AN: In this story, the season seven finale never happened, okay? That would just be too complicated to work with at this time, lol.

Chapter TWO

As soon as the woman had said her name, Prue was entirely certain that this traveling to the future thing was not a good idea. And the way the woman was looking at her, with her jaw wide open and eyes large, she had an even worst feeling. The boy with dark hair quickly raced to the woman's side.

"Aunt Paige, Mommy and Aunt Phoebe are acting funny!" He exclaimed.

"Eh …" The woman, Paige, said.

"Maybe they're demons! I'll take care of them!" Wyatt exclaimed, raising his hands.

"No!" Paige exclaimed, grabbing the boy and pulling him to her. "Are you crazy?"

"Uhh … Paige?" Piper guessed, stepping forward uncertainly.

Paige narrowed her eyes at her sister. "I sure hope you're going to explain to me how Prue got here. You didn't summon her, did you?"

"Summon her?" Phoebe exclaimed.

"I thought the elders said you couldn't summon her because she wasn't 'prepared' and whatnot," Paige said. Then she walked over to Prue. "Well now that you're here let me say I'm so excited to finally meet you. Piper and Phoebe are always talking about you, and I find it just amazing to finally -!" She didn't bother to finish as she pulled her into a hug.

"Aunt Paige, I think you've gone crazy," Wyatt said.

Chris quickly darted to Piper's side, taking a hold of her hand. "Mommy, who's the new lady? Is she a friend of yours?"

Piper looked down at the boy with curiosity. "Uhh, no … sweetie? No, uhh, this is my sister Prue. You know Prue, don't you?"

"You know, Dummy!" Wyatt said quickly, coming to Chris' side. "The aunt who died."

"What?" Phoebe exclaimed, looking up from the little girl in her arms.

Paige stepped away from Prue with confusion and then looked around the entire group. Smiling uncertainly, she said, "I'm not talking to my Piper and Phoebe, am I? Alright, you need to calm down. Everyone needs to remain calm, okay? That's it, I'm calm. Just take in a few deep breaths, Paige, we'll have this all sorted out," She mumbled to herself.

"Paige!" Someone called from the stairs.

"Attic!" Paige snapped, a feeling of dread beginning to settle in.

Leo quickly appeared in the room, giving a relieved sigh as his eyes settled on Piper. "Oh good, you found them. How did you do that, Pheobe?"

"Do what?" Phoebe asked.

"Disappear like that. I thought a demon had gotten you or something," Leo explained. He turned to Piper, a frown beginning to form on his face. "Honey, what's wrong?"

"Dad, Mom and Aunt Phoebe are acting weird, and Aunt Paige says that they're not her Phoebe and Piper," Wyatt said.

"What?" Leo asked. He looked to Paige with confusion, who just gestured to Prue.

"I'm guessing a time travel spell," Paige said.

"Phoebe had a premonition," Prue said quickly, stepping up.

"Wyatt, Chris, go downstairs," Leo commanded in a sharp tone.

"But I had to ask Mom a question," Wyatt said.

"Now," Leo snapped.

The two boys jumped in surprise, and then orbed out. Leo quickly closed the door.

"That was mean," Phoebe exclaimed.

Paige quickly took the little girl from Phoebe's arms and handed her over to Leo. "I'll be back really quickly," She told him. "I just need to take care of one of my charges."

Leo nodded in understanding, and then turned to Piper, Phoebe, and Prue with a sudden frown.

"Leo, who was that?" Phoebe demanded, gesturing to the disappearing orbs. "And why did those kids say Prue was dead?"

"Eh … I can't say anything. Future consequences."

"You've gotten older," Prue pointed out lightly, trying to keep her sister's and her own minds off of her impending death.

"Don't you change the subject!" Phoebe hissed. "Answer me, Leo."

"I can't -."

"Damn it, Leo!" Piper snapped angrily. "Don't you give me that. Is Prue dead, or isn't she?"


Wyatt pushed his ear against the closed door in an attempt to hear better. Chris was pacing a few feet behind him.

"Anything?" Chris finally asked.

"I think they're from the past," Wyatt said as they started down the stairs to their room.

"Well that explains a lot. How far back?"

"Before we were born, I'm sure." Wyatt sat back on his heels and turned to Chris, meeting his brother's eyes.

Chris' head darted around, suspicion in his eyes.

"What are you looking for?" Wyatt asked.

"I'm looking to see if anything changed yet," Chris replied.

"… You're stupid," Wyatt finally told him.

"Well you're stupider," Chris countered.

"Well you're the … most stupidest little brother anyone could have," Wyatt countered.

"When are you two going to get over this stage?" A dark voice asked from behind the two boys. Both jumped, letting out a strangled shriek, before turning around.

"Uncle Conner!" Wyatt and Chris exclaimed in unison, wrapping their small arms around the grown man's legs. Conner Lowe stared down at the two boys with confusion. Conner was Phoebe's husband, and Melinda's father. The man was a warlock who Phoebe had met when she'd been turned evil four years ago. Her first kill was supposed to be Conner. Her sister's obvious managed to turn her back before she could kill him, but they'd taken an interest in each other that had eventually blossomed.

"I thought you were still in Europe," Wyatt said.

"Well I decided to teleport over and say hello to my favorite nephews. "Where are Phoebe and Melinda?" Conner asked. The good warlock had been sent on business to England two weeks before, and was expected to be gone for another week. It was a surprise to see him back so early.

"Aunt Phoebe's in the attic with Melinda, Dad, Mom, and some lady they call Aunt Prue," Wyatt filled in.

"It sounds as if Mom, Aunt Phoebe, and Aunt Prue have taken a trip from the past, so they aren't really our Mom and Aunt," Chris finished.

"I was getting there, Chris," Wyatt said angrily.

"Well I said it before you could, so there." The brunette stuck his tongue out.

"Wait, wait," Conner interrupted. "Are you trying to tell me your Mom and aunts have traveled here from the past? Well where are their future selves?" Conner asked.

Wyatt shrugged while Chris rubbed at his nose.

"I think the past people took our people's bodies," Wyatt said.

"I still think they're demons," Chris murmured.

Conner looked thoughtfully at the door. "Why don't the two of you just … go downstairs, for a little while? Okay?"

"Why are adults always trying to get rid of us?" Wyatt asked Chris.

"Because they think we don't know anything," Chris grumbled as the two started down the stairs.

Conner shook his head after them before turning back to the door. Well … this should be interesting. Taking in a deep breath, he opened the door.

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