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Parties and Plans

The room was pounding from the loud music surging through it. Renegade was spinning all the latest and greatest hits, whilst everyone danced in front of him. By the bar, those that didn't want to dance were watching or chatting with others. Among them was a group, quietly plotting something. It was something sinister, something cruel and something near impossible...

"We gotta get those two to bed each other!" cried Ivy, but was muffled by Axe. The others sweat dropped as Ivy struggled to breath through Axe's tight grip, Jet sighed.

"I have to agree with Ivy on this one, those two so need to do it! They're so uptight and shy though, it might be impossible!" The others nodded and Jojo decided to speak up,

"How, then? I mean, it's not like we can throw'em in a room together!" she stopped and suddenly looked evil, "Or can we? Mwahahaha" The others sweat dropped,

"No more Dr Evil for you!" said Nova, "but what's your idea?"

Antauri grinned as Ichigo danced around him, he couldn't help laughing at how happy she was.

"I take it, you like this sort of environment" he commented, Ichigo laughed and took his hand. She started helping him to sway along to the music too and soon they were both dancing around. Antauri looked around at the other dancers and noticed Violet, Romance and SparxGirl dancing with Ryou, who was looking rather uncomfortable as they closed in on him; Ryou noticed Antauri looking at him and mouthed 'help!' his way. Antauri sweat dropped as the trio tackled him to floor and glomped him

'Poor Ryou' he thought as screams were heard. Then he got distracted by Ichigo dancing close to him and blushed slightly.

They danced to quite a few songs before they got thirsty; they walked back to their table and started chatting. Antauri was the first to take a sip of his drink and soon realised it wasn't his. Ichigo hadn't drunken any and, oblivious to Antauri's change in attitude, she hopped off and ran to the bathroom.

Antauri blinked rapidly, trying to clear his vision but everything continued to sway in front of him. He tried to focus and realised that there were two forms in front of him,

"You don't look so good, Antauri" said Jojo, helping him stand up, "maybe you ought to stand outside for a bit"

"Yeah" agreed Nova, as they gently coaxed Antauri out onto the balcony.

"Now, you just stay there and sit tight. We'll go get something to help you feel better!" said Jojo gently, before they ran off.

A while later, Antauri heard someone sit down next to him and he looked over to see it was Adriana. She smiled at him,

"How are you?" she asked, he mumbled in response. "That good, huh? Well, I came to take your mind off it"

She started talking to Antauri casually, commenting on how nice it was here and all the beautiful scenery. Yet, Antauri could sense that she was trying to avoid talking about something and just when he was about to ask, Nova appeared again.

"Hey, Antauri, this oughta help!" she said as she helped Antauri sit up and drink it. It burned his throat as it went down and Antauri suddenly smacked the glass away. He stood up quickly and the floor swayed again. Yet, for some reason, he found it hilarious and started laughing.

Nova and Adriana watched as Antauri started wobbling around and laughing loudly, he turned to them and smiled drunkenly.

"S'good stuff, what is it?" he asked, stumbling towards the girls. They stepped back slightly and Nova tried to think of what to say,

"Um... it's... water! Yeah, special natural water only found around here!" Antauri bobbed his head in a nod; Nova looked at Adriana and she sighed.

"Say, Antauri?" started Adriana, looking slightly embarrassed, "Y'know that Ichigo wants to have babies, but what about you? Do you want to have babies?" she tried to stop herself blushing as she spoke, Antauri looked thoughtful and then he grinned in a way that would've made Sprx look innocent.

"Well, I know I wanna do it with her, heh. It'd be great, just the two of us..."

"You wouldn't be able to get it up you old fart!" cried someone from above, then there was crazed giggling. They looked up and saw Kio and Amila above them, grinning down. Antauri growled,

"What did you say?" they smirked even wider.

"Going deaf in your old age too, Antauri?" asked Kio, grinning widely. Antauri growled and, due to the alcohol, his patience snapped and he started chasing them,

"You're both going to be very dead!" he heard them cackling like crazy as he gave chase.

Meanwhile, Ichigo left the girls' bathroom, but she felt like she was being watched. She turned around and saw Axe, with an axe in hand, grinning at her, madly. She started to fly away and he neared her. Soon, she was flying around and screaming blue murder, but it was all in vain because Axe caught her. He turned her around so she was facing him and he proceeded to force feed her a drink. Ichigo felt her mind going fuzzy and noticed Axe grin triumphantly,

"Now then, I have something to tell you" he started.

"And now, for phase three" muttered Beastfire before giggling crazily. Ivy smiled madly beside her,

"Yeah, hey Jojo! Get the rope!" no answer. Ivy stood up and looked around, "Jojo?"

Jojo gaped at the handsome red monkey she'd seen; she'd bumped into him and first thought it was Sprx. But, just as she was gonna knock the stuffing out of him, he apologised. Something very un Sprx-like. Jojo followed him around quietly, watching as he mingled and laughed with her friends. Jojo blushed as she saw him turn and look directly at her; she froze and tried to think of an alibi.

'Too late' she thought as he walked up to her and smiled,

"Hi I'm Aaron! I couldn't help noticing you standing here by yourself" he laughed sheepishly and put a hand behind his head. Jojo blushed and laughed as well,

"Oh well umm do you... wanna dance?" she asked, pointing at the dance floor. Aaron smiled and nodded,

"Sure" he said as he led her into the crowd and they started slow dancing.

"C'mon, Antauri! You're so slow!" teased Amila as she and Kio ran, cackling like witches. Antauri wobbled after them, crashing into things as he went.

"Come back here, you minions of heck!" he shouted, receiving peals of laughter in response. He muttered darkly and sped up, trying to avoid various obstacles as he went.

He noticed them turn down a corridor and quickly followed; he saw them standingin front ofa door. They turned and looked back at him, worried; he grinned and slowly closed in like a lion would stalk its prey.

"I HAVE YOU NOW!" he cried, victoriously as he leapt at them, he noticed them smirk evilly before opening the door behind them and he tried to brake but he fell in with a thump. They slammed the door shut and Antauri heard it being locked, he pounded on the door,

"Let me out! Let me out now!" he cried, pounding harder and harder.

"Antauri?" Antauri turned around and saw Ichigo standing there, slightly flushed from the alcohol, "What happened?" she asked and he proceeded to explain about talking to Nova and Adriana then being teased by Amila and Kio so he gave chase. He finished and noticed Ichigo blushing,

"You... wanna do it with me?" she repeated, blushing even more now. Antauri blushed also and looked away,

"Well... um, yeah I do. Because I... love you and... And" he hugged her close, "I wanna have a family with you" Ichigo gazed at him in amazement as he told her about the premonition. Ichigo looked thoughtful as Antauri finished,

"So... we're gonna have a little girl called... Zakuro?" she asked, Antauri nodded and smiled. She smiled back and took his hand, leading him to the bed, "wanna try?" she asked. Antauri looked slightly shocked but he managed to grin back, then the alcohol kicked in again and he pounced on her,

"Yeah andyou better enjoy it too!" hepurred and started growling seductively at her. Ichigo looked shocked before she started giggling and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Krystal and Jet giggled and clinked glasses,

"To a job well done!" cheered Jet and Krystal laughed in agreement,

"But won't they be angry tomorrow when they realise what we did?" asked Amanda, looking worried. The other two waved away her concerns and laughed,

"Please, they'll be thanking us when it's over!" said Krystal,

"Yeah, it's fool proof!" cried Jet, not noticing the looming dark figure behind her.

"What is?" asked a deep voice, causing them all to jump a foot and turn to Onyx, who looked proud at having scared them. Krystal glared at him,

"Onyx, what have I told you about scaring people?" before he could respond, she jumped up and dragged him off by his ear. The others sweat dropped as he ranted angrily about his ear being pulled and people not being able to take a joke.

After waiting for the couple to leave, Jet got up and yawned,

"Well, I'm gonna turn in" she said, stretching and yawning. Twister got up and nodded, sleepily,

"Yeah me too" she said, Amanda yawned and got up.

"Me three!" she announced and they walked off down the hall to the bedrooms.

On their way, they heard weird noises coming from one of the rooms and they looked at each other,

"Is that... Ichigo and Antauri?" asked Amanda, looking a bit stunned, Jet shook her head,

"No, Kio and Amila locked them in that one!" she pointed further up the hall. Twister raised an eyebrow,

"So who's in here?" she asked curiously as she pushed the door open a fraction. They peeked in and saw two forms moving around on the bed, suddenly Gibson's head popped out from under the covers. The trio of eavesdroppers gasped, and saw Amethyst's head pop up as well.

"What's wrong?" she asked, looking slightly breathless and dishevelled, Gibson shook his head,

"I thought I heard-" he spotted the girls and blushed full force. He sprang out of the bed and ran to the door, "CAN WE GET A LITTLE PRIVACY PLEASE?" he yelled, sounding hysterical, before slamming the door in their faces. They blinked and shuddered,

"Man, I'm gonna have nightmares now!" wailed Amanda and they all shivered before running down to their rooms.

The next morning, Ichigo woke up and rolled over. Big mistake! She ran as fast as she could and made close friends with the toilet that morning. Antauri heard it all and rushed in to see what was wrong. Ichigo was sitting on the floor, leaning her head back against the rim and looked up at him, blearily.

"Antauri... I feel sick..." she moaned before turning quickly and returning to her previous activity. Antauriwalked up and rubbed her back, trying to help.

"Honey, you don't think you're..." they gazed at each other wide eyed before Antauri ran out and rushed to Jet and Otto's door. He banged madly until Otto answered sleepily,

"Geez Antauri... it's really early" he complained,

"I know" replied Antauri, "but... do you still have any of those pregnancy checking kits?" he asked, praying he did. Otto stood looking blank for a moment as it sunk in then he looked slightly more awake,

"Wait, you mean Ichigo's..." he said, looking astounded, "wow..." Antauri looked at him frantically, "oh right! Yeah, I'll go get one!" he walked back into the bedroom and searched through a bag until he pulled out what he was looking for. He handeda boxto Antauri who quickly thanked him and sped back to his ill love.

Ichigo watched him burst in and smiled weakly; he handed her the box and blushed slightly,

"Should I leave?" he asked, looking lost since he'd never experienced this before. Ichigo nodded and he went.

5 minutes seemed to drag by as Antauri paced around the room, feeling helpless and he didn't like it. He heard a gasp from the bathroom and rushed in,

"What does it say?" he cried, as he hurried in and to Ichigo. She was holding the tester and looked shocked,

"Antauri..." she started, holding his hand.

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