Broken Scientist

A brown form could be seen by the pale moonlight,

A human in the front, four snake-like monsters in the rear,

Though stuck together, they don't cooperate

The man, smarter than others,

The machines, a powerful creation.

Used up tears threatened to spill

Hollowed voices fill your head

Of memories, of monsters, of conscience.

You wish to be like the city below

But you belonged to the shadows,

Watching over, ready to strike at the prey

Your Rose was gone

And you say it was your fault

Could it really be, that blood was spilt from your hands?

Or was it the Angels, that coveted the love you've given to her?

Was it your purpose, to help a fallen friend?

Or was it cruel fate, destined to fall?

Why act evil, with a heart of gold?

Why act good, with others stepping over you?

You did nothing to mean to hurt someone

You had a good dream, to help the world

Is this is the price of dreaming such a thing?

Or was it just plain accident?

You could howl over the night like a broken lone wolf,

But no one could hear a broken scientist

Thoughts of doubt, of failure, of miscalculation.

You only existed to teach those of the wrong,

Alongside with a good friend who teach those of the right.

You could only wish you weren't so alone

So broken, so pale, so cold.

You're only with no one but the cruel snake monsters that could not feel.

The great sacrifice.

"Why did this go this way?" you thought towards the pale moonlight

The large and white rock gives no answer.

Just the busy streets and the sleepless nights

Over the polluted Big Apple.