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Boric waited outside of Lord Wyldon's office. Diego had stayed behind to make sure they didn't do anything "unacceptable".

"You may enter," Lord Wyldon called from inside his office.

Boric opened the door feeling nervous. Lord Wyldon was not a person to toy with. Boric took a quick look of the room upon entering. He noticed paintings on the wall, papers neatly stacked on the desk, and a little stone hawk figure on one corner. He also noticed that there was no clutter. Impressive. Boric thought to himself. My office only manages to stay clutter-free for two hours…at the most…When Boric finally finished his "quick" look around the office, he turned and faced a very impatient looking Wyldon.

"Yes?" Wyldon asked. Impatiently.

"Well you see," Boric began, trying to find the right words. "It's about my job, sir."

"And your job would be?"

"Watching Nealan and Keladry, sir."

"Yes, yes, I remember now," Wyldon replied, looking a little more interested. "So, what did you have to say?"

"Well, I, uh…" Boric stammered, losing his nerve. "Well, I discovered something that I think you should know about, its--"

But Boric was stopped short. He had suddenly had a huge flashback. Back to his first kiss. He had been caught kissing the maid's daughter, and was punished and forbidden to see her again. He had said it wasn't fair, and that she should be able to love anyone no matter her status. So Boric ran away with the maid's daughter, and joined the army. And then he ended up here. After his girlfriend dumped him for the blacksmith.

And thus, Boric had a change of heart. Why should the girl Keladry have to be kicked out for kissing a boy? And have to run away and eventually join the army? And then to have her little friend Nealan leave her for the blacksmith…the army already has enough fat heartbroken men in it. Why add a heartbroken woman? Best let them kiss and be happy with their lives. At least until someone else notices. Then that someone else can ruin their lives and it'll be their fault if Keladry gets fat and joins the army. Yes. That was a good plan.

"I uh, well…one of the mirrors is broken in the scrying room…it keeps replaying the same scene over and over and over again." Boric finally said, scrambling to come up with a believable lie.

"That's it?" Wyldon asked, looking a tad bit disappointed.

"Yes sir."

"Well, then see to it that you give word to Master Numair so he can go and fix it. Wouldn't want to leave the pages unguarded…"

"Right away sir."

(((Ten minutes earlier)))

"Yeah, well, it doesn't matter anyways, you won your dare." Kel said bitterly.

"What dare?" Neal asked, very confused. "There was no dare!" Kel didn't look at him. "What, you don't think that maybe someone actually likes you? Enough to kiss you?"

"No," Kel shot back, "Who could ever love Kel, the Yamani Lump. A.K.A. the COW."

"I love you." Neal replied quietly. This made Kel turn around and look at Neal. Really look at him. His smile was sincere, his eyes soft, and full of longing. Kel opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by Neal's mouth pressed against hers. The kiss was almost as sweet as the first, soft and sweet, his lips caressing her own. As the kiss slowly deepened, Neal started snaking his arms around her waist. But Kel pulled away. The look in his eyes was enough, to make her want to start kissing him again, but she shoed that feeling away.

"I'm sorry," Kel began in response to the unasked question, "I'm, not ready for this," she whispered before slipping behind her side of the wall thingy, leaving Neal even more confused than he really was.

This left Neal even more confused than he already was. Standing there, staring at the wall that separated his and Kel's bed. What did Kel mean by 'I'm not ready for this?' She seemed like she was enjoying the kiss, but then she pulled away. It didn't make any sense. I mean, I think she likes me, but I just don't know. Love is so complicated. Why did this have to happen to me? And right after I gathered up all the guts I possessed to tell her that I loved her…


Across the room, another person was as confused as our poor Neal. Why did he have to kiss me today? Why not after we were best friends again? I would have been in a much better mood. And to make things worse, I'm totally PMSing. Oh I am so confused. This is the first time a guy has actually liked me since like ever, and he just so happens to be my best friend. I know I like him and all, he's handsome, and funny, and so sweet. And awful cute when he is confused… But I don't know what to do! Too many decisions at once! And besides! I don't even know how to kiss! Oh...Oh…Oh…

Oh and Wyldon. He'll definitely have a problem with this. Oh yes. Most definitely. That's why he put the scrying spells on our room. Oh Mithros.

At this realization, Kel rushed over to Neal's side of the room. Completely forgetting her rush to her side of the room minutes earlier. And forgetting that Neal could be completely naked and she wouldn't know it cause she just rushed on over. But luck was on her side. Neal wasn't completely naked, just halfway. But Kel was still embarrassed.

"Oh sorry Neal," Kel said as she turned around with a "concealed" blush on her face, after seeing Neal without a shirt on and his breeches half down.

"Its ok," Neal replied, "It doesn't matter to us guys, we go shirtless all the time in public. Is there anything I can help you with?" He asked. Kel could tell he was confused.

"Oh, well, I was thinking, and I realized that when we…uh…" Kel began, turning around.

"Kissed?" Neal supplied.

"Yes…that…well, I realized that people were watching us…through those scrying spells…"


"Language Nealan,"

"What is it with you and the math teacher always saying that to me! No one else says it to me!" Neal cried, glaring at Kel, with his hands on his hips.

"That's not important, we have something else much bigger to deal with." Kel said, waving her hand. Neal just nodded, and turned his mind to the more important problem at hand. He wandered over to his unmade bed and sat down. Kel sat down next to him. Both were deep in thought. Until the baby started crying. Acting on instinct, Kel got up to quiet the baby. A skin of milk and ten minutes later, the baby was quiet again.

When Kel sat down again on the bed, Neal jumped. Apparently he had been deep in thought.

"I was thinking," Neal began. Kel just looked at him. That was Neal for you, always stating the obvious. "We can't do anything about our problem tonight, so we should just go to bed," "I—I mean…"

"I know what you meant." Kel interrupted before she hid behind her side of the wall thingy.

(((The Morning)))

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