Stuck On You


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Chapter 1

The Assignment


Pink haired Haruno Sakura walked through the doors of her new school. She was new there. She will be studying at the highest-rated school in Konoha from now on.

She hated switching schools but she's used to it. Almost every year she got transferred to a new one. Her parents believe that she needs more challenge in school since Sakura was smart. And now here she is in a whole new different atmosphere.

Boys' head turned as she passed. They all new she was new and innocent and hot. But Sakura doesn't seem to notice because she was too busy understanding the directions her mother gave her.

"You're new here aren't you?" a guy approached her and asked. He had hair that was very spiky and he was holding a cute, fluffy, white puppy. "Yes." Sakura answered sweetly at the guy. "You want me to---" he started but was cut off by another man.

"Are you new here?" said the guy who cut the other off. Sakura thought he was creepy. He had his shades on and he's got a shirt that covers his mouth completely.

She was about to say "yes" when a hand grabbed her hand and dragged her off. "Don't hang around these guys they're weirdos." He said whoever he was. She haven't been able to see his face, his back was on the way. Finally he faces her after dragging her off.

"Hi I'm Kankorou, and you are?" he said. His face totally freaked Sakura out but she didn't let anybody see her shocked face. She plastered on a sweet and straight face. 'If those guys are weirdos…then what are you?' Sakura thought. Suddenly a hand grabbed her…again. But this time the person was gripping on her arm.

"Why do you always pick on a new girl that doesn't have a clue about what's goin' on!" the one who grabbed her by the arm said. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was slightly taller than Sakura. She was really angry at the men that tried to hit on her or the ones who's only preparing to hit on her.

"Men!" she cursed then turned to Sakura and smiled sweetly then dragged her off to somewhere in the hall where three other ladies where hanging around and talking and giggling. "Hey new girl!" the blonde called after them.

They quickly turned around and faced them. They were all smiling at the two girls approaching. "Did a boy named Kankorou tried to talk to you?" a girl that was one of the girls asked. She also has blonde hair but it's kind of spiky. She was pretty. Sakura nodded. She was a little bit confused.

"Oh well, I'll have to kick his ass again later." She stated. She then looked at her again. "I'm Temari by the way." She said sweetly and held up her hand. "Sakura." Sakura said and shook the hand.

"I'm Ino!" said the other girl with blonde hair. She was the one who yelled at the boys and the one who dragged her to that place. "Hello." Sakura greeted. Ino looked like a very cheerful person yet very tough.

"I'm Hinata nice to meet you Sakura." Said another girl. She had navy blue hair blank eyes. "Nice to meet you too, Hinata." Sakura said. She was starting to like the girls around her.

"And lastly I'm TenTen." Said the last girl of the group. She had brunette hair and they were braided and were tied in two tight buns. She wore a Chinese-like outfit. She was also pretty.

"Uhhmm…listen girls…can you please direct me to the principal's office? I'm required to." Sakura shyly asked the 4 girls in front of her. "Don't be shy, we understand." Ino said while tapping her shoulder. And after that she led the way towards the principal's office.

The men in the halls really can't help but look at Sakura and check her out. Sakura wondered if they were staring at her or at the girls. "Damn! Sakura, it's your first day and every boy in school knows you already!" TenTen whispered excitedly.

As they passed she saw someone that winked at her then smirked. But then a thought popped out in her mind. 'Creepy eyebrows!'

"That was Lee. You know the one who winked at you." TenTen whispered and then giggled. "I haven't seen the most populars yet." Hinata said. That was only her second time she spoke up. "Yeah! That is weird." Temari said. "Huh? Who're 'the most populars'? Sakura asked. Ino turned and said. "I thought you'd never ask."

"They're all five of them." Ino started. She looked like she was very excited. "They're Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru, Neji and my personal favorite, Umi!" she was over excited. "They are absolutely the most perfect and cutest people, I mean, boys in the whole universe!" she really was excited. Over excited…

"Honestly, we think that Umi's diggin' Ino. And the good part is Ino likes him too!" Temari whispered to Sakura and the others but Ino still heard this. "Humph!" Ino said and rolled her eyes.

"In you go." Ino said after she knocked three times at the door of the principal's office. "Good Luck!" Hinata said rather shyly. 'Hinata is really sweet.' Sakura thought.

She entered the brightly lit room. She saw the principal sitting on her chair writing something on a piece of paper. "Good morning Ms. Haruno!" the principal greeted cheerfully looking up. "Good morning too Ms. Principal." Honestly she didn't know that she was a woman. Plus she didn't know her name so she called her 'Ms. Principal'.

"Call me Tsunade-sensei." She said. "I am the principal of this proud school. I am also the upcoming Hokage of this village." She stated looking back at her paper and read the things she wrote so far.

"Oh…well congratulations Tsunade-sensei." Sakura congratulated. She was very lucky to be chosen to be the next Hokage of such a quiet village.

"Here is your schedule for this day and the days to come." Tsunade said handing her a piece of paper. "You may go now." She said and continued to scribble notes.

Sakura turned around to leave and said "Thank you Tsunade-sensei." And then continued to walk. She was about to exit the room when Tsunade said, "Don't get lost or be late okay?" she said looking at her with a smile. Sakura just nodded and smiled and exited the room.

"Oh God…I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead!" Sakura cursed herself. After a lot of minutes of walking she declared herself a lost sheep. She hated getting lost. It was her #1 hate in her hate list. Sakura didn't know that some people were watching her from a distance.

"Okay Sakura…don't loose temper…don't panic…don't move…don't get yourself lost again." Sakura talked to herself. Her voice was full of frustration and panic. She really didn't know what to do. "I should've asked Ino and the others for a map." She said to herself.

"You know Ino?" a guy asked her and she was completely freaked out because she didn't know where he came from. He had purple short hair. Because of her shock ness she leapt backward and bumped into someone. "You're new here aren't you?" the person she bumped into said. He had raven-hair and he was cute. She leapt again and bumped into a person with spiky hair and it was gathered in a ponytail. "This is so troublesome." He said. She leapt once more and bumped to someone with long coffee-brown hair and blank eyes just like Hinata. "Watch it!" he said and for the last time she leapt again and this time she bumped into a blonde guy with spiky hair. "Why are you all jumpy?" he asked her.

Sakura took 3 steps backward and clutched her chest real tight. If she had a disease that involves her heart she would've died. I mean honestly is it really normal for five people to just pop out of nowhere?

"Where the hell did y'all come from!" she yelled at the five guys staring back at her. They were very creepy just staring at her. It was a custom in that school to be stared at if you're a new kid.

They ignored her question and asked the question(s) themselves. "Where'd you come from?" "Who are you?" "Why are you here?" "You're lost aren't you?" "You know Ino?" one question per person.

Sakura gave a heavy sigh and answered all their questions in one big sentence. "I came from where normal people come from, Haruno Sakura's the name, I study here, yes I'm lost, and yes I know Ino."

They still eyed her suspiciously. Sakura was getting nervous from the stare they're giving her. What did she do to deserve things like this? Things like, get lost and be with creepy guys? She was a good girl for crying out loud!

And then a door opened just beside them and Temari came out. She got surprised at seeing the scene in front of her. "Sakura! We thought you got lost! I was about to look for you! You're actually hard to miss." Temari said and smiled. Sakura was relived that Temari was there. "C'mon, the bell is about to ring. I'm not going back in." she stated and then dragged her inside the girls' comfort room.

Temari didn't notice this but the guy with the ponytail was blushing towards her. While he blushed his friends were smirking and punching and elbowing him softly on the arm or ribs. But Sakura saw this all.

"You guys are so troublesome." He said after the two girls left and he walked off and left his friends. They were all smirking and laughing and they were making fun of him.

"Sakura? How'd you end up with those guys?" Temari asked putting on some lip gloss. They were inside the comfort room. "I bumped into them." Sakura said washing her hands. Temari stopped putting on the lip gloss and eyed Sakura closely. "Literally." Sakura continued seeing the look on Temari's face.

Sakura smiled even more and then she started to explain to Temari what happened. "Oh…" Temari sighed after the story. "Uhhmm...Sakura did you know that they were 'the most populars'?" Temari asked. Sakura looked up immediately.

"Seriously?" Sakura asked looking up Temari. "Seriously." She answered. Sakura was shocked. "Now I know why they were so cute." Sakura suddenly said. They both laughed. Temari introduced all of them by their hair color and looks. Now Sakura knows whose who.

"You know it was a good thing I saw you with them before the bell rang." Temari said. "Why?" Sakura asked. "If their fan girls saw you, you're dead." Temari said with a snap. Sakura already understood what she meant with just that sentence and the snap. Suddenly the bell rang. "C'mon let's go Ino's gonna look for us." Temari said taking her hand and dragging her off outside.

"Sakura! I thought you were already out of this school! We really were worried when you didn't show up." Ino walked up to them followed by TenTen and Hinata. "Where've you gone to?" TenTen asked. Sakura explained how she got confused by the corridors. There wasn't a single sign in that school.

"At least you're alright." Hinata said looking very concerned. She really did look like Neji, the one with the long coffee-brown hair. "Hinata why do you look like Neji?" Sakura asked curiously. Hinata smiled. "He's my cousin." She said.

"Yeah, that's why everybody respects her." TenTen said. Sakura nodded to TenTen as the second period bell rang. It was the start of the second classes. "C'mon, right over here Sakura." TenTen dragged her towards a nearby classroom.

"Okay everybody we've got a new classmate right here. Her name's Haruno Sakura." The teacher said. Ino explained why Sakura was late and she also informed their teacher that she was the new student. Hayate-sensei was their class adviser and health and biology teacher. Everybody smiled and some waved at her. "Okay Ms. Sakura you can sit over there with Ms. Temari." He pointed towards the middle of the class.

She walked towards Temari she gave her a smile and pointed at the seat next to her. Temari's seatmate was Hinata. And at Hinata's back was Neji and the person at Temari's back was Shikamaru. She noticed that "the most populars" were seated together.

"Hello." Temari and Hinata chorused. Then Neji tapped her cousin on the shoulder and started talking to her.

"Okay class -cough-…" Hayate said and then coughed. The class moved at their seats uncomfortably. The students at the front leaned back. "Uh-Oh I think my cough came back." Hayate whispered to himself unfortunately everybody heard him. Everybody gasped.

Sakura reached inside her sling bag and took out a handkerchief and covered her mouth and nose. Temari saw this and did the same, so did Hinata. The boys behind them looked at each other and then at Naruto.

"Where did I put my handkerchief again?" Naruto whispered at Sasuke. Sasuke cannot believe his ears. Naruto was actually trying to find his handkerchief and cover his mouth just like the girls?

Ino saw what Temari, Hinata and Sakura did. She did the same, so did TenTen. Other girls saw this and they all did the same. The boys shifted uncomfortably in their seats. No boys had a handkerchief except for one. Rock Lee. He smirked at all the guys staring at him.

"Okay -cough- I know that you teens are still digging the -cough- summer vacation." Hayate-sensei said between coughs. "So I thought of an assign -cough- ment." He finished.

Everybody groaned except for Sakura and Lee. "It's only the first day and we already got an assignment!" Ino complained. Hayate looked at her she mouthed a "sorry" then she completely sank in her chair.

"You guys, -cough- don't understand. -cough- What you've got to do is just interview -cough- your classmate about his or her summer vacation -cough- and then you gotta -cough- report it in front of -cough- the class." And then he finished. "Oh…" everybody chorused

"Are we goin' to be in partners?" TenTen asked raising her hand. Hayate nodded in between coughs. "I wanna be partners with Sakura!" Ino declared to TenTen. TenTen sighed. She wanted to know Sakura's history and stuff. Ino looked over where Sakura sat and saw that Temari and Hinata were arguing about Sakura and telling her things that could possibly persuade her to be their partner.

Almost everybody wanted to be partnered with Sakura because she was a new kid and they completely don't know what was her family background.

Hayate spotted this problem and declared. "And I will be -cough- picking your partners -cough-" he said. The girls eyes widened even Sakura.

They were all afraid to be partnered with a weird guy. "I hate it if the teacher picked our partners." Temari whispered but the guys can still hear it. They have a nag of eavesdropping.

"Yeah, me too." Hinata also whispered. Sakura was beginning to worry now.

What if Sakura was partnered with a person who practically killed a dog or a cat or a person! What if she was partnered with a person who didn't do anything over the summer. That'll be very boring. What if she was partnered with a weirdo? She can't take this kind of pressure!

But then a thought came to her mind. 'How is this assignment related to our health subject. And why is he sick when he was supposed to be healthy! He should be an example for us!'

"Okay let's start -cough-" Hayate started…

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