Title: Introverted Interlude
Author: AtticusFinchFan
Rating: K
Summary: Why can't Lexa just tell him how she feels?
Category: A/U

A/N: Comes before Yellow Things and Beacon in this universe, but I'm sure you can figure that one out. This is my answer to the Shyness challenge on wednesday100. Not the best, but I like it. :D

How are you supposed to tell the strongest person in the world that you love him? How do you explain your feelings to a man who, unfortunately now, only sees you as nothing more than a stain on society?

He passes your window every night. Yet you abstain from saying anything that ever hinted at your real feelings. Instead of pulling him closer to you, you push him further away by mouthing empty threats…threats you know you could never carry out.

It would be so easy to just say it, "I love you, Clark."