Disclaimer: Hey guys, Its me. Its been a while, hasn't it:D Well don't worry, the sequel is coming! Well, one chapter of it wink-wink

>O I have deleted chapters!

My reasons: I don't like how they turned out. I have changed my mind and I do not want Sango OR Kagome to get pregnant. Its just to weird! And in the process, Inuyasha gets gooshie T-T I hate that. So I am changing it around. Its going to be a new story, not just adding chapters onto this, so always check back :D

(Number one reason is because then InuxKag cant have their fluffy puffy moments –winks- I miss those xD)

Ah yes, and there will be NO oplique to the story xD we are skipping RIGHT to the sequel! YAY! –throws confetti-