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Kagome ran down the stairs. She had a tooth brush in her mouth and a hair brush in her hand. She hadn't been in the feudal era for a week and she was ready to see her Inuyasha and the gang.

"Good morning Kagome." Her mother said as Kagome ran into the kitchen. Kagome smiled, grabbed an apple and left out the door without a word.

"See ya Kagome! And next time bring back Inuyasha with you!" Sota yelled, but he knew Kagome didn't hear him.

She ran to the well house and slid open the door. She jumped down the stairs and pushed her self down the well. She landed on the other side and climbed over the side. She tripped and dropped the bag she was carrying with supplies.

"Ahhh!" Kagome yelled. She stood up and picked up her bag. She slipped it over her shoulder and kept running for Kaede's village, where the gang was resting.

"Kagome!" a little fox demon yelled, running out of a hut on the sight of Kagome running towards.

"Shippo!" Kagome yelled back when the kitsune jumped into her arms.

"Kagome! Where have you been! We were worried you had really gotten sick!" Sango said walking out of the hut herself.

"Well I needed to stay because I had finals at school. But now its all over! I have no more school!" Kagome said raising her arms in triumph, but dropping the kitsune in the process.

"Oof! Kagome!" Shippo pouted rubbing his sore bottom.

"Sorry Shippo!" Kagome said, patting him on the head. She and Sango walked away to take one of their walks and talk about life and stuff, but only to be stopped by an angry hanyou.

"Kagome! Where the heck have you been!" Inuyasha yelled jumping in front of the girls.

"School. Buts its over now. I can even stay here longer now. Me and Sango are going to go take a bath in the springs. See ya Inuyasha."

"Oh no your not! We're leaving to go find the sacred jewel shardes!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Sit boy!" 'THUMP' While they had the chance the girls took off. Inuyasha pried himself from the crater formed around his body.

"Wench…" he mumbled.

"Calm, Inuyasha, calm." Miroku said walking out of the hut.

"Shut up monk!" Inuyasha yelled back.

"Well, I'm off." Miroku said, following the girl's tracks.

"Oh no monk! Your not peeking on Kagome!" Inuyasha grabbed Miroku by his collar and pulled him back.

"Inuyasha! I'm surprised you would think I would do something that low!" Miroku smirked.

"I don't think, I know you will!" Inuyasha said, pulling the lecherous monk back again. Miroku huffed and walked inside.


"Aw..this feels so good….." Kagome said and leaned back against the rock wall. "The spring is extra hot tonight!"

"Kagome?" Sango said quietly. She was obviously bothered.

"Hm?" Kagome said, lifting her head.

"What will you do once its gone?"

"What will I do once what is gone?"

"The jewel sharde. If you leave, I'll never see you again because the well will be sealed. Would you really leave! Have you even thought of staying!" Sango said, getting slightly angry that she would never see her best friend again once that jewel is gone.

"I have to go home Sango. If I stay here I'll never see my mother again. You know I don't want to leave you!"

"Then stay! Don't go! Your mother will understand! Stay! If you leave Ill be alone, again! No..no! You know what! Go! Just go home now so you don't have to worry about us!" Sango yelled. It was silent so she stood up and got dressed. She walked away without another word. Kagome just sat in the hot springs alone, obviously hurt that her best friend said that. She wanted to go home and talk with her mom, but she couldn't leave so early. She would look dumb.

How could I stay? I mean, I have thought about it but…..the thought of leaving my mother is just…..i don't know. This would have been a good day to stay home. Did Sango really mean that? No, shes just angry….right? Kagome's mind shifted from one question to another. It started getting cold, even in the spring. She shivered and climbed out, only to be caught by the chill. She grabbed her clothes and slipped them on.

She tried to see where the village was located, but the fog had started coming in a while back. She was blind.

"Inuyasha….help!" The fog filled her lungs, making it harder to breathe. She kneeled down, trying to get under the fog to see where she was. She saw the lights that were lighted at night in the village. She decided to crawl so she can still see them.

A little ways, she was getting closer. She just didn't want to get up and run in the fog. The fog was different, it was like gas hanging in the air, just trying to find its first victim to suffocate.

"I see it!" she crawled faster, but not fast enough. She came to the gate of the village right before passing out cold.


"Kagome! You've completed the jewel sharde! Now hand it over." Inuyasha grabbed the full jewel from the miko, pushing her down. She knew she had been tricked. He promised that he wouldn't become full demon, but he lied just to get the jewel.

"Inuyasha! You promised……" Kagome whined.

"A hanyou's promise means nothing." Inuyasha pulled out his Tetsusaiga and set the blade on Kagome's shoulder. He sliced some, letting a trickle of blood run down her arm. She winced and closed her eyes, gritting her teeth. He pulled the sword up, and aimed for her head. With one swing it was over….

Kagome woke up with a startle.

Just a dream! Phew! Kagome thought. She looked down at her arm, and saw blood trickling down.

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