Redheads and Succubi

By Jonakhenu A.K.A. Gecko-chan

Chapter 8: "The Prophesy Revealed"

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After a very brief detour to Nerima to drop off Kasumi and Ryoga, Raven and Ranma had arrived at their destination, Joketsuzoku. When Raven had revealed why she wanted Ranma's help, he suggested that they go and speak to the Chinese Amazons, as they might have heard of the prophesy Raven had found. Walking up to the gates of the village, Ranma greeted the guards in Mandarin, "Greetings, Sisters! I am here to speak with Elder Koh Lon. Please tell her that Ranma is here to see her."

Soon the cry of, "Ranma's back! Ranma's back!" filled the air, from the mouths of countless young Amazonian warriors.

"You know where to go," the guard told Ranma, ushering Ranma and Raven through the gate.

"Thank you, my Sister," Ranma said, before turning to Raven and saying, "Follow me, we need to see the Matriarch. She should be able to help you." He then took off into the village, moving through the crowd too quickly for Raven to keep up on foot. She took to the air, causing several of the Amazons too stare envious daggers at the levitating girl. Soon the pair had reached a large hut and waited outside to be admitted.

"Why, come in Ranma!" the three foot, when seated on her cane, Elder said warmly, gesturing for him and his companion to enter. Looking Raven over carefully, Cologne commented, "It is not often that we have a half-demon in the village. I assume Ranma is here because of you, yes?"

Shampoo walked into the hut half way into Cologne's comment, causing her to jump to conclusions. "Demon! Die!" she shouted as she attacked with her Bonbori. Ranma quickly intercepted the attack and knocked the weapon out of the angry girl's hands. One of the Bonbori broke a clay vessel of water, soaking the now female Ranma. The other Bonbori bounced off of the ceiling and crashed down onto Shampoo's head, knocking her unconscious.

"Now that my great granddaughter is taken care of, what can I do for you?" she asked Raven in Japanese, figuring that it was her native language.

"I wanted to know if you had any information on a prophesy that I have found. My name is Raven, by the way," Raven answered in Mandarin, surprising both Ranma and Cologne. Raven handed the scroll to Cologne to look over.

"Yes, I have heard of this before," Cologne confirmed after looking at the prophesy. "While it seems to be talking about three different people being bound to the gem, the prophesy can also be interpreted as giving specific details about a single person. For instance, speaking of a Son, and then the 'Daughter of the Same Birth' can either mean fraternal twins, or a Jusenkyo curse. Due to the wording, I would say that it is the latter. For instance, the 'Wild Rice Picking Girl' may be a reference to a name."

"Well, it can't be my name," Ranma declared. "My name means 'Chaos Horse Rice Picking Girl'"

"Yes," Volanar stated, surprising the Elder. "But Ranma can be misinterpreted as 'Wild,' if one were to use an inaccurate dictionary."

"Ranma, what has happened to you?" Cologne asked, worried.

"Oh, I just started renting out my head to snakes," the girl replied. "Don't worry; Volanar won't try anything."

"If you say so, child," Cologne said wearily before turning back to the scroll. "The Panda reference definitely applies to you, Ranma, as your father is one of only a few to have ever fallen into that particular spring. Raven, I can assume that you are the Gem, correct?"


"The part about the Holy Ring confuses me, though," Cologne muttered, pondering its significance.

Shampoo chose this moment as the perfect opportunity to wake up. She looked over at Ranma and walked over to her. She cupped the redhead's cheek and kissed her on the lips. "Wo ai ne, arien," she said softly. Ranma was too shocked to even move as Shampoo sat herself down on her lap, hugging her happily.

"Of course!" Cologne exclaimed. "In western culture, it is customary to use a ring to symbolize one's marriage vows!" Turning to Raven, she continued, "Congratulations, daughter in law."

"WHAT!" both Ranma-chan and Raven yelled.

"You defeated me in battle, Ranma," Shampoo explained. "Now we are married, according to Amazonian law."

"I thought you said Uuchan and I were exempt from the kisses, Koh Lon!" Ranma shouted, while not attempting to get Shampoo off of him. It was safer to not resist at this point.

"The two of you were exempt," Cologne explained. "However, when the panda dragged the two of you away, the Council decided to reinstate the Kiss of Marriage for you. Ukyo is still perfectly safe."

Cologne's earlier phrasing finally reached Shampoo's brain through her glee, prompting her to question, "Great Grandmother, why did you call Demon Girl 'daughter in law'?"

Cologne smiled at her recently 'married' great granddaughter and said, "Do to the prophesy Raven has brought here, she and Ranma must be wed. I'm sorry, but you are just going to have to share him."

"But I'm already engaged!" Ranma protested. Even though he had just met Akane, his honor wouldn't allow him to cheat on her.

"Why do I have to share Ranma with a demon?!" Shampoo demanded.

"I'm not a demon!" Raven protested. "I can't help who my father was, but I didn't ask for this, either!"

Cologne smirked at the children and said, "I'll leave the three of you here to consummate your mutual marriage. There is hot water on the fire, Ranma." With this, Cologne po-goed out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Shampoo glared at her co-wife and growled, "I refuse to accept this unless you beat me in a fight! I will not allow my husband o be married to a weak woman!"

Cologne poked her head back in, having been eavesdropping from the outside, and said, "If that is what you want, then the three of you follow me." Cologne led the three 'newlyweds' out of the village and up a trail that had Ranma sweating bullets.

"Why are we heading to Jusenkyo?" the redhead asked, nervously.

"Shampoo and Raven will spar over the springs. The first one to fall in will lose. If they both fall in, then they are equally matched. There will be no Kiss of Death if you lose; do you understand, Shampoo?"

"I do," the purple trussed girl replied, sadly. She may be the best warrior her age at the village, but she had never fought a half demon before.

"Good," Cologne said. Finally, after a long hike, they had arrived at the cursed training grounds. "Raven, Shampoo, get ready." Both girls took there positions over the springs. Raven looked particularly nervous, due to the amount of magic in the air. She could feel tendrils of power pulling at her from several of the springs, trying to drag her in. "Ready? Good. Fight!" At the command, the girls leapt into action.

Shampoo charged Raven and launched a powerful kick at the girl. Raven blocked the strike with an energy barrier. She then retaliated with a punch, which Shampoo easily dodged. As the fight began to heat up, it became more and more apparent that the wo girls were almost evenly matched. Unfortunately, today was not the day when a victor would be decided.


Jinx walked through the forest, muttering to herself. "Why am I even following Brother Blood's last order? I don't work for him anymore! I can't believe he engaged me to that little punk! And now I have to try to turn him to crime? If he isn't a villain yet, he never will be! Especially with how his father was!" The pink haired member of the Hive Academy let out an enormous hex bolt of frustration. Everything in the area had a sudden bout of bad luck. Trees fell, predators missed their prey, the prey fell into chasms that opened below them, a regional guide fell into his latrine, and two bamboo poles broke.


Ranma-chan stepped to the side as a tree fell next to her. 'Odd,' she thought. 'That felt familiar, somehow.' Cologne had also escaped unscathed. The two combatants, on the other hand, had been dunked into two of the pools when the poles they had been standing on snapped.

"Ayiah!" the Guide called as he ran out of his hut in a clean set of clothing. "Honored customers fall into springs. Is very bad!" Using a net, he retrieved Shampoo from her pool and placed her on the ground. "You cursed with Spring of Drowned Red Panda. No know why you purple." Walking over to the other pool, the Guide said, "This one is sorry, but Honored Customer fell into Spring of Drowned Mercenaria mercenaria. No can help her." At this point, he noticed the thing swimming towards the edge of the pool. "What this? You no is clam? Ayiah! This must be Spring of Drowned Creature Nature Never Intended!" Scooping Raven out of the water, the Guide brought both of the newly cursed girl over to Ranma and Cologne.

"Merow!" Raven exclaimed in anger. Ranma took one look at the two girls and ran off screaming. Both girls looked far to feline for him. In fact, Raven looked just like a cat with hedgehog spines down her back. The fact that both girls now sported purple fur had not dissuaded Ranma from thinking that they were 'Creatures from Hell.' Shampoo actually looked more like a purple raccoon than a cat, but Ranma wasn't being picky.

"Oh dear," Cologne muttered. "I guess we'll have to send the two of you to him. It looks like he'll make it to Japan within three days at that rate. He might even get across the sea dry."

The Guide poured hot water on the girls, politely looking away as they put on dry clothes. Raven said, "I know where he's headed. We can find him there."


(Normal speech from here on)

It did not, in fact, take Ranma three days to reach Japan. Instead it took nearly a month, as he had to detour whenever a black cat crossed his path. After the tenth he had started to get twitchy. However, he had finally made it to Tokyo, late in the evening, on the night of the full moon.

Ranma was walking through the Juuban ward, slightly damp, when she looked up into the sky. There was normally nothing wrong with this action, but this time, Ranma froze, staring at the moon. Her eyes glazed over and faded to white as she started to snarl. Her skin appeared to darken as she was covered in fur, which was fortunate as her clothes ripped apart as she grew. A mere minute later, a fifty foot, long-tailed ape had taken the redhead's place on the street. With an all mighty roar, a beam of destruction erupted from the beast's mouth, destroying everything between it and Tokyo Tower, leaving even the tower in ruins.

The energy spike, and the trail of devastation, alerted a particular group of high school girls. "We have an unknown monster destroying downtown!" Sailor Mercury exclaimed. "We need to hurry before it can destroy anything else!"

With that said, the Sailor Senshi, minus Pluto, ran towards the source of destruction, hoping to get there before anymore damage could be caused. "Moon filled nights are for the enjoyment of couples, not for random destruction!" Sailor Moon cried out. "In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"
Before the other girls could add their speeches, a roar echoed from the harbor, and the ape was hit by a fiery beam. "Oh no!" Mercury yelled, over the noise of the atomic fire. "Gojira must think that the ape monster is threatening its territory! If they fight here, all of Tokyo could be destroyed!"

Down near the harbor, people were running in a panic, screaming, "Run! It's Gojira!"

Also wondering around Tokyo that night was a red haired woman, wearing a traditional kimono with a brown belt instead of the traditional obi, and carrying a silk wrapped bundle. If looked at closely, one could see a strange shimmer around her eyes. When she saw the beam of light strike Tokyo Tower, she looked into the sky. "Yes, the moon is visible," she said to herself, before happily continuing, "Maybe I can finally find my son!" With that, Saotome Nodoka lifted off of the street and flew towards the source of the blast.

Back with the Senshi, Mercury was looking at her computer and sweating. "There's another high level energy signature heading this way!" Moments later, a woman in a kimono landed next to the girls. "It's her!" Mercury cried. "She's the third energy signature!"

The woman paid the fuku clad girls no mind, muttering to herself, "He just had to take Ranma away. Can't let him stay near his mother. Oh, no! That might make him weak. Hah! I've always been stronger than that bum! He didn't even teach my son how to control himself in his Oozaru form! I bet Ranma hasn't even learned how to use ki blasts yet!"

"Um, excuse me?" Sailor Saturn began nervously. "You aren't here to take over the world or destroy it or anything, are you?"

"Destroy the world?" Nodoka parroted. "Why would I want to do a silly thing like that? I just want to help my son before he does something he'll regret. I'm afraid he's not quite himself at the moment."

"That's your son?!" the Senshi asked incredulously.

"Well, I don't know who else it could be, considering that my sister's girls never grew their tails," Nodoka explained, oblivious to the girls' looks of shock. "Will you help me stop him?"

"Of course!" Sailor Moon exclaimed. "We are the pretty defenders of justice!"

"Good. First we need to take care of Gojira. Once he's gone, I'll grab Ranma's tail, and you'll need to cut it off with your glaive," Nodoka explained, looking towards Saturn. Saturn nodded grimly and prepared herself. "Don't worry, cutting off his tail won't hurt Ranma, it'll just cause him to return to normal," Nodoka added to make the girl feel better about what she was about to do.

After the next nuclear blast hit Ranma, the Saiyan responded with a breath attack of his own. Nodoka quickly added her own ki blast towards the kaiju. Realizing that time was of the essence, the Senshi quickly added their attacks to the mix. With a sound comparable to a yelp, Gojira turned and retreated back into the sea.

With the more persistent danger gone, Nodoka turned her attention to her son. With a short, wordless yell, she lunged and caught the thick tail, rendering the Oozaru mostly harmless. Saturn quickly jumped forward, bringing her glaive to bear. With a single stroke, the impossibly sharp blade severed the tail. Instantly the ape began to shrink. Oddly, it shrank up, rather than down, causing the resultant figure to fall nearly forty feet to the ground. Luckily, Saturn managed to catch the former ape before (s)he could hit the ground.

"Oh, thank you!" Nodoka cried as she dove in, hugging both Ranma and Saturn. "You're such a sweet girl."

"Um, you said that this is your son, right?" Saturn asked with a blush.

"Of course. He's the only one I know of who can transform like that but wouldn't be able to control himself. Why do you ask?"

"Er, well, the person I caught is a girl," Saturn admitted.

"What?" Nodoka asked, finally looking down at the person in Saturn's arms. Her nudity made it abundantly clear that she was, in fact, female. "This doesn't make any sense," Nodoka started, "My nieces never grew tails, and I've only ever had Ranma. Did another Saiyan manage to find his way here?"

Mercury pulled out her computer again and did a few quick scans. "No, ma'am. According to my scans, she's your daughter, though deeper scans show several strange magical signatures."

"Thank you, dear." Nodoka took a closer look at the girl in Saturn's arms, and commented, "She does look like I did at her age." She then looked closer at Saturn, and exclaimed, "Oh my! Hotaru, it is you!"

"Eep!" Saturn squeaked.

"How did you…" Moon began, before Nodoka interrupted her.

"We should probably continue this someplace private. The police should be arriving soon. Why don't you lead the way?" With that, the scouts took off, Saturn still carrying the sleeping redhead, heading back to the Hikawa Shrine.