One Who Sees
by Chaoseternus

I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of characters/concepts from Buffy the Vampire (S)layer

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They say that I am the one who sees.

In truth, they truly do not know what that means.

What they made it mean.

I was always the heart of the scoobies, I wasn't a fighter, a researcher or witch, I was the glue, the person who kept it all together and in time as I matured I grew perceptive. I noticed things more, added up the threads, came to conclusions, not about things or demons, but about people.

For that, I became known as the one who see, even in time amongst the demons.

Buffy was always the Slayer, Giles, well he was either the Watcher or the Ripper and the Demons prayed he never went Ripper on them, Willow was always the Red Witch, me I was the One Who Sees.

And Caleb took my eye out because of it.

That wasn't even the most devastating day of my life, hell, it wasn't even in the top three, but it was certainly the one that changed me and the man I am the most. I was still the One Who Sees, but now, I had to do it with one eye.

Then later, it became two again.

Oh, I still don't have an eye as such, just a piece of glass made to look like an eye, but I see. Why?

Because I live on a hellmouth, surrounded by its energies, and on the hellmouth belief is a force, a palpable, mouldable tool. The Scoobies, the new Slayers, even the new watchers all called me the One Who Sees, and they respected me as that person, they believed me to be that person.

And that's the rub, even the Demons started to believe I was the One Who Saw. And in believing, truly believing that I was the One Who Saw, they warped reality, warped me. Too much belief in an area where the boundaries are weak, where the impossible comes true and instead of your belief effecting your perception of reality, the belief began to shape reality itself.

Now, I see with two eyes, but only one of them sees the light.

The other sees them, their shades, their hidden darkness, their hopes and despairs are all written over their auras every second of every day. A skilled Witch or Warlock can see the broad sweeps of an aura, tell if someone was telling the truth or not, how much darkness or light was in their soul.

I see it all, in glorious Technicolor.

The pure blazing white and beautiful core that is Willows purified heart, the darkness bound by light that exists in all the slayers, the brilliant, coruscating green of the Key and the sharply contrasting white and black streaks of Giles, a man who walked the dark and became stronger for it.

From his aura, I could even tell you the exact moment Giles returned to the light, I can even tell you why. How? Because everyone, even those who walk the dark side of the line, believe I see.

It is my blessing and my curse.

It is why I am sent to recruit all the slayers, for they know I will return with each and everyone, as it will know exactly the buttons to press to bring them firmly into the light.

It is why I can never sleep at night; my minds eye flickering through all the darkness I see in their souls, in my Buffy's especially, demanding that as the One Who Sees, I see a way to purge that dark.

And I cant, that dark that is in every soul is a solid part of what makes a person the person they are, it is their strength if they control it, their bane if it controls them.

I see, but I truly wish...

No, I truly hope that one day I won't.

I need peace at some point, some rest from all the dark.

Yet, as long as I see, I won't turn away, I cant, it's not in me.

It's why I said no when they had found a way to remove the curse that is my sight, and why the offer is always kept open. I am the ones who sees and the temptation not to see is great.

But it is who I am; it's a part of me and to lose it now would be like losing my eye all over again.

My sight, my blessing, my curse, for I am the one who sees.