Part Three of the Mailman Saga
by Chaoseternus

Chapter 11: War

I find myself almost conflicted as we head back towards the old Colonies, now the territory of the Cylons. Seeker was conceived, like of al of her sisters as a ship of peace, a platform by which we could seek out new worlds, new resources, perhaps even new life forms, new civilisations though until earth, that did not happen.

The ship, our entire agency was birthed for a peaceful exploration task, we were trained to be able to defend ourselves but truly, we were never really military even though we had a military chain of command.

And now, in this Dark Age I find myself forced, like so many others to turn what was a tool of peace into a weapon of war. This ploughshare must become a sword, ready to hit the beating hearts, well, beating something's of our enemies.

I was not trained for this; nothing that I have done in my admittedly short life has in any way prepared me for what has happened and for what I and my ship must become.

Yet, I must prevail, I must adapt or all will be lost.

It is no comfort at all that I am not alone, that all of humanity now has to adapt to a far darker, more malignant future. If it were truly possible I would gladly sacrifice all that I am to get one warning back in time, give our more innocent past selves some warning of what was to become, what has become but I know it cannot be.

I wish it could be, truly I do.

But I am a Commander, I have a duty to lead and in these dark times turn this vessel of peace into a deadly weapon of war. Seeker may be destined more for a supporting role in this particular phase of the war but I have little doubt that we will come under fire, that we will be forced to fight and the ship must be ready for such.

I learnt a saying from the Earthers, taken from one of their major religious works, 'For every thing there is an appointed time; And there is a time for every purpose under the heavens. A Time to laugh, a time to weep; A time for peace, and a time for war.' It is saying appropriate for now, we've had our time for peace, the years between the wars were filled which much growth and hope but now, that is all gone. It is time for war.

We reached territories the Cylons were known to be expanding into a mere months travel from Earth. The great enemy was working swiftly, perhaps fearfully as this placed them more then a month's travel from the old Colonies themselves, their supply lines to support such a massive advance had to be tremendous and strained.

Rich pickings, pickings that if we were to stay in this area for a significant amount of time, we would have to take advantage of. There is after all more to denying resources to the enemy then just blowing them up, taking such resources for yourself means you can fight longer and deny even more of the enemies resources.

Unfortunately, the bulk of what we could capture would be munitions and fuel, making such simple and basic things as food and water the primary limitation on how long we could remain in the area. Of those, water would be the easiest to acquire and stock-up on, it is relatively abundant in the universe but food would always be an issue.

Our first task once on site was to seek out the enemy. For that, the Raptors of the two full Battlestars were used, searching for enemy craft and stations whilst the fleet itself stayed in the gulf between stars where the chance of discovery was negligible, doubly so this far from the bulk of the cylon forces.

Our first find was a surface base sited on the gasless surface of a moon, orbiting a large gas giant. The base itself was small, barely significant but Raptor reconnaissance suggested that that was merely a temporary condition and that much effort was being made to expand the facility. Given the noteworthy presence of tylium within this system as well as other precious metals and a habitable if cold world it was the consensus of the Command officers of our little taskforce that even after our little visit, this would be a system to keep an eye on.

After five days of monitoring, we knocked.

Our five warship dropped out of jump right into geosynchronous orbit over the base, Vipers immediately launching, the ships railguns taking out the patrol that was maintaining position over the base, the Viper themselves dropping to strafe the few fixed guns and destroy the Cylon raiders as they attempted to launch. Behind the Vipers dropped Raptors and shuttles loaded with ground troops.

It was a textbook assault on a weakly defended position and was over in fifteen minutes. Six hours later, having stripped the station of any useable supplies including fuels, munitions and a large stock of construction materials, we fled the area, the base destroyed by one of the cylons own nuclear missiles.

The fuel we had taken was not enough to replace all that we had used on our way to cylon territory but it was still a useful addition. What munitions we had used were replaced and then some, the small stockpile of cylons nukes we had seized a more then welcome addition as we had left Earth behind with only ten such devices. Now, we had thirty total. The construction supplies were hastily split across the ships of the fleet, it would obviously be useful for repairs but it might suit other uses as well.

Our first assault was over, and whilst the threat was minimal, it had a great effect on morale. Now, all we had to do was find ourselves some more targets, preferably something with some Tylium to spare.