Drabble: A Bat In Turtle Alley

Fandom: Batman/TMNT

Pairing: none

Rating: PG

A metallic clang echoed down the alley as Leonardo deflected what he thought was a throwing star meant for Raphael's head. What landed at his feet, embedded in the cement an inch deep and still vibrating, was like no throwing star they'd ever seen. Black and shaped like a stylized bat, it told them that either Saki had some new trick up his sleeve or they were facing some new adversary.

"Man..." Raph threw the thug he'd been about to impale against the wall hard enough to knock him out and peered into the shadows at the end of the alley. "Can't we ever get one quiet night? Nooo, gotta meet all the freaks in the city."

"That's ironic," came the stranger's voice as he stepped from the shadows. His cape swirled around his boots, "coming from a meta."

"Meta?" Mike asked. Don shrugged.

Keeping his swords at the ready, Leonardo ignored his siblings behind him and hoped Raphael wouldn't attack just yet. "What do you want?" he asked lowly.

"Him." The man in the bat suit (Man-Bat? Leo wondered) glanced at the thug on the ground. "The man you were about to execute so coldly. I've been searching for him for the past week."

"Hey," Raph yelled, "he shot first! And who the hell are you to--"

"Raphael!" Leo snapped, silencing him. He glanced back at the stranger. The way he'd thrown that shuriken (bat-shuriken maybe? what was it with costumed humans and themed weapons?) betrayed the sheer skill behind that cowl. If they could avoid an unnecessary fight, so much the better. Gambling that he might not know Japanese, he whispered the command to his siblings to disappear.

Batman blinked. He spoke Japanese fluently but even with that forewarning, he barely saw the four vanish into the shadows. So that was what Gordon complained about when he pulled the same trick. He mentally berated himself for letting their appearance startle him, but who would have expected four eastern warrior terrapins (ninja turtles? no, too farfetched) operating in New York. Just something else to add to Oracle's database when he got back to Gotham.