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Living Nightmare
Chapter 2

Just then a tall and imposing figure walked into the class, as the man passed by his desk Nao felt his heart stop and his body go cold.

"Meet your new teacher Otaru Tsuki."

Sunao couldn't help the gasp that fell from his lips. This wasn't happening! This wasn't possible! How? Why?! He shook his head and willed himself to gain control over his emotions. Nothing was going to happen. . . nothing like what had happened before. He was older now, stronger. . . and he had Sora, Matsuri, Nanami and nii-chan; they wouldn't let anything happen to him.

He looked down at his hands, which lay folded neatly in his lap. He would have to tell them though and that seemed worse than having to deal with Tsuki. They would hate him; ridicule him, because he had been weak, because he was still weak.

He didn't notice that both Matsuri and Sora were watching him worriedly; the two exchanging a silent look and both came to the same conclusion they nodded to each other then went back to worriedly watching him.

When class ended, Sunao quickly raced out of class not wanting to have to look at that man's face any longer. He was quickly over taken by Sora and Matsuri, who whisked him to the cafeteria where they could talk in relative privacy, as long as they kept their voices down so none of the other students could hear them.

"Fujimori what's wrong? Why did you freak out when you saw that guy?" Sora asked as he wrapped his arms around his lover's body. "I hate to see that look on your face."

Nao sighed and snuggled into Sora's arms and sighed softly. "It was nothing Hashiba. . . he just looked like someone I used to know. . ." He didn't elaborate on his words, he just didn't want them to know what was going on, and if he did tell then they would only worry about him. "Really it's nothing."

Matsuri frowned and he and Sora shared another look over Nao's head. "If you're sure Nao-chan, but you know if you ever need to tell us anything we're both here for you. And not only us but Nanami-chan and nii-chan as well."

"I know! I know!" Nao said with a fake laugh, which he hoped the others could not see through. "Now let's eat okay?" He watched as the others reluctantly nodded and they too began to eat.

Later on that night as Nao was walking back to his room he couldn't help but feel incredibly nervous. The last time he walked this path, just this very morning, he'd bumped into Tsuki. Since he didn't particularly want to bump into that man again he jogged back to the dorms as quickly as he could. When he reached the door to his and Hashiba's room, he leaned against it and let out a sigh of relief.

Just as he began to calm down and relax the door he was leaning on suddenly opened, and he tumbled backwards only to be caught by strong familiar arms. "Hashiba. . ." The name passed through his lips as a soft breath of air.

Sora smiled at him and pulled him into the room. "I've been waiting for you to get back form your job." Nao couldn't hold in a gasp as his blue-haired lover nibbled on his ear lobe.

"W-what are you. . .?" Nao couldn't seem to think at all as Sora let down his hair and then pushed him gently on to his own bed.

"I love you Nao." Sora murmured as he kissed Nao lovingly. "And I won't push you to tell me things that you don't want to."

Nao looked up at Hashiba, no at Sora, and smiled. "I know Sora and I love you too."

"Good" Sora said smiling as he sealed their lips together again and then proceeded to divest Nao of his shirt leaving the boy naked from the waist up. Nao blushed as Sora study his body, his fingers running over faded scars from experiments done in the past. "I love everything about you." The blunette said again before kissing every single scar.

It took all Nao's will not to blurt everything he was keeping secret out or to start sobbing. He'd done so much to hurt Sora in the past but the other still loved him, and Nao in turn loved Sora so much. With a shuddering sigh he game into the sensations running through his body and let the tears fall. Sora only kissed them away as he ran his hands down Nao's chest; pinching at his nipples before moving further and then slipping off Nao's pants. After that all Nao remembered was physical pleasure and undying love he and Sora felt for each other.

Later that night as Nao laid in Sora's arm, his head resting on the other's chest and listening to the sound of Sora's beating heart, he couldn't help but smile. He wasn't alone anymore. He had Matsuri-chan, Nanami-chan and nii-san there to protect him now. And most of all he had Sora to hold him and love him no matter what had happened in the past.


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