Capturing a Thief's Heart

Chapter 1: The thief, Inu Yasha

A dark lone figure lurked in the shadows outside the five star Hudson hotel. The black tight fitting clothes were perfect camouflage in the shadows just outside the back entrance of the hotel, complimenting the masculine physique from the hips up, slightly baggy pants covering the legs.

The figure snickered as the watch guard walked back inside once he was done with his cigarette break. The figure removed their night vision goggles to reveal two dark stunning violet eyes that shone with mischief and cunning antics.

Quickly, the person scampered away from the bush they were hiding in to take form of a young man. He quickly surveyed the area and sighed in relief as he took his grappling hook and threw it at a third story balcony on the west side of the building.

After a few tugs for good measures, he shot up the rope with great ease and hurriedly pulled up the rope, only to struggle with the hook that some how got stuck on the railing. Once he got it out, he gently tugged at the sliding door, relieved to find it open as he predicted. He opened it wide enough for him to slip in.

He crept into the bathroom with very little noise, moving the cloth covering his mouth downward and his beanie up. Just the occasional creak from the old wooden floors broke through the stillness of the night. He reached the bathroom and grinned liked a fool as he spotted the jewelry box carved from cherry wood resting on the counter. A memory from earlier replayed in his head:

"The senator's wife is bringing her prized jewelry case to this weekend's convention center. Among them is one of the world's biggest diamonds passed down from the wife's family, the Ember Family's Jewel…"

"Inu Yasha, come in." cried a small voice from an ear piece that was attached to his left ear.

"What?" whispered Inu Yasha into a small microphone by his lips as he proceeded to carefully open the box with a gloved hand. He held his breath when it began to creak. He had worked in the hotel before his assignment, and from what he gathered, the walls were particularly thin in the bathrooms. If anyone was on the other side, there would be a chance they could hear him.

"Are you in? You have less than five minutes before the next guard makes his round."

"I'm in and don't worry. I'll be out in a few. Get the car started; I'll meet you at the corner. Oh and Miroku?"

"Yeah?" came Miroku's hushed voice.

"You think Sango would like a diamond necklace that's shaped like a heart for your anniversary?"

"You can snag that man, I'll so love you!" His right hand man, Miroku, was his best friend. The two were always on the front line of their 'missions' unless things proved to be too difficult, then their other friends joined them.

"I want ten bucks for this!" chuckled Inu Yasha. "Or I keep the damn thing until we bum a rid to Victorville to sell it at the Pawn Shop."

"TEN? You know I'm dirt poor. I don't even have a penny! I wouldn't be here if I wasn't broke beyond belief! Hell, I wouldn't be living with you. No offense man."

"Give me the money when you can. You still got about seventy years ahead of you… I think." Inu Yasha removed his small black back pack and empty the contents of the jewelry box. He walked back out from the bathroom but his heart nearly stopped when he heard a low groan.

When he had entered the room, he had failed to see a body on the bed. He froze as the large mass turned to its side. He let go of the breath he was holding when he was hit with the stench of hardcore booze. He walked over to the body and found that the man in bed had a beautiful silver Rolex adorned with diamonds on his left wrist.

He snuck over to him and carefully, with great caution, removed the watch. He smiled to himself and he dashed out the room. He placed his grappling hook back into place but noticed a drain pipe that looked sturdy enough for him to slide down on to his left.

"This could get me down faster. Hopefully it's bolted down right." He nervously laughed at himself and placed the hook carefully back into his back pack, "God help me if I die!"

He attached himself to the pipe with an iron grip and slid down. He made it down in one peace and wiped the sweat off his temples. He scurried to the gate at the back of the hotel's lot and jumped the fence like an Olympic athlete.

A black suburban pulled up to him and Inu Yasha opened the back the door and hopped in. The car rode off into the darkness of the night.

o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o

"Breaking News! Senator Jameson was staying at the five star Hudson Hotel last night and was robbed of his and his wife valuables." Blared the news reporter on TV, "The thief left no evidence for a suspect. Officers say it can be our mysterious Meridian Thief…"

Inu Yasha yawned as he continued to watch the news with a tired grin. His black hair was put back into a loose braid and he wore only red boxers. His older brother, Sessho-Maru, walked in and went straight for the coffee maker. His black robe rustled with his movement as he reached into a cupboard to get a coffee mug. His also long black hair was put into a low messy pony tail and his violet eyes were droopy from exhaustion.

"You worked over time again, didn't you? Its mocha today," Inu Yasha said as he sipped on his cup, eyes still glued to the TV.

"Mocha?" Sessho-Maru asked bewildered, "when did you get the money to get the good stuff?"

"I had gotten a huge tip last night at work," He half lied, "I made forty bucks extra. I bought some muffins, too. Is Miroku up yet?" He smiled at his brother, "I hope you don't over time tonight again. You look like shit."

"Thanks…" grumbled Sessho-Maru.

"You called?" said a groggy Miroku as he stumbled into the kitchen, "I forgot I had a test today in biology and I was up all night studying." He yawned and shoved a muffin into his mouth while he poured himself milk from the tiny fridge.

Sessho-Maru sighed as he sat next to his younger brother with a cup full of mocha. The old rickety chair creaked form his weight as he got comfortable, "It's been awhile since I've had a nice cup of coffee. Thanks Inu Yasha."

Inu Yasha laughed, "I just wish I could afford us all a new house. At any moment, this house is going to cave in."

Inu Yasha sighed and looked around the small kitchen. The table they all sat at was small and square. The legs were uneven and always made the table rock back and forth. The chairs were old and one of them was bound together with duct tape. The tiled floor was cracked and needed a serious moping. The ceiling and walls were pealing and an occasional draft would come from the small hole in the window just about the old rusting sink. The stove was old and rusting just like the sink. Dirty pots, pans, utensils and dishes over flowed the counter, sink and stove. Cockroaches danced about the plates with a few mice.

The whole house was in bad shape all together in a poor neighborhood. The small two story house screamed to be repainted. The wooden floor boards creaked with every given step. The three bed rooms were small. Inu Yasha shared a room with his brother. They had a small beaten queen sized mattress on the floor at the farthest end of the room. A small dresser sat at the other end near the small walk in closet where Sessho-Maru's cheap thrift store work suits were hung up.

Miroku's room was much smaller. It had a futon on the floor with a box full of his clothes and possession at one corner and a small ten inch TV in the other. Magazines and exercise equipments were scattered about the floor with empty cup of noodles.

They last room resembled a small girls room. One wall was covered in a mountain of stuffed toys upon shelves. Pictures of the young boys in their youths were in frames hung on the walls. A white canopy bed was at one end near a small window. It was the only room that had a nice plushy pink carpet. The room was perhaps the only neatly kept one in the small house. This room belonged to Sessho-Maru's and Inu Yasha's mother. But she had not stepped foot into the house since she was kept at the hospital six years ago.

"At least we have a roof over our heads, until it caves in." Miroku said aloud as he sipped at his milk, "As crappy as it maybe, at least we have a place to call home."

The other two nodded and were lost in their thoughts. Miroku turned off the small portable TV by Inu Yasha and yawned, "We should get ready for school Inu Yasha."

o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o

Inu sauntered to his room with his head facing the ground. He walked to the dresser on the left side and first pulled open the top drawer. He took out a fresh pair of boxers and socks and he placed it by his feet.

He opened the one below it and took out a red muscle tee. The next drawer he took out a black pair of dickies pants that Sessho-Maru got him for his last birthday. He smiled; it was one of the few things he had that wasn't from the thrift store. His brother had saved up for it for almost four months. He then walked to the closet and quickly got dressed. He then took a leather jacket from a hanger at his left and threw it over his right shoulder.

He strolled over to the bathroom. The once white toilet was yellow and covered in dust. He scrubbed at the mirror to remove the layer of mildew and he proceeded to comb his long black hair with a brush that was missing more then half its teeth. He forced the water knob to turn and brown water gushed out only to turn clear after a few seconds. Inu washed his mouth and went to the small shower/bath tub to get his face wash.

The shower had moldy curtains and dead cockroaches on it. The tub was perhaps the only clean thing inside the small room. The small light bulb swung above Inu's head and he swatted the dangling switch. It jingled for a while and finally settled down.

After washing his face and was done changing, he went down stairs and waved Sessho-Maru a good bye while he slipped on his black holey converses. Miroku was already outside. He was wearing torn baggy jeans with an over sized purple collared shirt. His jet black hair was in a small rat tail at the nape of his neck. He rubbed one of his indigo colored eyes and let out a great big yawn. He handed Inu Yasha's his red back pack with a small smile.

The boys said nothing and walked down the porch and out of the old wooden fence that surrounded the house. They walked for a few blocks and looked at the houses around them. They were all in the same condition as theirs. Some had a garden of dead plants while some had old rusting cars.

They walked a few more blocks and crossed a rail road track. This was the boarder of the mediocre class and the poor. The next block of houses was nicer and cleaner looking then the poverty stricken ones. The gardens were full of life and some even looked like a jungle of its own. The cars were not old or beat up but decent well kept cars with shiny hood ornaments.

'Someday, we're gonna live this life. Not like the rich and famous, but like normal people,' thought Inu Yasha as he placed his hands in his pocket.

"When do you think we can head for the pawn shop? Mom's bills are due next week. Think we have enough money to buy some new merchandise too? I need to get a better hook."

Miroku nodded, "We made a good two thousand extra. That's puts us at six hundred thousand, covering next months bill with easily with our pay checks from the restaurant."

"Great. I can lay low for a while then." He smiled, "Think my mom will be let out next year?"

Miroku sighed, "Inu Yasha, you say that every year for the past six. You heard the doctors, it's a rare blood condition. And with the hereditary heart disease she got from her parents, it only makes matters worse."

"Sometimes I wish I got it. But dad's genes were more dominant, guess that's why me and Sessh don't have it, huh?" he chuckled sadly, "It's the only thing my old man was good for." Miroku was silent for the rest of the walk.

o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o

In ten minutes, they had arrived at their high school, Tama Private High. The massive school taught over 3,000 students and had almost 60 teachers to boot. The school was very competitive and was voted number one best in the whole district. Not very many students made it in the school due to the strict rules and work. Inu Yasha and Miroku were lucky enough to have made it as far as they had.

They owed it all to their vice principal who was like Inu Yasha's grandmother. Keade had been his Mother's home school teacher, and knew all about the boy's troubles. The only she could do was allow the boys to attend her school.

Tama High was originally a mission back in the 1800's but was abandon by the monks that were living there. In the early 1900's, someone remodeled the building until it became a school. During the 1970's it changed from a university to a High School.

When the two friends stepped foot on campus, everyone around them stopped and glared. Some girls snorted very un-lady like and looked away. The jocks snickered at them. They were used to it. They were the poorest kids at school, but it didn't intimidate them at all.

"Hey, Inu TRASHA," sneered the head quarter back, Koga, "How's mommy's wittle boy doing?" Koga's friends laughed. They all knew about his Mother, but the animals never cared, nor sympathized. They only teased him.

Inu Yasha's jaw clenched. He balled his fist and glared daggers at Koga, "I'd watch my mouth if I were you, TOGA. We wouldn't want our gay quarter back to end up in the hospital now would we?"

"Like you could beat me? You've got to be joking Trasha! Go crawl back into the gutter you crawled out of. Oh wait! That's were you live!"

"Why you…" hissed Inu Yasha. He scowled at Koga and flipped him off. He stormed to his class room with Miroku right at his heels. Koga could be heard in the distant laughing.

"Bravo, Inu Yasha. You didn't jump him this time." Cheered Miroku. They walked into their English class and sat in the back. A few short minutes later, the bell rang and the teacher began to tell the class their listen.

o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o -.- o.o

A horrible 56 minutes later, they were out and head for pre-calculus. They sat at the end again and waved down their friend, Sango and Shippo, the other members of their group.

"Good morning my lovely Goddess." Miroku said as he smiled charmingly at her.

"Can it. I'm not having a good morning." She pouted and threw her things on her desk.

Sango had long dark brown hair up in a high pony tail. Her eyes were a soft hazel color and she had light tan skin. She wore her favorite purple converse, blue QuickSilver boy short, and a black shirt saying "No Shame in my Game" in green. She narrowed her eyes and pulled out her compact mirror and reapplied her pink eye shadow. She snapped it shut again and huffed.

"What's wrong with her royal ice queen today?" Inu Yasha whispered to Shippo who sat to the left of him while Sango and Miroku bickered to his right.

"Failed her history test. Bombed it bad." The young red-hair boy sighed. He had on a black Thunder Cats t-shirt and baggy blue jeans. Tied around his small waist was a black Dickies jacket. His shoes were black hole covered converses with Gir shoelaces. He closed his big green eyes and let out a great big yawn.

"Teacher said she needed tutoring. Heh, I'm the tutor."

"Is that so?" Inu chuckled as he shook his head from side to side.

"You talking about me?" hissed Sango as she leaned over Miroku. She glared at them and they shrunk in their seats and furiously shook their heads in a negative manner. The bell ranged and she sat back properly but still kept an eye on them.

Both boys chuckled nervously as they took out their note books from their back packs. Inu flipped to a clean page and jotted down the notes from the board before he grabbed the books for him and his friends.

"Class," announced the teacher, "I'm planning to have a simple day. No homework tonight and all you have to do is page 218 problems 2-12 even. You make work in groups. After you're done, you make talk among yourself in an in-door fashion. Any questions? No? Then get to work!"

The four got their work done in lest then 15 minutes. Inu and Shippo placed their chairs in front of Sango's and Miroku's and swung over to the other side.

"Sooo…" said Inu Yasha as he examined his hair, "How was your day after school? Sango?"

"Eh, same stuff as always. Kohaku was being a pest as usual since he wants this new game that came out for, what was it, x-box. Halo 2. You know about it?"

"Really? I'll let him borrow mine for a bit until you can get him it. Your parents are still out of town aren't they?" Shippo said as he placed his head on his left hand.

"Thanks Shippo and yes. They're still on their business trip. How's your mother, Inu Yasha?"

Inu's eyes sadden and he looked away. Tears brimmed his eyes but he refused to cry in class.

"Hey, what's wrong?" said Shippo as he tried to look at Inu Yasha's face.

"His mother has…" Miroku stopped halfway and looked at Inu Yasha. Inu waved his hand for him to continue.

"His mother, what?" asked the curious Sango.

"She's not getting better. On top of that, the doctors are demanding more money for her treatments. But we all think she won't make it through another year."

Sango and Shippo gasped. They swung their head towards Inu Yasha and patted his back. "And it's been really hard earning money with out Sessho-Maru knowing. He worked late again last night. I… I don't know home much longer he has too. What if he get's sick? We… we don't have insurance for that."

"Oh Inu Yasha. I'm sorry." Sango said as she leaned over in an attempted to give him a hug. "Don't worry about that, ok? If something happens to him, I'll take care of him, ok? I'm not taking nursing classes after school for nothing." Inu Yasha smiled.

"That's not fair! They know that Sessh doesn't get paid a lot. He's only a part time chauffer for one of the snottiest business presidents of the Ryo Inc." cried Shippo, "And he doesn't get paid a lot as a construction worker."

The friends sighed. They all had a part time job and were helping Sessho-Maru pay for Izayio, Inu Yasha's mother, medical bills. They were only able to make so much money to cover up for Inu Yasha who would go off and steal from rich people at night for the thousands of dollars for medical bills. The four close friends knew what Inu Yasha did and tried hard to keep it a secret from Sessho-Maru. But it was hard to get over two hundred thousand dollars every month. That's why they all pitched in with their part-time jobs, but they could only make between eight hundred to a thousand altogether along with the four thousand Sessho-Maru made. But home bills took their toll on the poor family.

'The only reason why we haven't been behind on a payment,' thought Inu to himself, 'is because I'm the one who gives the hospital the money personally. I'm just glad Sessh hasn't seen the bills in person. He'd freak and demand where we got the money. He can't know…'

"You left work kind of early last night," Shippo said, bringing the older boy out of his thought, "Boss was a bit ticked off."

"To hell with him. It was a…. an 'emergency' if you catch my drift. I'll make up the missed time today. Got nothing better to do." Scoffed Inu Yasha. "Shippo, come later tonight and pick up the jewel. I want you to make two centimeter sized diamonds from it. I think you can make about a good twenty from it. It's huge."

Shippo nodded. His family owned a jewelry shop, thus giving him access to tools and record of most clients that bought the most expensive of their things, "Did you get anything else?"

Inu Yasha got closer to Shippo and whispered, "I got a necklace that Miroku wants to give to Sango, can you snaz it up by their anniversary?" Miroku and Sango weren't officially going out, but it was obvious the two loved each other, though Sango wouldn't admit it anytime soon.

Shippo grinned, "Two weeks? Hell yeah, I'll get it done by the end of the week." Even if their jobs were mainly for a good cause, there was still the temptation they all had to keep their goods. They knew it was dangerous and wrong, but to see so much loot and the money that came with it, they couldn't help it. That was how they all chose the huge black suburban as their getaway car, which was currently in Sango's garage.

"Oh! Before I forget, here's the money I raised for your mom, Inu." Sango smiled as she handed Inu Yasha a small yellow envelope, "It's about two hundred and fifty dollars. Not much, but that's all I could get this month. I've been busy with Kohaku with month."

"Thanks Sango, it's ok. Every penny counts. I still appreciate that you're helping me and Sessh out with this. I don't know how I can repay you."

"Seeing your mother healthy again is all I need. You're one of my best friends, Inu. I can't just stand back and let you and Sessh bust your asses off for bills that are too much. I just wish I can help more. You know you're mother is like a second mother to me." Sango sighed as she placed a hand over his larger one, "I'm here for you."

"I have my share here too. Here, two hundred and six bucks, cash. Boss gave me extra when I covered for you last night."

"Thanks, man. I'll make it up to you both, I swear." Inu Yasha said as he gently put the envelops in his back pack, "Four hundred and fifty six bucks is more then enough for mom's bills this month. Me and Miroku are getting our paychecks tonight. I think we'll have about… seven or eight hundred by tonight to help Sessh plus another twenty-thousand to boot."

"I've calculated that we are good for a month or two. Good job guys!" Miroku grinned.

"You guys like to come over for dinner, tomorrow? I'm making white spaghetti and salad. I'll make some for Sessh so he can eat when he gets home. I think I'll make some roast for you guys to have the next day too." Sango said as she leaned on Miroku's shoulder, "How about it?"

Both boys looked at each other and nodded, "We'd love too, Sango. It's been awhile since we had a nice cooked meal. I'm sure Sessho-Maru will love some." Miroku said as he rested his head above hers.

Sango blushed when she realized what she had done. Her head shot up but knocked Miroku over. Miroku groaned and rubbed his head from his spot on the floor. He pouted and looked at Sango with a hurt look.

"Sango. That was certainly uncalled for! I wasn't going to grope you! I wasn't even thinking about… OW! Shoes hurt you know!" Sango threw a text book but he dodged it with ease, "Honestly Sango, I wasn't!"

Sango snorted, "Then why did you say it? I wasn't even thinking about that you nitwit! I was just startled is all…"

Before Miroku could say anything, the bell rang. The four gathered their stuff and head off to their other classes, "See you guys during lunch! Wish me luck on my German vocabulary test." Sango said as she waved.

"Wish you luck!" called Shippo, "Well… I'm off to P.E. Can't wait to run the mile!" Shippo said as he scampered to the locker rooms.

"Come on, Inu Yasha. We gotta get to Chem."

"Great." Inu Yasha said sarcastically.

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