Octillery Shock – Chapter Two

By Katie Darren (aka TitansFan)

Couple Ash and May

Ash Ketchum was sitting down in Professor Birch's laboratory, handling Pokeballs. "So, can I have this one then?"

Birch raised his eyebrows. "Whatever you want, you can have. Take all of them if you want – I can't raise them now." He twisted his thumbs together, tears running down his cheeks. He loved his Pokemon, but he couldn't keep it – not now. He was too old to battle.

Ash took a sip of lemonade and began to stroke the Pokeball on his lap. "Right, I'll have Mudkip. Thanks, Professor."

He stood up. He adjusted his hat and bit his lip. "Uh… before I go, I've got a message for you. Professor Oak says you have to come and visit him at the Pokemon Trainer Convention in Verdanturf Town next year – because you didn't go last year. Hey, I'll go too!"

Professor Birch stroked his forehead. "No, Ash. Only serious Pokemon Masters with all 8 of the Hoenn Region Badges are allowed to enter the building."

There was a crash, then, as the door opened and a breathless May ran into the laboratory. "Hey, Ash, my dad gave you a Pokemon," she said. Ash stared at her.

She blushed. "Oh… I'm not interrupting your conversation, am I? I'm such a stupid girl." Her face fell: Ash could see it in her eyes, she wasn't very happy with herself.

He ran over and put his hand on her shoulder. "Hey. You're not stupid. You're clever. Your dad told me you give your Pokemon dance lessons. I can't even dance. I certainly couldn't teach Pokemon!"

May smiled weakly.

Ash looked into her eyes. There was something he'd never seen before in them: a look of love.

And, although he didn't know it, a look of love was in his eyes too: and it was directed at May.

Ash sat on the grass outside Littleroot Town, humming and running his fingers down Mudkip's back. He was wondering why May had looked at him oddly.

Did she love him?

And, more importantly, did he love her?