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Healing Touch

Words cannot describe the hatred I felt for him for the longest time; that deep burning in my soul. He had betrayed me! Left me in that place to be pocked and probed, to be used for the pleasure of men.

Then. . . I found out the truth. He didn't want to leave me, it was a command, programming - something that was part of the same experiments I was subjected to. He even came to save me after my betrayal.

If I had known the truth then would I have come back? Would I have sought them out? Matsuri-chan, onii-chan, Nanami-chan, and Sora. . . with the exception of Matsuri they had all betrayed me. Left me there in order to escape, to free Sora. But no, if they could have they would not have left me - I know that now.

And now, lying here next to Sora, I feel no regret, no anger, and no desire for revenge. I feel only love. Perhaps secretly the Yoru and Ran held for each other were the real feelings between Sora and myself. It would certainly explain their closeness.

That however is all in the past, there is no Yoru, there is no need for him. Ran continues to exist within me and will continue to for as long as I need him. Although that may not be much longer, I have Sora now. Even if he can be an insensitive, big-headed dope, he is there for me and my heart tells me he will be here for ever.

There is nothing else I need. And with time I will heal.