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Not Who You Think I Am

Chapter One

It was a quiet winter night in Jump City and all was seemingly peaceful. However, one poor soul was not at peace. He was instead, on the floor of his room violently and uncontrollably thrashing about. This poor soul was Beast Boy.

He finally got the violent spasms under control and sat up. Sweat glistened on his face and he was gasping for breath. In his uncontrolled flailing, he had broken most objects in his room that were within limbs reach.

Surveying the destruction he muttered, "Oh man, this can't be happening. Not again…"

He was in need of sleep but these recent events saw to it that he wouldn't be getting any tonight. He thought back to earlier that night and the events that triggered all of it.


Robin was furious. Their most recent encounter with Slade was less than successful. He had no idea how or why he returned or how he held such power, but it all had something to do with Raven. He knew Slade had died. He knew it. But now he was back and stronger than ever. He was faster, more agile, and tougher than before, and when any of the Titans actually did manage to land a hard hit on him, he just stood back up as though it hadn't happened.

Robin was so deep in thought he didn't notice the giant TV screen he was sitting in front of no longer showed the racing game Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing. The screen had gone almost completely dark save for the faint outline of a face with a fiery red symbol that somewhat resembled an "S" resting on it's forehead. As the face leaned closer, the masked figure came into view. Half of the mask was black while the other half a rusty orange with one eyehole and some vertical slots for the mouth.

Cyborg had protested when the game was cut short but became silent as soon as he saw the face.

"Ah, so good to see you are all in good health Titans. I was not sure if that last kick gave you any lasting damage or not Robin." Said Slade in his relaxed poisonous way of speaking.

"Slade…" Was all Robin could say through clenched teeth.

"I don't have time to chat Titans, I'm giving you a chance to live. All you have to do is hand over Raven and you'll go unharmed."

"Fat chance!" Beast Boy spat.

"I see you still have your little green whelp. Why do you keep him? From what I recall, he's been little more than an annoying distraction."

Beast Boy's eyes were alight with anger. "What the hell is your deal! First you want Robin as some screwed up apprentice, then you convince Terra we aren't her friends, and now you think we're just going to hand Raven over to you. There's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen!"

Slade's eye flickered. "I'm sure may think that, but I have other plans. Good bye Titans."

After Slade uttered his final word the screen turned back to the game that was in progress before the interruption, showing both cars crashed as flaming wreckage. Something wasn't right; the tower was far too quiet. Beast Boy's sensitive ears picked up something scraping from the ceiling but before he could warn the others, dozens of Slade's robots dropped in from everywhere. Every window in the common room smashed as many of the robots repelled in from the roof. Grates from the ventilation were forcefully kicked in allowing a stream of the fighting machines to enter. Starfire shrieked and dropped the latest pudding she was concocting.

One of the robots faceplates fell off revealing a screen with Slade's face.

"I trust these should be enough to deal with you. It is a shame though, the master would have let me kill you myself if you'd complied and simply handed Raven over." He stated in his ever-monotone voice.

Before Robin had a chance to call the team to action, Beast Boy had transformed into a hulking grizzly bear and thrust a massive clawed paw through the head to the speaking robot. The battle was on and everyone was fighting their hardest except Raven who was nowhere to be found.

Cyborg shot his sonic cannon through a group of the robots leaving nothing but smoking pieces behind while Starfire was franticly throwing starbolts in every direction. Robin was doing his best fighting with is extendable staff but it was plain to see that he was soon to become overwhelmed by the tide of robots. Beast Boy was in the same situation as Robin, no matter how many of the robots he took down, more just seemed to take their place.

The battle was beginning to look grim to Beast Boy but he couldn't give up! This was his home. The only place he'd felt comfortable in for a long time. With that thought in mind he fought doubly hard. Turning into an African elephant, he swung his trunk with as much force as he could muster and destroyed nine of the intruders in one swing. Starfire flew to Robin's side to assist him and slowly but surely, the battle began to turn. Cyborg fired a quick salvo of bursts from his cannon behind Beast Boy into a number of the robots.

It seemed victory was assured but a shriek was heard from upstairs. "That was Raven!" yelled Beast Boy. He then charged through a pack of the mechanized enemies as a Rhino and burst into the hallway reverting to his human form. He tore down the hallway faster then he ever thought possible. His legs were screaming for rest but he wasn't paying attention to the pain, he needed to get to Raven, and nothing else in the world mattered. He quickly ascended a flight of stairs and rushed down another hallway. As he neared her door he heard another muffled scream. He smashed through the door without a second thought and was faced with an even dozen of Slade's robot minions. From the wreckage that littered the ground, it was safe to assume Raven had destroyed six herself.

Raven was unconscious and being held by two of the robots while another was fitting some kind of metal collar device around her neck. The remaining nine turned their attention to Beast Boy and attacked immediately. Something inside of Beast Boy was boiling. He felt as though he was loosing control as he morphed into a giant gorilla and brought his two massive fists down on the nearest robots. The other seemed to hesitate for a brief moment before throwing themselves at the massive beasts. Several of them managed to get on his back but Beast Boy grabbed them and flung them off. He grabbed one of the robots and proceeded to use it as a club to destroy the others.

Having dealt with the robots that were not occupied with Raven, Beast Boy reverted back to his normal self. He didn't want to do anything that might cause the remaining intruders to harm her. The one that had placed the collar on Raven leapt forward and Beast Boy quickly turned into a grizzly bear again catching and using the attackers own momentum to swing and throw it into another of the robots. One of the robots holding Raven remained. It was backing towards Raven's smashed window and seemed poised to escape.

It's faceplate fell free and Slade's face appeared.

"So close to victory Beast Boy. I must admit, I never thought you'd play the little hero but it's too little too late." The robot bent it's legs to jump but time itself seemed to slow and Beast Boy took action.

He didn't even think to transform into anything, he just lunged at the robot. Closer, closer, he was almost there. He stretched his arms out in front of him and grasped the head of the robot. Slade's stoic face betrayed surprise as Beast Boy twisted the head with all his might and snapped it to the side. Raven's captor released her and dropped to the ground limp.

Beast Boy kneeled beside Raven's prone form, quickly freed her of the metal collar and gently tried to wake her.

"Come on Rae," he quietly said shaking her shoulder, "please wake up."

He received no response but he wasn't about to give up there.

"Please Rae! Just wake up! Please, please be ok." He cried picking her up and hugging her tightly.

There was still no sign of life but a faint heartbeat and near nonexistent breathing. Beast Boy felt tears flowing down his face and he began to sob. Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire had just finished dealing with the intruders in the common room and rushed to Raven's as Beast Boy had. The scene that met them shocked them, the smashed debris of more then a dozen robots surrounded the two Titans and Beast Boy was sobbing into Ravens shoulder.

"…Is she… Dead?" Robin breathed.

Cyborg typed a few commands into his arm and read the data.

"No, but she's out cold. We should probably get her to the medical bay."

Both Starfire and Robin breathed a sigh of relief as they continued to watch Beast Boy.

He continued to sob into her shoulder but spoke again in a raspy voice. "Please wake up Rae, please! I promise I'll never tell another lame joke, I'll never disturb you when you're meditating, I'll never bother you while you're reading, and I'll never go in you room again! Just please be ok."

Cyborg placed his cool metallic hand on the changeling's shoulder.

"She's going to be ok BB but we have to get her to the medical bay."

Beast Boy lifted her as he stood and followed Cyborg to the medical bay. He laid her on the bed and Cyborg attached a multitude of wires intended to observe vital signs.

Beast Boy was silent and just stared at Raven. Cyborg stood next to him for a moment and said, "Like I said before B, she's going to be fine. You on the other hand need rest. I know you want to stay here but you're just going to be up all night worrying."

Beast Boy protested but Cyborg pushed him out the door. "Go to bed!"

End Flashback

'I have got to stop this from happening again.' he thought to himself as he stood.

He felt a dull throbbing in his hands. They had received more than their fair share of punishment throughout the night while dealing with the intruders and now being uncontrollably smashed into most of the objects in his room. A warm trickle of blood slowly flowed off of his knuckles and he thought it best to wash out the wounds.

"Cy won't be pissed if I go down to the med bay to get this cleaned up would he?" He asked no one in particular.


He trekked through the dark and silent corridors and down a flight of stairs to the door of the medical bay. He could hear Cyborg moving around inside and he gulped before proceeding through the door.

Cyborg whipped around to see Beast Boy moving through the door. "I told you to go to bed didn't I? Now get!"

"Uh Cy? I kinda have to get this tapped up." He said raising his hands for his metallic friend to see.

Cyborg raised his eyebrow. "What did you do to 'em B?"

"N-nothing… Just happened during the fight." He lied.

Cyborg didn't seem convinced but shrugged it off. "Go was them out in the sink. I'll grab the gauze and medical tape."

Beast Boy looked over at Raven as he washed out his hands. He was relieved to see her breathing was steady and her heartbeat was strong.

"How's she doing?" He asked, a little worry evident in his voice.

"She's fine now, vitals are up and she'll make a full recovery. I was just about to head to my room for a recharge when you showed up." He stated while wrapping the medical tape around the gauzed green hands.

"Oh, is it ok if I stay here for the rest of the night? It's not like I'm going to get any sleep anyway…" Beast Boy trailed off.

Cyborg contemplated the changeling's request for a moment. "I guess you can. Just don't complain to me that you're tired when we're cleaning up the mess tomorrow."

"Promise I won't." he responded holding up his right gauze-covered hand.

"Night man." Cyborg said as he exited the medical bay. The door shut with a quiet hydraulic hiss.

Beast Boy directed his attention to the sleeping Raven. He pulled one of the chairs up next to her bed and laid his head next to her. She still lay under the covers motionless save for the rising and falling of her chest. Beast Boy took in a deep breath through his nostrils and cherished her lavender scent. He guessed she'd always smelled like that because of her many scented candles used for meditation but he found it comforting. He didn't want to think about how close he came to loosing her that night so he just sat there taking in more of her scent with each breath. He soon succumb to a pleasant slumber.

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