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The day started out normal, with birds chirping, the rustling of branches, and the beeps of car horns in traffic. Yea, I'd say the day was normal, even for Téa. She on the other hand was not excited at her day being normal. A normal day for her started off at Domino High, yelling at Seto Kaiba.

"YOU JERK!" Téa screamed as Kaiba kicked her book away from her.

"It's not my fault your too incompetent to watch where you're going." He stated hotly. He smirked at her disheveled form on the ground. He always loved to watch her squirm.

Téa was furious. First he walks into her, then he blames it on HER! 'Ohhh I wish I could give you a piece of my mind you-'

"Speechless? Thought so." Kaiba said moving her last book on the ground further from her reach.

Téa muttered a profanity and glared up at him. She stood up then picked up her book on the floor. Her bending over caused her skirt to lift up a little more than wanted. A few guys around her started to stare and whistle, excluding Kaiba of course.

"I never knew you were such a slut Gardner…"Kaiba said still smirking as he stepped around her and rounded the corner. He knew he won that time, and every morning for the past month. He knew she would get him by lunch though, she always did.

Téa's cheeks tinted pink as she tried to regain her composure. She looked in the direction of where Kaiba left. "I hate him."

Téa sat in the back of the classroom next to Seto Kaiba. 'OF ALL PEOPLE! I just HAVE to sit next to HIM!' She internally fumed and set little pictures of him on fire. If only she had one she could do that to in real life.

Their teacher Mr. Takanoli had just assigned the class new seats. He figured it would be best if he separated some of the students from their friends. This way he figured they wouldn't talk too much. Great plan that was. Now instead of talking, some students plotted against their best friend's rival.

Kaiba asked to be excused to go to the restroom. Téa saw this as the perfect opportunity to get back at him. It was almost as if he was asking for it.

He got up and shot Téa a death glare as if warning her not to do anything. She gave him a placid smile, 'He's soooo asking for it.' She thought as he turned and left out of the classroom.

Téa looked at his empty desk and seat. The desk was a light sand color, whereas the chair was a deep chocolate brown. Both the desk and chair were polished off and shiny. The light from the ceiling reflected off their surfaces. Suddenly an idea struck her, 'such a glossy finish…perfect.'

Téa looked down at her handbag next to her chair, she picked it up and pulled out a tube of lip-gloss. She took the brush out of it and turned it upside down over Kaiba's chair. The liquid poured out slowly, she didn't need a lot, just enough. She soon stopped and smeared it around, so he wouldn't be able to tell there was something wet there. The rest on her finger she wiped on his desktop. With an accomplished smile she put her gloss back and pretended to pay attention.

Kaiba waltzed in the classroom and back to his seat. He looked around suspiciously but didn't notice anything unusual. He looked over at a seemingly focused Téa, then sat down.

'Hmmm, must have lost her touch.' He thought as he rested his hands on his desk and shifted in his seat. Quickly he frowned feeling something slimy underneath him. He also noticed his hands were now in some sort of goop.

His head quirked to the side as it turned to face a grinning Téa. He heard a small giggle escape her lips as she picked up her handbag. She took out a shiny tube of gloss and brushed it across her lips. She smacked her lips together and winked at him.

Kaiba looked down at his hands and lifted them up he sniffed the fruity goop and looked at it. Yep, it was lip-gloss, Téa's lip-gloss.

Yugi, Tristan, Joey and Ryou had waited up for Téa after class. They all huddled at her desk after the bell rung for lunch. Kaiba was gathering his things while the group talked loudly, well at least Joey.

"'Dat was 'da most BORING lecture yet! I was like snoozin' 'da entire hour!" Joey expressed excitedly. It was definitely not an exaggeration though. Even Ryou agreed, and he's usually the modest one.

Kaiba glanced over at Téa menacingly, "Lip-gloss, that's a new one Gardner. I won't be so easily fooled next time." With a scowl and an upturned nose, he left once again, briefcase in hand.

Téa gave an uncharacteristic smirk at his retreating form. She had remembered that he had gotten in trouble for asking to go to the restroom once again after the lip-gloss incident. She found I extremely amusing that he had to wait until the end of class to go. Oh how she loved messing with him. It was all fair, he was the one who started it every morning.

Yugi waved a small hand in front of her face. Téa quickly snapped out of whatever trance she was in and looked at Yugi questioningly.

"You ok Téa? You seemed a little spaced out for a moment there." Yugi asked, concerned as always. He watched as she nodded her head 'yes' and gave him a smile. 'She really worries me sometimes…' Yugi had always liked Téa a lot, but lately he thought something was bothering her. There was just something she wasn't telling him.

Téa stood up and stretched, "Let's get out of here guys, it's lunch time!" She said looking at Joey and Tristan's reactions. The two boys jumped up and gave a shout of joy then bolted toward the door.

"Lunch time! 'Es ma favorite meal 'o da day!" Joey shouted as He motioned for the other 3 to start moving.

"Yea, let's hurry up you guys, our stomachs are crying! Can't you here 'em?" Tristan said as he pulled Yugi's arm.

The group hurried to lunch, Joey and Tristan in lead.

The group sat at the usual table talking and laughing. Téa was between Yugi and Ryou, who were across from Joey and Tristan. The two boys were currently fighting over who got Yugi's chocolate cake. Yugi was tempted to take it away and eat it himself.

Ryou looked at a laughing Téa and smiled, the two hadn't talked much one on one lately. He missed their conversations without the others, not that he didn't like them there. It was just that they usually didn't have the attention span to listen to his problems or stories.

"Seems that Yugi has his hands full with those two." Ryou said giving a short laugh.

Téa giggled and smiled, "It seems that way. I don't know when those two will ever learn." She said shaking her head. She looked at Ryou and saw he wanted to say something.

"How are things at home?" He asked, in more of a hushed tone. He knew it was going to be hard to talk about this. Last time he asked her, she almost didn't respond at all.

"I-It's fine." Téa mumbled as her gaze was now cast across the hall. She didn't want to talk about it.

There was a nothing going on at home, and that was the problem. It was as if she had no parents at all, they didn't seem to care. They left for months at a time, sometimes more. All of a sudden they'd come back inviting her to things in other countries. Sometimes it wasn't far, but they never went themselves. She didn't even know her parents anymore. She didn't have a family, not anymore.

Ryou watched her carefully and noticed she was thinking about something important, no doubt about her parents. He figured it was best to leave it alone. The only person she would talk to about personal things was Yami, and she wouldn't even admit that much to him. They didn't understand why, it hadn't always been that way. It was only since about last year when both of her parents got new jobs. That's all they knew and all she would ever tell.

Kaiba came waltzing by the gang's table and glared at Téa, another thing they didn't quite understand. They hadn't been in the classroom when the two were at each other's throats lately, or in the hallway in the morning. The two shared a quiet hatred for one another. Probably just because they could.

Ever since Kaiba had dueled alongside Yugi in battle city, he had been overly mean to their group. Téa figured that he was making up for lost time. That didn't however explain why he was angering her mainly. She had enough problems on her own. She did love to get back at him and show him he's not as cool as he thinks he is though. That part was always the most fun.

'I just don't get him.' Téa thought as she stared at his back as he left the lunchroom. 'You want to though, he's a puzzle. You need a challenge.' Her conscience countered. 'No, I have my own problems. I don't need to know about him, he's a jerk, case closed.' She thought as she tried to pull her gaze away from the lunchroom doors. 'Or are you afraid that he'll find about your secrets in exchange?'

Téa bit her bottom lip and looked at Tristan's hand waving in front of her face. She grinned sheepishly at the confused boys around her. They shrugged it off and started to strike up another conversation. 'I thought so.'

Téa lay sprawled out on the classroom floor next to Kaiba. A scene that was unkindly familiar to that morning's incident. This time Kaiba hadn't walked into her, instead his foot was extended. Luckily she hadn't had any books in her hands.

"What's your problem!" Téa yelled as she rubbed her now bruised knees.

"You're the clumsy one who tripped. You should stop blaming others for your actions Gardner." Kaiba retorted, his deep blue eyes filled with menacing laughter.

Téa stood up and let out growl as she burned holes into Kaiba with her eyes. "I hate you, you know that? I don't get what your problem is? Maybe you're not getting enough attention from your employees so your PMS-ing! I don't know ok! So either enlighten me or leave me the hell alone!" She screamed looking crazed.

Kaiba was slightly taken aback but didn't show it. "Well for one Gardner, my "problems" are none of your buisness!" He shot back angrily.

"Well then maybe you two would like to serve detention and get to know each other better." The teacher's high-pitched voice chimed in. Just the person that they didn't want to come in at that moment had just now given them detention. "Now if you'd please take your seats and we can get on with class."

Téa and Kaiba took their seats a couple rows from each other.

A wad of paper was thrown at Téa 5 minutes into the class. She glared around the room and opened it up.

Good going Gardner.

Téa looked up to see Kaiba scowling at her. She scribbled something on the note and threw it right back at Kaiba's face.

He cursed as the wad of paper smacked him on his forehead. He picked it up off the floor and opened it up.

See you in detention.

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