Octillery Shock

By Katie Darren

Couple Ash and May

Summary May has a Remoraid and wants it to evolve, but she needs Ash to help her. The problem is, her feelings for Ash get in the way and she starts to neglect her Pokemon...

May sat down on the floor next to her Remoraid. She'd just fed it on a special food designed for water Pokemon. But it wasn't all good. Tears were in her eyes.

"Remmy, why won't you evolve?" she asked frantically. "I really want... I mean, you should evolve now. I've trained you and everything – and I love you lots."

May's friend, Brendan, peeked his head round the door. "Listen, May – and listen well. Remmy won't evolve."

May wiped tears from her eyes. "Why not?"

Brendan put his arm around her. She stared into his eyes, and felt a very special connection forming. Brendan shook her; the connection snapped. "Simple. Train Remmy more, then you'll be happy. Remmy will evolve and learn the move Octazooka."

May's eyes were sparkling. She wasn't listening to Brendan, she was just looking at him. Sure, he was cute, but he wasn't the love of her life.

"May?" Brendan asked.

May gasped. "Huh? Well, thanks Brendan, but I've got to get going: my mum wants me to shop at the Pokemon Mart in Oldale Town."

She was lying and she knew it, and it felt bad to lie to a friend. But her true feelings were for Ash Ketchum. He was visiting Littleroot Town (to see Professor Birch). She couldn't wait to see him again: his cute eyes and his rough-looking hair...

He was irresistible.

And she loved him as much as she loved cheese.

A lot.