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Living Nightmare

Sunao Fujimori blinked as the irritating morning light penetrated trough his eyelids and his sleep. Moaning he turned over on his side pulling the blanket over his head and murmuring to his roommate to close the blinds. Five minutes later when the light had yet to dim he sat up sleepily and looked around dazed. "Hashiba?" He asked aloud to the empty room. His mind not yet awake enough to register where hi wayward room mate, Sora Hashiba was, Nao glanced over at his clock. The red numbers flashed nine thirty-five am.

A surprised shriek flew from his mouth as Nao jumped out of bed and began to desperately get changed into his uniform. He ran into the bathroom and quickly brushed his teeth and then his long rose-colored hair and tied it up as he usually did at the nape of his neck. Then he bolted out of the dorms and towards the school.

He didn't have time to look at the scenery as he raced to school, if he had he may have avoided some rather nasty surprises. As he ran he didn't see the dark figure standing in the middle of the path and with a small exhalation of air Nao ran straight into him and fell back landing on his bottom. Annoyed he looked up about to yell only to have his voice stop dead in his throat. "N-no. . ."

The figure that had been standing there looked down at him a leer on his face. "Well, well if it isn't little Sunao. I didn't think I'd be seeing you again anytime soon, especially now that Aizawa(?) is dead. It's such a pleasure to see you here."

Nao glared up at the man and slowly stood up, his rose-colored eyes glaring daggers at the man before him. "Tsuki what are you doing here?" He asked venomously as he stood and came face to shoulder with the man.

Tsuki, who was nearly six feet tall, dark brown hair and steely blue eyes in a square and well-shave face, he was not un-appealing but there was a cruelness about him. He grinned smugly down at Nao. "Well now if I told you that it wouldn't be much of a surprise now would it?" He moved closer to Nao, pulling the startles and very much angry boy into his arms suddenly. "Although I can assure you we'll be seeing much more of each other in the near future." Then he sealed his lips to the unwilling boys in a dominating and very unwanted kiss, then he let him go and began to walk away. "I'll be seeing you soon koneko."

Nao was left standing on the path shaking, slowly he fell to his knees tears streaming down his face. "Why? Why this, why now?" The distraught teen wrapped his arms around himself in an attempt for comfort. "Why him."

Suddenly his eyes flashed red and he stood up angrily. "It's the same as always. You get upset and I'm sent out. But this time. . ." The red eyes peered down the path Tsuki had wandered down. "I may not be able to protect us." With a final glance in the direction Tsuki had gone Ran allowed Nao to resume control. When control was returned to him Nao shuddered slightly and glanced down at his watch his eyes widening dramatically at the time, ten am. "Dammit!" He cried in frustration as he ran towards the school desperate at least to catch the end of Minato-sensei's class, as it was he knew that he was going to have a private meeting with nii-chan, he could only hope it didn't go too bad.

Racing in to the school he was lucky to arrive fifteen minutes before the bell rang for the next teacher. As he walked into class, trying to act composed, he could feel all the students staring at him. Feeling nervous he walked up to nii-chan's desk and bowed politely.

Minato-sensei looked at him coldly from behind his glasses. "It's good of you to show up for class Fujimori. Would you care to explain why you've decided to grace us with your presence so late? Say in my office after school."

All the students in the class began to whisper to each other; Matsuri looked nervous and Sora was making a cutting motion across his neck. Non of these reactions assuaged Nao's fear's about a private meeting with Minato-sensei. "Hai." Was all he said, showing no emotion in his voice, before bowing respectfully to the sensei and walked over to his seat and sitting down with a sigh.

Sora leaned across to speak to him from where he was sitting a seat or two away. "Why are you so late?"

Nao snapped and whispered at him angrily. "Because you didn't wake me up!"

"I tried to, you were sleeping like the dead. No matter what I did you stayed sleeping."

Frowning Noa stuck out his tongue at Sora angrily and turned back to try and catch the rest of Minato-sensei's lesson.

The class ended at the usual time and the students socialized as they waited for their next teacher to come in. When the teacher didn't show they began to grow restless, some students even making and throwing paper airplanes to alleviate their boredom. Finally the principal came in and told them all to take their seats. Nao who had been speaking with Sora and Matsuri immediately returned to his seat and sat attentively.

"Alright students, since your usual teacher is absent and will be for the rest of the semester." This comment brought whisperers from the more gossipy students. "Quiet!" The whispers stopped. "Anyway since your usual teacher will be away we have arranged for a substitute for the rest of the semester. Please show your new teacher all the respect deserved to him."

Just then a tall and imposing figure walked into the class, as the man passed by his desk Nao felt his heart stop and his body go cold.

"Meet your new teacher Otaru Tsuki."

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