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Keladry of Mindelan now in her second year of page training, and all of the boys currently in their page training at the palace, waited for Lord Wyldon to arrive for dinner. Soon enough he came, said the evening prayer, they ate their food, and then the meal was over. Just as all the pages were about to get up to leave, Wyldon stood and cleared his throat. At this all of the pages stopped and looked in his direction.

"I have an announcement to make." Wyldon said, his voice louder then necessary. All of the pages sat back down. Some had curious looks on their face and others had bored looks. Neal included. Kel, on the other hand had no expression on her face at all, for her Yammani mask was in place. "Starting tomorrow, you will all be taking a health class after dinner." Most of the pages groaned. "There will be a class every week. The purpose of this class is to teach you about the human body, and the care of it. You will also learn precautions, and important information that will be vital to your lives after you achieve your shields. You are dismissed." Wyldon finished. The pages and squires left, some complaining loudly about the added class.

"I can't believe the Stump would add another class!" Neal whined loudly as they were headed back to Neal's rooms to start their nightly study group. "And it's a health class to boot!"

"But it's for the better right?" Kel asked. Neal just snorted.


The next evening, Kel, Neal, and all the others headed down to a room they had never been in before. It was covered with detailed pictures of a male and females body; there were also two person desks instead of the usual one person. All of them sat down and waited nervously for the teacher to arrive. Kel and Neal were seated together. He kept grumbling to himself about stupid Stumps and stupid health classes. The teacher arrived. He was a middle aged man who was neither ad friendly looking as Myles or as mean looking as the priests who taught their other classes. He was about five feet and seven inches tall, with graying black hair. He had stony black eyes with a hidden emotion, and a thin mouth with smiles tucked away at the corners.

"I am Sir Broderick of Summers Hollow, and I am to be your health teacher." He said. His voice was deep, almost too deep to understand, and he spoke with the air of someone intelligent. "In this class, we will learn about the male and female body, and other things you may guess."

"But I thought this was supposed to be a health class!" Owen whispered to Merric, who he was sitting by.

"Today we will start with the male." Broderick said. "Can anyone name all of the parts?" He asked. No one made a sound. Kel, who was sitting towards the back of the class, her face expressionless, was trying to keep herself from blushing, while staring wide eyed at the teacher. "Ok then. Well then I shall explain it. Here we have the…" The talk lasted for an hour when the bell rang. "I want you all to draw a diagram of the male's body and label all of the parts."

All of the pages rushed out of the class to do their nights homework, which was no easier since they had an extra assignment.

"I can't believe health class has homework!" cried Neal exasperated.

"But we do have a week to do it," Kel reminded him.

"But its still homework," Neal retorted as they walked into his rooms to join the rest of the pages that had accumulated there.

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