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They walked back to camp in silence.

When they got to the door, Sam reached for the handle. Kia grabbed his arm, preventing him from opening the door.

"I'll tell you how I got Koji..." Kia said. She had been trying to decide whether to tell him, or not to. She had finally chosen the first.

"Who's Koji?" He asked.

Kia let the other Pokemon in the door, Jolteon taking the tiny sleeping Pokemon from Kia.

"The Eevee," Kia replied in a matter of fact tone.

"Kia, you shouldn't name it. You'll get attached to it and you know can't keep it. It's against the rules," he told her.

"I didn't name it. That's his name," she argued.

He looked at her strangely, before saying, "Ok then, where did you get 'Koji'?"

"Well, you remember that Espeon? It's her baby."

He looked at her for a moment.

"You promise your not making any of this up, cause I have a feeling there's more to it..."

"Would I ever lie to you?" She asked with a grin.

He smiled back at her.

She then told him everything that had happened. Everything from the Eevee running off with the pokedex (which he partly knew about already), to them teleporting to where they were about half an hour ago.

"Wow. So you're like...part Pokemon?" He asked.

"I guess I am...Do you not like me anymore?" She asked looking down at the ground.

"No way! I think that's awesome!"

"Really? I think it's kinda' creepy...I don't even know HOW I teleported us..."

"Well I like you no matter what you are," Sam said, looking into her eyes.

She stared back at his bright blue eyes. They shone because of the sun rising behind them.

"Well, I guess we had better go to bed. We'll only have a couple hours of sleep as it is," Kia said, breaking the silence.

Sam yawned. "Yeah I guess you're right."

They both walked into cabin 7 as quietly as possible and fell asleep on their beds, not even bothering to change.

Danny woke up and stretched. Patch was sitting at the end of his bed.

"Cubone bone!" He cried happily, seeing his trainer awaken.

"Patch! It's about time you got home! What happened last night?"

About this time, Lisa too woke up to find Blitz sitting on her bed. Lisa stood up to see if Kia was awake on the top bunk.

"Kia, get up!" She screamed. It was almost seven o'clock, and the counselors would come and inspect every room before anyone could go and eat.

Kia groaned and mumbled something about staying asleep a little longer. She turned in her bed and faced the other way.

'Kia, come on and get up,' Sparky gave her a nudge. He licked her face until she finally gave in and sat up.

"Fine I'm up," She said after yawning and then started rubbing her eyes.

Then she remembered last night fully. Kiarah really was gone. Her eyes started to get watery. She remembered Koji after that.

'Jolteon, can you hear me?' Kia questioned using only her mind, trying out some more of her new 'powers'.

'Yes I can,' he answered back.

'Good. Where is Koji? You had him last night, right?'

'Yeah. He's hiding in your suitcase. I told him he could only come out at night or when you or Sam were in here only. He agreed and is lying in a blanket in there.'

Kia knew that a suitcase wasn't a very good place for a baby Pokemon, but what could she do for now?

"Kia, hurry! It's past seven, and they'll be coming to check our room any minute!" Danny yelled. He and Lisa had already made their own beds and were dressed.

Kia hurried out of bed and made her bed, rather sloppy, but passable for the camp counselor. She looked across to the other top bed and saw Sam still asleep.

"Sam! Get up!" She yelled, jumping to his bed and bouncing on it. He woke up pretty fast and she helped him to quickly make his bed too. They were both still in the cloths they had on last night by the time an adult came in to check on them. The camp counsler gave them a disgusted look, but said nothing. He checked 'Cabin 7' from his list and went on to Cabin 8.

"Okay, why don't you two go take showers and we'll catch up with you at breakfast or something?" Lisa asked, pinching her nose and making it seem as if they smelled as bad as a Muk or something.

"Yeah okay. Meet you there," Sam told the two.

There were two bathrooms in the tiny cabin. One for boys, one for girls, and each had one shower.

Splash ran into the men's restroom as Sam walked in behind. Kia stayed behind to check on Koji.

"How are you doing little guy?" She asked him after pulling her large suitcase out from under the bottom bed.

'I'm tired...' The little fox yawned.

"Okay. Well, I'll bring you some food back from breakfast, okay?"

Koji did nothing but start snoring softly. Kia closed the suitcase and slid it back under the bed. She quickly took a shower and got dressed. Sam was out in the room waiting for her.

"Took you long enough," he said with a smirk.

"Yeah, yeah..." She pushed him playfully and walked to get her brush from her bed.

"So what are we going to do?" Sam asked on the was to the Mess Hall.

"About Koji?"

"About YOU," he replied.

"Oh...Well it hasn't done anything but enhance my senses so far. Maybe that's all it will do. And then there's the fact that I can talk Pokemon language. Oh, and the teleporting thing. And then this morning I talked to Sparky with my mind and-"

"Okay! The point has been made. You see? It's gradually making more and more happen. As long as no one finds out, you should be fine though."

"What do you think will happen if someone does find out?" Kia asked, frowning.

"Well, my guess would be they would study you. You might be locked up, and treated like an experiment," Sam said with a worried look on his face.

Kia was even more worried now. There was NO way anyone would lock her up in a cage. She wouldn't allow it.

They got to breakfast quite late. Most everyone was done eating, and were chatting with people at their tables. Kia and Sam snuck in and grabbed some food, Kia grabbing some extra Poke-chow for Koji back in cabin number seven.

'What are we doing today?' Splash asked, looking bored.

'I would imagine something quite boring...' Blitz replied with a dull voice. She was already tired of living in the wilderness.

Mr. Keith stood up on his podium and everyone stopped talking.

"Now, as you all know, tomorrow will be the first day of training. You and your Pokemon will be faced against multiple challenges that you must overcome. The winner will get a prize. It is a prize every single one of you would love to have."

He stopped talking for a moment and the room was buzzing with talking, everyone thinking about what the prize would be.

Mr. Keith cleared his throat and continued. "There will be three challenges: Mental, physical, and a mystery test. Those who pass each test will receive one golden star badge to keep, showing that they have passed. Each week we will hold these contests of different sorts. At the end of camp, the cabin number with the most stars will all win a special prize, with a cash prize as well. Any questions?"

Everyone started talking at the same time. Teens, Adults, and Pokemon alike.

"Good! Now remember to play fair! No cheating will be tolerated!"

With that, Mr. Keith stepped down from the podium and the bell range signaling that breakfast was over. All the trainers rushed out of the building to find their cabin friends and discuss their plans.

Back in cabin 7, Kia, Sam, Danny, and Lisa, along with the four Pokemon gathered around the small table in the cabin. They were snacking on a bowl of chips along with some lemonade.

"So," Danny started, putting a chip in his mouth, "What do you think the prize really is?"

"Who cares. I just want to win!" Lisa chirped in.

"That's not what it's about Lisa," Sam stated.

Kia wasn't worried about this contest. She was still thinking about the past events. Seeing that Sam was watching her, she looked up to see him give her a reasurring smile.

Danny and Lisa were still talking about the prize about 20 minutes later.

'Gosh, they're going to talk forever!' Sparky groaned.

Kia laughed at his impatience. When you trained Pokemon, you had to have patients. She was fine just sitting there listening.

Sam had fell asleep, tuning out all the noise from the two at the table. Splash, too, was asleep in his lap.

'That looks like a good plan...' Kia told her Pokemon telepathically.

She went to her bed and followed Sam's lead, falling asleep the second her head hit the pillow. Sparky was right at her side.

Okay, so those of you who had read this before may notice the huge change in this chapter. I decided I didn't want to focus on the romance yet. I may get to that eventually, but this is mostly about Kia and her changes, not Kia and Sam falling in love. Please tell me if you want the Kia/Sam though. I also want to know if you wan any Pokemon romance. Not with the Eons, cause they are siblings...0o