A P e r f e c t Match

Chapter 1: His Caretaker

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Whatever I put in parentheses are thoughts.
"I've never knew you would ever put your hair down" Roy said looking down at Riza.
They were locked in arms and Riza was still taking care of Roy, she helped him do his shopping.

"It's only at certain times, sir." She replied giggling.

"Still, I wish you would do that at the office" (and wear a mini skirt) he thought.

"Sir, I'd feel odd"

"What about a mini skirt?"

Roy could see her veins pop out and he sweat dropped. He started running as fast as he could as Lieutenant Hawkeye grabbed her gun and started shooting at Roy. It started a big commotion at the Market so everyone just backed out of the way and continued with what they were doing. They finally stopped and Lieutenant Hawkeye just locked arms with him again and they were off.

"Okay, okay, fine no mini skirt then." He said still kind of scared.

"Good, but if you would insist, I might wear my hair down." She replied.

"That's wonderful" he smiled at her and Riza couldn't help but smile back.(Why couldn't I talk to her like this, why couldn't I go out with her like this?) He thought sadly.

"Sir, is there something wrong?" Riza questioned.

"No, nothing, I just wondered if you'd still be staying at my house to take care of me" he replied quickly.

"Oh my, I wonder too. I'll call the doctor to ask" she replied with question in her voice.

"That's good then. Well, let's hurry back; you probably need to feed Hayate his lunch."

"Oh no! Hayate! It's after his lunch time! He might ruin your furniture!" she yelled and started running brining Roy along to his house

"Roy! Please, Hayate is still a small puppy!" she yelled as Roy speedily opened the door as they see Hayate at the door whining. Riza grabbed him and gave him his food without his usual obedience test.

Roy looked at Riza as he sweat dropped and Riza started apologizing to Hayate, who was devouring his food fast.

"He's such a good doggie." She told Roy as she got herself a cup of tea and brought out a cup for Roy.

"Good, we also got back in time, the tea is ready!" she happily said while giving Roy the cup. She sat next to him on the couch and they sat in the same spot without shifting. They sat there quietly in the same spot. Riza was starting to get uncomfortable and she just though to herself (I wish he just felt the same way I feel about him) and Roy also thought to himself (She's so beautiful, only if she knew the way I feel about her...not about other women.).

"You know—"They both said at the same time.

"Well…" Roy just wanted to tell her the truth, what he thought, but he was sad, he didn't want to be rejected by her, she was too lovely to lose.

"Yes sir?" she questioned, she wanted to know what he would say, hoping he wanted to tell her that he loved her, but it would never happen. (It would never happen between us...he doesn't love me…I know that it just can't happen).

"Didn't you have to call the doctor?" he replied quickly, he didn't want to tell her, he didn't want to be rejected.

"Oh yes! Thank you for reminding me." She thanked him and bowed. She ran to the phone and just wanted to tear up, knowing that he didn't tell her anything.

Roy walked to his bathroom and cursed to himself. He wants to tell her, he needs to tell her. He wants her to be the one that hugs him everyday and smile the way she does, just for him.

"Yes doctor, so about 2 more weeks, don't you think that's a little too long?" she questioned.

"Lieutenant, he's still sick. He needs you." He told her hanging up.

(Another two weeks with Roy…) she thought to herself while putting down the phone.
(He needs me?) She just remembered to put the food away and make lunch, so she decided to make some soup.

Roy walked out and told Riza he was going to take a shower and Riza scolded him;
"Sir! We're just about to have lunch! Take a shower after lunch." She had the table ready and she brought out the soup.



"I…love...the soup, it tastes so wonderful, especially from a cook like yourself." He said quickly.

"Oh thank you. It was a recipe from my father…he got it from my grandmother and my mom cooked it whenever we had the ingredients" she smiled at him (I love him, I love him, I love him) those thoughts kept running through her mind and she wanted to get it out, she didn't care if he would reject her or just say nothing, she wanted him to know.

"Sir, please continue eating, you might get sick again. That also reminds me, I'll be staying with you for another two weeks, so please be aware of that." They were both quiet. They didn't know what to say to each other, after thinking so much Roy finally finished and ask for a one more bowl of soup.

"Sir, please don't continue eating to finish all the soup, I don't mind, maybe Hayate would like some." She smiled at Hayate and brought out a bowl for him. Hayate quickly slurped it up and barked to Riza.

"You're welcome Hayate."

"Riza, I'll be taking a shower now, if you'd like, you could use take a shower first"

"Oh sir, I'm fine, go on ahead, as a matter of fact, I'll be going to my house to bring back a few things, and I'll be gone for quite a while, I'll be washing my clothes."

"Oh, alright then. Come back safely."

Riza was already out the door and walked to her house. It was a nice house not too far from his apartment. She sat down and packed a few things and went to wash her clothes.
After two hours she was back at his house. He was reading the book that she lent him and looked up.

"Welcome back, Lieutenant."

"Thank you, sir"

"Hayate missed you, he was whining so I hope you don't mind that I took him to the park."

"No, I was trying to hurry too; I needed to take him to the park anyway, thank you for doing so."

"Of course, anything for the doggies owner" he told her.

Riza giggled and bowed to Roy. She just loved his sense of humor sometimes, it was just who he was.

"Sir, permission to speak?" she asked.

"We aren't at the office, Riza" he was surprised with himself, he called her Riza.

"Sir, you called me…Riza?"

"I sure did."

"Thank you, thank you so much Roy" she whispered in his ear as she hugged him tightly, this just wasn't like her, but she just wanted to smell his sweet aroma, let him hug her back, she wanted him to let him know.

"Sir…you know that I…"
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