Summary: Okay, this takes some characters from my other fic, The Question, but it won't have the same plot as that. In this, Piper, Phoebe and Prue accidentally cast a spell to take them to the future. Not just any future, however. A future where Prue is dead, they have a half sister, and there are children in the manor. (Takes place during Season Three, right after the girls went to the past on Halloween. Possibly a twelve-chapter story, be forewarned)

AN: I'm trying this one out, so I wouldn't mind having your thought or suggestions to make it more interesting.


Piper threw her hands quickly into the air and let out a small gasp as the fire ball above her froze in place. Then she quickly dodged out of the way before it could crash into her. Phoebe let out a high pitched battle cry as she levitated into the air and then spun out, kicking the demon right in the jaw. The brutish creature let out a loud howl before turning to face the youngest Charmed One. Prue was quick to use her telekinesis to smash the potion bottle against the beasts head. Seconds later it burned up, letting out an anguished cry before it vanished out of sight for good.

Piper brought her head up and glanced across the room. "That's the sixth one today!" She exclaimed. She quickly whipped around as if expecting another demon to pop out at them. Prue let out a frustrated growl before stalking into the kitchen.

"Looks like I'm going to be late for work," She snapped. Phoebe and Piper quickly followed their older sibling into the room. Phoebe's heels clicking as she moved.

"You do know you can go to work, right? We can handle the situation without you," Phoebe said, her arms over her chest.

"What situation?" Piper demanded. "We don't necessarily have a situation."

"Six demons in one day? Wouldn't you call that a situation?" Phoebe countered.

"Well how do we know there's going to be any others?" Piper countered. Then she turned to Prue. "I have to go to P3 anyways. Do you need a ride?"

"Sure," Prue said, standing taller and walking over to Piper.

"What about the demons?" Phoebe demanded.

"If there's any problems call Leo and have him come get us," Prue said. She glanced at the clock on the wall again.

"It isn't like we have to save any innocents," Piper added. "They're coming after us."

Phoebe nodded her head, following quickly behind her sisters to the door. "I was planning on going out with Cole tonight, anyways," Phoebe replied.

Prue turned on her heel and looked at her sister. "Phoebe -," She started.

"Look, I know you don't trust him, Prue, but he's good. Honest," Phoebe said. "You don't have any reason not to trust him."

"Phoebe's dated worst," Piper added.


The older sisters chuckled at their baby sister's flustered face. "And you haven't?" Phoebe spat out.

Prue chuckled and then took the doorknob in her hand. "Well Pheebs, unlike you Piper and I have to pay the bills, so we'll see you around," She said, skipping out of the house quickly with Piper in trail.

Phoebe grimaced as she stalked back into the living room. Her sisters were acting rather unusual lately, more concerned with their normal lives than their lives as witches. Phoebe had been inspired when they'd traveled back to the birth of Melinda Warren, but it seemed as if Piper and Prue weren't. In fact, they'd been more involved with their actual lives since then. Phoebe turned on the TV and quickly started flipping through channels. She would just need to find a way to prove to them that they needed to take their magical lives as seriously as their normal ones. Otherwise, someone could end up hurt.

AN: I know, extremely short, but it will pick up in the next chapter. This is just to propose the idea, I promise. If I get a substantial number of reviews (five at least) I will put out the next chapter, which will have all of our favorite characters!