The first chapter contains Phoebe's thoughts in the form of a journal entry. If you read and review, I will write the next entry, which may be Helga's.

I do not own the rights to Hey Arnold.

Admiration by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

Dear Journal,

Today Helga and I went to a joke shop to purchase several practical joke supplies. She says they are for picking on all our classmates, but I am sure she intends to use them on Arnold. She has got it bad for the boy. She denies it, but I see right through her. I wish she would be more open about her feelings, but I guess I am no one to talk about things like that.

I have been secretly admiring Arnold's best friend Gerald for so long now, probably even longer than Helga has felt this way for Arnold, although I can't be too sure of that. I wonder if he feels the same way or if he only wants to be my friend. Judging by the maturity of most of the boys around us, I would say he would rather just be my friend. However, Gerald has always seemed a little different. I bet he would know how to treat a girl.

Lately I have overheard people talking about Helga and I. They think that she takes advantage of me, but I don't notice. It makes me so angry! They couldn't be more wrong. How could they think that I am so naive? Of course I notice that Helga frequently asks me to do things for her, but I do so willingly. It is how I show I care about her. She is my best friend! I guess I understand why they might think so, since Helga doesn't usually show her friendship in the same way, but that is fine with me. She is a different person and shows her feelings differently. I can tell because she is so cruel to Arnold, though she really loves him.

I guess I also don't mind her cold manner because she is a very forceful and strong person. I know it is strange, but I have always looked up to her because of this. Oh well. I guess I am just a little strange.

One final note: I received a perfect score on today's spelling test.