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Ch.21 Feathers

Tèa wondered who could possibly be at the door at this time of night. It was dark out and late, she had stayed at Kaiba's for a good part of the afternoon. Besides, it's not like she was expecting anyone to be coming over anyway. Her parent's weren't home, so they didn't get visitors…who could it possibly be?

She walked over to the door trying to look through the peephole. It was too dark to see anything and it was pouring down rain. She strained her eyes one last time to try and see at least an outline, nothing. She looked down at her wardrobe and cursed silently as she untied the messy apron that clung to her body. She tossed it aside as the doorbell rang again. "One minute!" She ran her hands through her hair and opened the door.

Mokuba was in front in his wheelchair with Kaiba behind him, both soaked. Tèa looked behind them to see a black limo, no doubt Kaiba's smallest. "What're you-"

Mokuba sneezed and smiled, "Big brother missed you."

Tèa wanted to melt but the fact that her two favorite people were standing outside in the rain kept her solid. "Oh my- get in here." She ushered them inside and closed the door shaking her head. "I can't believe you two…" She couldn't help but let a small smile spread across her face.

Kaiba shrugged, "I couldn't help myself."

"Do I have to wear this silly piece of cloth?" Kaiba whined as he shivered into the pink towel and took a bite of hot pepperoni pizza.

Mokuba, who was watching the movie Téa had put in, laughed when he heard this, "You look good in pink Seto!" He laughed even harder when he heard his brother growl at him.

Téa giggled as she handed him and Mokuba mugs of hot chocolate. "Take off your coat, it's drenched. That should help a bit."

Kaiba shook his head, cold water spraying on Téa. He smirked as she gasped when the water droplets hit her skin.

"Stop it! You're wet!" Téa shrieked, not liking the cold feeling. She wrinkled her nose and wiped her face, "You're mean." She frowned and glared, but it didn't last long.

Kaiba maintained his smirk and pulled her into his water soaked self. He laughed and held onto her when she started to scream.

"Seto! Now I'm all wet! Let go!" She huffed and tried to pull herself out of his grip. She noticed when he tightened his grip and she sighed and gave up.

Kaiba was enjoying this. He rested his forehead against hers and watched her frown.

"You're getting me we-" She was cut off by a sweet kiss and she could care less if she was getting wet anymore.

Mokuba glanced at the two between bites of popcorn, a slight smirk gracing his features. "Get a room."

Mokuba looked up at his brother with large puppy dog eyes, "PLEASE!" He would have gotten on his hands and knees, but he was in his wheelchair.

Kaiba shook his head, "It's time to go. We don't want to overstay our welcome." He said, adjusting his trench coat tighter around him.

"But Téa said it was ok if we stayed here tonight! Please! She said it would be fine!" Mokuba looked as if he was on the brink of tears. Anyone who wasn't Seto Kaiba, would have agreed to his every demand by now.

Téa found this an opportune moment to intrude. She glided slowly, closer to Kaiba, and put on a sad face. "I understand Seto. I should probably be alone in this cold dark house, waiting for morning to come. And even then, I'll still be alone. You can go." She faked a little sniff as she looked at the floor. She felt slightly guilty for laying it on Kaiba that thick, but at least she was guaranteed what she wanted.

Kaiba rolled his eyes and shook his head at the two in front of him. He couldn't believe those two! Putting on the sad and lonely act just to earn some pity points. He sighed, his smarter half yelling at him for what he was about to do. "Fine." He cringed as the yelling voice seemed to get louder.

Mokuba and Téa had wide grins spread across their faces in victory. They turned to each other and high-five'd as Kaiba shook his head once more at how pathetic they were.

Téa's arms found her way around Kaiba's waist and she jumped up and down hugging him.

Mokuba, being in his wheelchair and all, went for the leg and squeezed the life out of it in glee.

"Don't worry, Mokuba can sleep in my room and you can sleep in my parents' room. I know how you are about your sleeping quarters." Téa said, looking up at him from their attachment.

Kaiba smirked then raised an eyebrow, "Where will you sleep?"

"The couch. Don't worry, it's not the first time, I won't die or get pneumonia." She gave a slight giggle, "But it is infested with Kaiba germs, I might get seriously ill and pass out from absorbing too many."

Kaiba glared, not finding it the least bit amusing. "Not funny you ass."

"Yes it was, and you know you like my ass." Téa smirked, releasing her grip from him and walking over to the couch.

A large blue blanket was folded on the top of it, so she pulled it down and spread it out across the couch. "See, perfect."

Kaiba shook his head, "I won't allow it." He glanced down at Mokuba looking up at him with tired eyes. "All right, bed time." Kaiba moved the wheelchair over into the corner and picked Mokuba up. He carried him up the stairs and into Téa's room.

"I won't be able to bring the wheelchair up here. There's not enough room to roll around without falling down the stairs." Kaiba said, while laying Mokuba down on the bed. "So when you wake up, just yell my name." Kaiba gave the faintest smile but Mokuba looked at him like he was an idiot. "What?"

Mokuba rolled his eyes and smiled a silly grin. "Well, I would take off my jeans myself…but my arm's broken and so is my leg."

"Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking." Kaiba mumbled while helping Mokuba out of his pants. "There you go kid. Goodnight." He kissed his little brother on his forehead and tucked him in.

"'Night Seto! Make sure to tell Téa goodnight for me too!" Mokuba snuggled down in the covers as the light was turned off. "Oh, and behave yourselves."

Kaiba laughed, "I'll try." He closed the door and left his little brother sleeping soundly in the darkness.

Téa walked towards Kaiba with a pillow in her hands. She accidentally bumped into him as he turned and they both fell to the ground, the pillow bursting open.

They stared at each other for a few seconds with white feathers from the pillow floating around them. It was like snow, beautiful and elegant, but not cold or wet. They slowly started to smile as they watched each other through the mass of feathers.

All in that instant, everything they had gone through for the past month, for the past year, for the past lifetime, came back to them. They were all contained within the feathers. Some needed to be let go and blown away, some were sacred and needed to be kept safe, but they were all beautiful, and they all surrounded Kaiba and Téa. They all played an important part in both of their lives and should never be forgotten.

Téa looked down at the feather in her palm. It was white, just like the others, and shaped just like the others, but it had a bright pink tip which made it stand out. Téa rolled it around in her hand and she felt a larger hand hold her own with the feather between them. She looked up into the face of the person she loved the most. That was it, she realized the feather they held, represented not past, nor future, but present. It represented love.

7 months later…

Seto Kaiba sat at his desk with his laptop in front of him, as usual. He was working from home again, but he rather liked it, it had certain perks. In his lap, sat Téa Gardner with a red box of chocolates.

"You're favourite!" Téa smiled as she popped a caramel filled chocolate into Kaiba's mouth.

"Mmmm…good stuff." Kaiba said, enjoying the sweet in his mouth.

Téa laughed, "You're weird, but I love you for it."

Kaiba licked his lips, savoring the chocolate taste. "I know you do." He made sure he had licked off all the chocolate before continuing. "You know I'm hosting the next business party right?"

"No, you didn't tell me!" Téa said, her eyes glowing in excitement. "It must have a theme." At this, Téa could see the sly smirk on Kaiba's face. "What do you propose?"

Kaiba smirked and touched his forehead to hers, "A Masquerade."


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