her nose. She turned to the hulking silhouette.

"Hey Sticky-bun." The pirate smiled at her.

"I'm glad ye kept yur promise lassie." He said hold his hand out. In it was a key. "This'll take ye to yur room. In there is everything you'd be needing as first mate of the Sweet Revenge." Numbuh 5 took the key and walked down to a door that said "First Mate" on a little plate hanging by a string. She opened the door cautiously. The room had a sweet sugary smell to it. In the corner there was a dresser; on top of it were some clothes. A black long sleeved shirt and a navy blue shirt that looked like it was ripped to be a vest, khaki shorts and black shoes. A red bandana was laid next to it. She put on all the clothes and had found a candy cane sword leaning up against the dresser. She grabbed a belt out of the top drawer and attached the sword to it. She walked upstairs and met up with Stickybeard.

"Ye like yur clothes?" he asked.

"They alright, Numbuh…uhh" Numbuh 5 stopped herself, she wasn't Numbuh 5 anymore. In a couple hours Numbuh 86 would burst through the tree house door only to find the 4 remaining operatives of Sector V. "Abby will get used to 'em" She finally said. Abby, her real name. That was going to take some getting used to itself.

"So the day's young, what would ye like to do?" Stickybeard asked her. The first thing that came to Abby's mind was go home. After a moment of awkward silence, Stickybeard spoke up,

"Want ta steal us some candy?" He moved closer to her and raised his eyebrows questionly.

"Sure thing Sticky-bum." Abby replied leaning on the railing of the ship.

"Good, I think I have the perfect place for ya." Abby looked at him with a confused look. "Tomorrow will we get some candy from the tree house?" Abby's eyes widen.

"What? You want me to attack my old team? You must be crazy!" Abby yelled at him. He just gazed at the horizon as if trying to see the tree house from here.

"Crazy, no, it's a perfect idea. Ye sneak in…" Abby stopped him there.

"You do know they have alarms right, they'll go off if an intruder steps in."

"Aye, but ye not an intruder. Because ye never got decommissioned then won't have ye out of there records yet. So ye won't be detected. Plus with ye spy skills yur old team shouldn't notice ya. Ye should know where the candy is. Get it and sneak out. It should be no problem." He smiled at his plan. Abby nodded believing that it may just work. It was a long shot but hey, Abby's always liked challenges.

"Alright tomorrow we'll attack." She replied.