First Cut is the Deepest

A young woman that goes by the name FD applies for a job at Paradias, and impresses the president quite quickly. But what will happen to the other members of Doom when he offers her to help him with his mission. Will she accept, or will she deny it?

FD (author): My apologies for this if there's some confusion. I'm a major Dartz fan since last week, but I don't know everything about the dude, so you'll have to bear with me. This fic takes place during the DOOM part of the show, right after Rex and Weevil got their souls sealed. I only know a few of the characters' real names, so if there are confusions, let me know, and I can try to fix it. Anyways, hope you enjoy. Peace!


Name: Rika Micamura


Alias: FD (Forbidden Dystopia. She prefers to be called that.)

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Hair: Black

Eyes: Silver (think "moon-like silver")

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Status: Duelist and Employee

History: Not much is known about young Rika, besides the fact she's an excellent duelist and tries to hide that fact. She is sometimes called "raven", but she prefers the nickname FD, which means Forbidden Dystopia. Though she puts on the appearance of Goth, truth is this chick is a normal, pure, and loving teenager. She enjoys walks on the beach at sunset and watching the night sky. She's an excellent artist and writer, main reason why she obtained the job at Paradias. Her family is unknown mainly because she lives on her own in a beautiful house nearby the beach. She applied for the job at Paradias in order to obtain more aid in the financial area, but truth is told, going for this job may end up changing her life completely.

She also has scars in places on her body that aren't visible, but if found, can cause some questions to arouse, as well as other…things….