Adventurer Xander
by Chaoseternus

Five L

The send off for the Scooby's was planned by Faith and done her usual fine and 'subtle' style. That meant three days of intensive patrolling and assaults on known nests, decimating the already small population of hostile demons in Sunnydale, followed by a party.

It being a Scooby party meant it was held over the bodies of the luckless demons that had mere hours ago tried to take the hellmouth from the 'mere' humans who were guarding it and attempt open up a portal to hell. The response to that was very much to the point. The sword point in fact.

It was considered by many to be a good send off and very much in the Scooby tradition. The response of the SG-1 team to this is perhaps best not printed.

The following morning, the group completed loading their possessions onto several loaned Air Force trucks and then proceeded to Sunnydale Airport where trucks and humans were loaded onto a pair of Hercules transports and flown to the Airforce Academy at Colorado Springs.

From there, it was a relatively short trip to the mountain that would be their temporary home until they could find accommodations off base.

"Very… utilitarian," Xander drawled, his eyes wandering over the bare concrete and pipe walls, the floor with its painted and somewhat faded guidelines, all of which screamed industrial, none of which screamed 'homely' or 'welcoming'.

"Well," Jack replied smirking, "we do try to brighten up the place every now and again; unfortunately wall paint has been banned ever since somebody drew a nice caricature of Kinsey as the Devil on the canteen walls."

Oz raised an eyebrow, simply commenting, "caricature?"

"Officially, yes," Jack smirked, leading the group into the briefing room, "unofficially…"

"Colonel," came the warning note from within the room, making Jack glance around startled to see General Hammond already sat down and waiting, a rather battered looking Disaster Davis at his side.

"Major," Jack smiled as he gestured the visitors to the seats, "good to see you again,"

Davis shuddered, his eyes somewhat dark with remembered fear and pain, "good to be seen again,"

"And on that note," Hammond interjected, "I would just like to thank you for acting and saving the Majors life, as much as we often dread seeing him he is a valuable member of the team here,"

Xander shrugged as he slipped down into the seat directly opposite the General, "That was Faith and Riley, and those two are the main fighters of the Sunnydale team,"

"I see," Hammond nodded, "well, SG-1 have vouched for you and certain members of your group already have significant clearance, but before your briefed properly on our mission here there are a few points that need to be cleared up…"

Xander nodded, leaning forward in his seat, "We cant tell you everything, some answers we don't know, some aren't ours to tell,"

The General nodded, displeased but understanding, "lets start with exactly how you all came to have this 'nano-technology' shall we?"

Xander grinned, "Well, it started with Halloween…"

To Be Continued in Adventurers Gate…