Star Wars IV.

The New Hope & ½

Star wars characters and Ranma do not belong to me if they did I won't be writing this.

Sit back and enjoy the story.

Please do not kill me if I deviate from the actual story I got a rusty memory even though I saw all the episodes about 10 times each. I want to make it a little different but not very so please forgive me if I get some thing wrong and please don't try to kill me.

On the island of Japan.

In a prefecture called Nerima

There is a boy by the name of Ranma.

He was the best martial artist in his time

He had many enemies, friends and not to

Mention hordes of fiancées

He had many adventures

And this is one of them.

------------------------------- ------------------------ ------------

Do or do not there is no try.

Remark made by Yoda while training Luke Skywalker

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

"This is getting ridiculous!" Ranma said to himself as he ran through a forest trying to get as far away as he can from the people that were chasing after him.

The whole wedding business with Akane had just got out of hand.

This was the 3rd time his stupid father and Mr Tendo this time with the help of his mother to get the two of them hitched.

As usual Nabiki saw it as a chance to make even more money.

This time she even invited all of Ranma's enemies and they came in full force wanting his blood.

He was already 18 and graduated from high school and this was a rush he still wasn't ready to get married.

Well Akane was and she threw a fit vowing to kill him when he hesitated at the alter. Ranma couldn't take it any more he ran up to his room and grabs his stuff and ran like hell.

It was already the second day the group was still chasing him.

"Hell will they ever give up. I wish I was some where else!" Ranma screams to the sky.

Unknown to him some one heard him.

They were gaining on him he spies a cave and ran in he ran and ran through the darkness.

Little did he know that the cave opening had disappeared when he went in.

"What the hell where am I?" Ranma looks around in the darkness. He takes a flashlight from his pack and turns it on.

"What the hell?" Ranma looks around he was just floating in nothingness.

"Ranma Satome your wish to be some where else is granted I hope you like your new life!" A loud voice said in the darkness.

The next thing Ranma knew he was falling then he lost consciousness.

----------------------------------------- ------------------

"Hey are you all right?" A voice calls out some one was shaking him.

"Huh?" Ranma opens his eyes

"Ouch….." Ranma moans and blinks his eyes.

His mouth was full of sand.

He starts to spit it out coughing.

He looks around him he was in a desert.

"Hey you all right." the voice asks again.

"Yeah I'm fine." Ranma said as he shook his head.

"Where am I." Ranma asks trying to figure where he was he turns to see who he was talking to. It was a boy almost the same age as him. He was wearing very strange clothes.

"You are in the dune sea luckily I spotted you otherwise you would be dead." The boy said as he gives Ranma a bottle containing water.

"Thanks." Ranma said as he sips the water.

"So you got lost or what?" The boy asks.

"Something like that." Ranma said as he drinks more of the water.

"Come on I'll take you to my place you can rest there and tomorrow I can take you to the space port." The boy said then helps Ranma to stand.

He leads him to a vehicle, which had no wheels.

Ranma looks at it.

"Come on you wouldn't want to get caught in a sand storm out here." The boy said. Soon they were off.

"So where you from." The boy asks.

"Ummm Japan?" Ranma answers.

"Huh never heard of that planet a new colony?" the boy said shrugging his shoulders. "I forgotten to introduce myself I'm Luke Skywalker." He holds out a hand.

"Ranma Satome." Ranma takes Luke's hand and shakes it.

"So you travel a lot?" Luke asks as he flew the land speeder.

"A lot yeah been travelling for a while." Ranma said.

"So what do you do?" Luke asks.

"Well I am a martial artist." Ranma replies.

"Martial artist…. What's that?" Luke looks at Ranma perplexed.

"Oh I learn how to fight without weapons." Ranma tries to explain.

"Oh but can you beat a blaster bolt." Luke asks.

"Well I am not sure…." Ranma said sheepishly.

"Well we are almost there hopefully Uncle Owen and aunt Bre wouldn't mind you staying a while." Luke said.

"Sorry to intrude." Ranma begins to apologise.

"No don't worry. I don't think they would leave you out here to die." Luke said. Soon they arrived and the two got out and into the house.

"Aunt Bre I got a friend here. Wondering if he could stay for a while." Luke asks his aunt who was working in the kitchen.

"Luke you have to ask your uncle." She said from the kitchen.

"Where is he anyway?" Luke asks as he pours himself and Ranma a drink.

"He's outside working on the moisture generators." She replies.

"Thank Aunt Bre." The two heads out and soon found him.

"Uncle Owen!" Luke calls out. "What is it?" He asks.

He was repairing one of the generators.

"Uncle Owen I got a friend here he lost and he got no place to go. He was wondering if he could stay with us for a few days? " Luke asks.

"Hmmm." Owen gets up and looks at Ranma.

"All right he can stay. We are short handed anyway he can help during harvest time." Owen said then went back to work.

"Thanks Uncle Owen!" Luke said happily.

"All right go help you aunt and don't forget to do the rest of your chores!" Owen said as he goes back to work on the broken down generator.

The two happily runs back to help.

Soon the two became close friends.


After 6 months. "Uncle Owen I would like to go sign up for the academy this year." Luke asks as they were having their lunch.

"Luke you know that I need you here for the harvest." Uncle Owen said as he stops eating.

"But all my friends are joining up!" Luke protests.

"Any way we have Ranma he can help." Luke argues.

"Luke keep Ranma out of this. We are grateful for his help for the past half year I don't want to burden him again." Uncle Owen said as he scoops a spoon full of stew and eats it.

"But but….." Luke tries again.

"Another season….. I will be the only one left that haven't join up!" Luke said standing up angrily and storms out of the dining area.

"….. I'll go get him." Ranma said as he got up and chases after Luke.

"That boy will be the death of me." Uncle Owen sighs.

"Don't be so hard on him he is growing up to be like his father." Aunt Bre said propping her chin on her knuckles.

"That's what I am afraid of." He said as he finishes up his meal. Outside,

"Hey Luke don't be like that hey…." Ranma said as he walks up to him.

"One more season that's what he always say….." Luke said sighing.

"Hey you can't blame them they get worried you know." Ranma said as he sits down beside Luke under the shade of a moisture generator.

"Biggs and all my friends that I know have all left to join the rebels or to the academy and I am stuck her on this dust ball." Luke said angrily.

Suddenly there were shadows in the sky blinking in the sky.

"What the heck is that!" Ranma said as he points to the sky.

"Wow a space battle must be some unlucky space pirate or smuggler having a run in with an empire ship." Luke said as he looks up to the sky.

"So want to go shot womprats later after doing our chores?" Ranma said.

"Sure let's go." Luke said as the two went to do their chores.


The next 2 days went by uneventfully.

The jawa's sand crawler came to sell their wares.

They had several droids lined up in front of their sand crawler.

Uncle Owen was inspecting the droids.

Ranma and Luke were just coming out to take a look.

"Luke tell your uncle to get a protocol droid which know how to speak bochea!" Aunt Bre calls out from the kitchen.

"Right Aunt Bre!" Luke replies and runs up to catch up with Ranma.

The two were looking at the droid while Uncle Owen was deciding which droid to choose.

He found a gold colour protocol droid and a white with red stripe R2 to his needs and told the jawa leader his choices.

"Luke bring these two droids in and clean them up." Uncle Owen said as he was bargaining with then jawa on the prices.

"But Uncle Owen I was about to go to town and get a new generator for my…." Luke starts to protest.

"You will have time enough to hang around with your friend now go." Uncle Owen said firmly.

"Awww … Come with me. " Luke told the two droids.

"Wow real robots this is the first time I have seen such robots." Ranma said excitedly looking at the droids.

Ranma pats the R2 on its head it suddenly exploded.

"Uncle Owen this R2 has a bad motivator." Luke shouts to his uncle.

"Hey what you trying to pull!" Uncle Owen asks angrily.

The jawa chattered and brought the damaged droid back.

"Excuse me but that blue R2 unit is still in prime condition and is a steal." The gold coloured droid suggested.

" Uncle Owen what about the blue one?" Luke said pointing at the blue R2 unit.

"Is he your friend?" Ranma asks the droid.

"Oh he is my counter part we worked very close till we ended up here." The droid said.

"Oh where are my manners I am C3PO human relation protocol droid I am fluent in 15000 different types of languages and this is my counter part R2D2." C3PO introduces himself and his friend.

"I am Ranma and this is Luke." Ranma introduces himself and Luke.

"It is an honour to meet you Master Ranma and Master Luke."

"Heh. Just Ranma." Ranma said as he follows along.

"Uncle Owen I got to go to town and get a new generator for ……." Luke said as he starts to walk toward the speeder.

"You can go out with your friends later bring the droids in and clean them up I want them to start work tomorrow then you can go." Uncle Owen said firmly and goes back to bargain with the Jawas.

Inside Ranma was helping Luke to get the droids cleaned up.

C3PO was having an oil bath while Luke was scraping away the dirt on R2D2.

"Wow you two look really beat up seen a lot of action lately?" Luke said a he continues to scrape off the carbon on R2D2's body.

There some thing crammed in R2D2's body.

Luke takes something to scrape it out.

"You two seen a lot of action you got lost of carbon scoring on you." Luke said as he tries to pull the wedge out.

"I am surprise that we are in working condition with the rebellion and all." C3P0 said as he is taken out from a lubricant bath.

"You were involved in the rebellion?" Luke asks surprised.

"Rebellion what's that?" Ranma asks as he helps C3P0 out of the bath.

"Don't you know that there is a group that is fighting against the Empire." Luke starts to tell Ranma.

" I see so the empire is the has a bad emperor who is going around putting everyone down and so on right?" Ranma said with his arms folded and sitting on a chair.

"So that's why you are so anxious to leave." Ranma said looking at Luke.

"Well all my friends have taken sides and most of them are with the rebellion and I am going to join up as soon as I can." Luke said as he pulls at the stuck tool wedge in R2D2's body.

Then suddenly the tool breaks and a holo message starts to play.

"What the heck is that?" Ranma asks pointing at the ghostly figure of a girl saying. "Help me Obi Wan you are my only hope." Over and over again.

"Wow! Who is she?" Luke asks.

"She is one of the diplomats on board the ship we were on recently." C3P0 said as he looks at his counter part.

"Can he play the rest of the message?" Luke asks, as he looks at the holo fascinated at what he had found. R2D2 starts to bleep at C3P0 as he asks if he could play the rest of the message.

"He says that the restraining bolt is interfering with the message and if you remove it he might be able to play the rest." C3P0 said.

Luke looks at Ranma. Ranma shrugs his shoulders.

Luke takes a tool and takes off the bolt the message is suddenly cut off.

"Hey why isn't he playing the rest of the message?" Luke asks.

"I am not sure he says now that there is no message and that he is the property of a Obi wan Kenobi?" C3P0 translates R2D2's bleeps and whistles.

"Hmmm I see. That's great." Luke said angrily.

"Luke! Ranma! Lunch!" Aunt Bre shouts for the two of them.

"Let's go eat!" Ranma said as he rushes out.

"You two stay here until we get back later." Luke said a she follows behind.

------------------- -------------------

Later that evening the two went back into the maintenance area.

When they turn on the light they found that the two droids were missing.

Luke took a control that was on the tool table and activated it.

C3P0 immediately came out from his hiding place.

"Oh please Master Luke don't punish me!" C3P0 cried as he came out from behind some shelves.

"Where's the other one?" Luke demanded.

"Oh he ran off to find that Obiwan person! I don't know what wrong with him he just left I tried to stop him please don't punish me." C3P0 said.

"Damn!" Luke runs out and takes out his binoculars.

It was too dark to see anything.

"Uncle Owen is going to kill me!" Luke muttered and cursed as he scanned around for the droid.

"Don't worry Luke we'll go out early tomorrow morning to find him." Ranma said as he tried to look around for the droid.

"It's too dangerous out there at night with all the sand people out there anyway." Luke said shaking his head.

- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------

Ranma, Luke and C3P0 all piled into his battered sand speeder and were soon hunting down the R2D2.

Ranma was looking around using Luke's binoculars.

He scans the area but he couldn't see anything.

"Hey Luke maybe he went towards the canyons." Ranma said as he sits down.

"Hmm may be if he really belongs to old Ben….." Luke said as he starts up the speeder again.

"Old Ben?" Ranma looks at Luke.

"Whose he?"

"Well he's an old hermit living in the canyons." Luke said as he speeds up the speeder.


Soon they arrive at the canyon.

"Luke I'll look that way all right." Ranma said as he stretches his body.

"All right Ranma." Luke said smiling at his friend.

He's seen Ranma do many incredible things like shattering a large boulder with one finger, jump several feet into the air, dodge blaster bolts and fight several people at once with his feet and hands.

He had asked Ranma to teach him the strange dance he always does in the morning and he had agreed.

He was bruised and battered for a few weeks but he got better.

Ranma had also told him to wear strange weighted clothing which in his opinion weigh more then a Rancor.

He was stumbling all over the place for the first few weeks but now they feel like they were his ordinary clothes.

Ranma had also increased the weight to the clothes and not telling him how much they weigh saying that it was a surprise.

He grabs his rifle and slowly heads towards the edge of the canyon.

He spots several sand beasts loitering below and a sand people guarding them.

"Hmm there are three mounts and one guard where are the other two?" Luke mutters to himself.

Suddenly BUZZZZ! Luke spins around using his rifle to block a blow from a sand people's gafti stick.

He tries to roll away but the added weight slowed him and he was knocked out.

The last thing he remembers before blacking out was Ranma shouting his name before everything went black.


"Luke are you all right?" Ranma props Luke up as he looks around.

He had knocked out the other 2 sandpeople and he was worried that there were more. Suddenly he hears a loud roar he could see several other sandpeople come out from their hiding place and drag their fallen comrades away.

A figure comes down from behind a boulder and towards them.

"Ah let me see to him." The figure said as he got closer Ranma moves away and went to help C3P0 who was damaged.

"Oh oh leave me save yourselves master Ranma, master Luke!" C3P0 moans frailing around.

One of his arms had got rip off.

"Don't worry C3P0 I got you." Ranma said as he helps him up and retrieve his arm. He turns to see that Luke was standing with the help of the stranger.

"Come we must leave the sand people will come back in greater number." The stranger said as he helps Luke away.


Luke was busy helping C3P0 to reattach his arm.

"So you two tell me that this droid is mine? I do not remember owning a droid like this." Old Ben said as he sat down.

"Hmmmm well that's what I thought. He was saying that he was looking for A Obiwan Kenobe." Luke said.

"Yeah and he had this message for him and he won't play it for us." Ranma added looking at the R2D2 sternly.

'Bleat Bleat wooooow' R2D2 shook and twisted his head around.

"Hmmmm Obiwan I haven't heard of that name since the clone wars." Old Ben said motioning R2D2 to come over.

"You know this Obiwan?" Luke said as he comes over.

C3P0 had shut down to recharge.

"Oh I know him he's me. I have not come by that name for a very long time. Come now little one let me see the so call message." Old Ben said to R2D2.

R2D2 starts to play the message.

"Please forgive me for not coming to you in person in my stead I sent this droid. I know that you and my father fought in the clone wars together and now I ask you for your help General Obiwan Kenobi. This droid carries with it the plans to a weapon belonging to the empire please bring the droid to my father in Alderran he will know what to do with it. Please help me Obiwan you are my only hope."

The hologram disappears.

Old Ben rubs his chin and in deep thought.

"You will come with me to Alderran and your friend can come too." Old Ben said as he gets up and walks over to a chest and opens it and takes out several things from it. He walks over and hands Luke and Ranma a cylindrical thing.

"What's this?" Ranma looks at it wondering what it was.

Luke too was examining it too.

Ben takes it and activates it a slim blade of light emits from it.

"Wow a light sword!" Ranma exclaims and quickly activates his.

"This is a weapon from the past. An elegant weapon once used to enforce and keep the peace through out the galaxy." Ben explains.

"That belonged to your father, the other belonged to my master. When I knew him he was the best fighter pilot I have met during the wars. He was strong with the force." Old Ben said.

"Huh?" Luke looks at Ben

"You have to be joking my father was a starship pilot and he didn't fight in any war." Luke said turning away.

"That what your uncle say. He was the best." Ben said as he deactivates the saber and returns it to Luke.

"Your father was betray and killed by Darth Vader who was once my student." Ben sighed as he sits down.

"Don't mind me asking this but what is this force you are talking about." Ranma asks as he deactivates the saber he was holding and puts it away.

"The force is in all of us it is life itself. It's around us. It can be used to protect or kill." Ben said sagely.

Ranma's interested in the force.

"Is it a skill or what? Can you see it?" Ranma asks excitedly.

Ben chuckles at Ranma's enthusiasm.

"No young one it's not a skill but a gift. You can't see it but you can feel it." Ben tries to explain.

"I can teach you two how to use it if you want." Ben said looking at Luke and Ranma. "Look I would like to help you and all but I got to get back to the farm." Luke said hurriedly.

"Hey I thought you wanted to leave this dust ball." Ranma looks at Luke as if he had grown another head.

"All right, all right I'll take you as far as Anchorhead then you can get a transport to Mos Eisley that's as far I'll take you." Luke relents he did not want to suddenly disappear and worry aunt Brea and Uncle Owen.


Soon they were on their way to the Cantina.

"Hey look!" Ranma points.

There was smoke coming over some dunes.

Luke manoeuvres the landspeeder over.

"What the hell!" Ranma gasps.

It was a Jawa sand crawler and it was bellowing smoke.

There were bodies of Jawas scattered all over the ground.

They all got off the speeder and looks around. Luke picks up a Gafti stick.

"Looks like sand people attacked them." Luke said as he throws the stick to the ground.

"It seems so but it is not. Look at the tracks they are all over. The sand people always roam with their beast in single file to hide their numbers. The damage is too precise." Ben points out.

"Then you are saying that some one else did it?" Ranma asks as he helps C3P0 to dump the bodies in a fire.

"Only storm troopers are that precise." Ben remarks.

"Why would they do that." Ranma asks angrily.

Then it dawns on Luke.

"They are the same Jawas who sold the droids to us. Oh no the farm!" Luke jumps into the speeder.

Ranma leaps after him and they were off.

After a while Ranma could see smoke coming from the farm.

"Oh no…." Ranma mutters his eyes wide as they got nearer to the farm.

The two got out.

The house was in ruins and there were two smothering bodies at the entrance of the house.

Ranma turns away a gauntlet of emotions running in him.

Luke stood there not believing what he was seeing.

Suddenly he hears a scream and he turns to see Ranma glowing and screaming his head off.

Aunt Brea was a kind woman and she had welcomed him into the home as if he was a long lost son.

Uncle Owen too even though he doesn't show it to him or to Luke that he cared about the two a lot.

During the 6 months Ranma had thought of them as family and now they were dead.

The glow around Ranma fades.

Luke grabs Ranma and soon the two were on their way back to where they left Ben. When they arrived he could tell what had happen.

"Don't be sad even if you were there the two of you would have perished and the droids would be in the hands of the empire." Ben said sighing.

"Ben can you teach me how to use the force" Ranma said keeping his anger in he had not felt this way ever since the time he had fought with Saffron.

Ben looks at Ranma and notices his anger.

"Ranma you must let go of your anger. Anger leads to the path of the dark side if you dwell on it too much." Ben said as he walks over and pats him on his shoulders.

"Well I guess that we two are going with you to Alderran." Luke said finally coming to a decision.

Ben nods his head accepting his decisions.


Soon they were on their way to the spaceport.

As they approached the spaceport they were stopped by a patrol of storm troopers. "How long have you had these droids?" The leader asks pointing at the two droids. "Oh we had them for over two seasons is there anything wrong?" Luke said trying his best to look calm.

Ranma who was sitting beside him was trying to keep his fist in control.

Then suddenly Ben spoke up waving his had at the storm trooper leader.

"These are not the droids you are looking for."

"These are not the droids we are looking for." The storm trooper parroted.

"We may go about our business." Ben continues.

"You may go about your business. Move along, move along" The storm trooper leader waves them to move on. As they left Luke lets out his breath so did Ranma.

"I thought we all were going to get caught." Luke said.

"The force can be used on the weak minded." Ben said.

"Wow that was great you got to teach me that." Ranma said excitedly.

Luke had sold his speeder and they were making their way to the cantina.

Ben had said that they would be able to find transport to Alderran.

Inside the cantina Ranma was surprise to see a lot of different aliens and humans all mixing around talking to each other.

He follows Ben while Luke walks off to the bar to get some drinks.

Ben talks to a human who seems to be dressed in a green flight suit.

He points toward a tall hairy figure near the bar.

"He is Chewbacca and he is the first mate on a star ship the millennium falcon." Ben said as he follows the tall hairy alien to a table.

Ranma sat next to Ben but suddenly there was a commotion he turns too see Luke being pushed around by two rough aliens.

Ranma stands up angrily.

Ben stops him and motions him to sit.

He gets up and walks over talking with the two.

Suddenly there was a shout.

"NO blasters!"

It happen so fast Ranma almost misses what happen.

Ben had drawn his light saber so quick that the two aliens did even have time to dodge.

One of them got his hand cut off and the other had his blaster destroyed.

Ranma's eyes went wide it was like from a scene from a samurai movie.

Soon Ben ushers Luke over and sits him down and starts to talk to the captain of the ship.

"Luke this is Han solo he is the captain of the Millennium Falcon and that is his first mate Chewbacca." Ben introduces.

"So what's the cargo." Han asks as he watches them.

"The three of us and two droid and no questions." Ben said.

"Ah I see that will cost more. 10000 up front." Han said.

"2000 now. Another 15000 when we get there if we get there fast." Ben adds.

"Oh we'll get you there fast. You never heard of the Millennium Falcon." Han starts to say but was cut off by Luke.

"What with that kind of credits we could buy a star ship!" Luke starts to protest.

"Oh and who's going to fly it farm boy." Han said to him smirking.

"I'll fly it I'm not a bad pilot." Luke said.

"Oh flying through space is not like dusting crops." Han adds.

"Luke." Ben shakes his head.

"It looks like you little display has attracted some unwanted attention." Han said. Ben turns to see several storm troopers walk in and the bar man pointing over to them. "Time to go!" Ranma stands up followed by the rest.

"Chewwy will bring you to the hanger." Han said as they all left the cantina by the back way.


After a while they arrive at the hanger.

"Wow what a junk heap!" Ranma said as he looks at the ship in front of him.

"Hey kid that's no junk heap that's my ship you are talking about!" Han snaps. Luke grins and walks towards the ramp.

As they were boarding the doors to the hanger was blown open and a whole patrol of storm troopers came charging in.

"Blast them don't let them get away!" the leader of the troopers orders.

Inside Han and Chewbacca were at the controls getting the ship ready to go.

"Come on!" Luke said franticly.

"Hey don't rush me!" Han said angrily as he flips more levers.

"You want me go out and push?" Ranma volunteers.

"Enough of the wise cracks kid sit down!" Han said as he pulls on another leaver and they were off.

The ship shots through the sky and into space.

"Holy shit there's two big ones up there!" Ranma shout as he points to two large wedge shaped ships.

They were coming at them firing here guns.

"Come on get us out of here!" Ranma shouts as another jolt hits he ship.

"Yeah!" Luke adds trying to stand as he was knocked down.

"Pipe down kid go into hyperspace without the right calculations and we might go through a star or a sun so sit back and let me do my thing!" Han said annoyed as he punches some buttons on the console.

"Chewwy increase the rear deflector shields! Almost there!" Han said as he pulls on a lever then in a burst of bright light the Millennium Falcon hurls into the depths of space.


There were three remotes floating around. Ranma and Luke were standing back to back blocking all the shot the remotes were firing at them.

Ben had said he wanted to see how skilled the two were.

"Hmmmm good good." Ben said smiling. Ranma had blocked all the shots, which a remote had fired at him.

"Not bad." Luke said as he took his turn.

He almost got all of them but was hit by a last shot.

"Luke you gotta relax. Remember the time we spar?" Ranma advises.

"Right a calm mind is a fast mind." Luke blocks another 3 rapid shots.

"Amazing did you two have any training in the Jedi arts?" Ben asks surprise at the way the two moved.

"Nope been training in martial arts when I was 5." Ranma said with pride. "Hmmmm…. Never heard of such an art. Interesting." Ben said.

"Ha that all an old saying." Han said as he watches them.

"I prefer a straight blaster fight." Han said as he pats on the blaster at his hip.

"The force is a powerful ally when you master it." Ben said as he motions the two over and gives them a welding helmet each.

"Hey we can't see anything in this!" Luke said as he fiddles with the helmet.

"Don't worry Luke just stay calm and listen to Ben" Ranma said as the two stands back to back again.

"Let yourself go Luke and reach out and feel with the force." Ben said as the remotes circle the two.

Suddenly all three remotes fire at the same time in a blur Ranma and Luke blocks all the shots.

Luke takes off the helmet and was very surprise that he had completed the exercise. "Excellent!" Ben said happily then suddenly as if he was in pain he almost falls from his seat.

Ranma and Luke rush over and holds him steady.

"Are you all right?" Ranma asks worriedly. "What is it Ben?" Luke asks too.

"There was a great disturbance in the force. It's as if several million voices cried out then it was silent." Ben said as he shakes his head.

"That's not a good sign." Ranma said frowning.


I have wanted to do a fic with Ranma in the Starwars setting and now that I have finally got down to do it.

Hope you people like it.

PS to flamers yes yes I admit that I am deviating a bit but hey I can't follow the story to the letter right then you guys will be all over be for plagiarism (hope I got the spelling correct.). I'll try to follow in the spirit of things the important events will still go on of course. And no Leia and Ranma are not going to be an item so don't worry.