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Chapter 5

Truth and Dare

Sakura was lying on her bed thinking about the thing about Sasuke just hours ago. It was already night time and she asked one of her butlers to drive Sasuke to his home.

She can't help but think about what Sasuke just did. He kissed her gently on the lips and it's kind of creepy for her. Just thinking of it makes her shiver.

Suddenly the phone rang, Sakura went to answer it and found out that it was Hinata.

"Hello Hinata!" Sakura said over the phone. It was a good thing that she can hide her nervousness.

But Hinata could sense that Sakura was uncomfortable so Sakura was not very successful in hiding her nervousness.

"Sakura, are you alright? You seem very uncomfortable talking to me." Hinata said her voice full of concern.

"What gave you that idea Hinata? Of course I'm alright." Sakura said. 'How the hell did she know what I'm feeling right now?' Sakura asked inside her head.

"Nothing. Anyways, are you prepared for next week?" she asked.

"What about next week?" Sakura asked too

"Let me guess, you forgot. Sakura we're going to present the techniques we've decided to practice on." Hinata said. Sakura's jaw dropped. She totally forgot about that!

"Uh-oh, I was too preoccupied to remember that!" Sakura cried

"Too preoccupied with what?"

"I was thinking about my parents and the kiss! Wait a minute…Did I just say kiss?" Sakura said over the phone…stupidly.

Hinata's ears became very attentive upon hearing the word 'kiss'. Her mind started to buzz and she immediately asked a lot of questions.

"Yeah you said kiss. What kiss Sakura?" Hinata asked

"Nothing! You should probably forget about it." Sakura said, lying through her teeth. She knew that Hinata was a fragile girl, and she's worried about Hinata's reactions.

"C'mon Sakura! That's why you're uncomfortable earlier! Spill Sakura, I won't blab about it in school. You just need to tell that thing to somebody so that your nervousness would decrease." Hinata said and by the looks of it, Hinata is very persuasive because Sakura told everything.

She started with Sasuke walking her home and everything and after she finished all Hinata did was sigh. She didn't tease her or make fun of her. All she said was, "Now, isn't that relieving?"

"YES!" Sakura cried. Finally, it was like all the pressure she was carrying was all lifted off. She sighed in content. "Thanks Hinata"

"It's alright. Don't worry; you won't get in trouble or anything if you kissed him. Don't make a big deal about it. Don't be so paranoid. Just relax okay? I need to go I think Neji's going to use the phone."

"Alright bye! And thanks again!"


Sakura put the telephone down and heard the doors opening. She now knows that her parents arrived, and happiness overwhelmed her.

---NEXT DAY---

Sakura entered the school doors only to be meet by Hinata. She smiled sweetly at her and Sakura couldn't help but smile back. 'She really is a sweet girl' Sakura thought.

They went to Kakashi's class which was their first period. When they entered Sakura saw the very person she least wanted to see. Sasuke.

'Great! I forgot he's my back mate!' Sakura cursed inside her head. She sat down and talked with Hinata about some other things. They talked about everything but Sasuke and the kiss.

Sasuke just stared at the pretty lady in front of him but then Naruto nudged him and started to talk to him. Apparently, Sasuke told Naruto about what he did. And Naruto was asking the same question over and over. "Do you like Sakura?"

Kakashi entered the room and hushed everybody. Kakashi is going to tell the class something important.

"Class I wanted to tell you that we're going on a field trip next week! Remember my assignment? Well we'll be going to the forest and there you'll be fighting each other using your techniques but I highly recommend for you not to kill each other."

"Tsunade-sama was the one who suggested this. She wanted to measure your abilities and strengths. She will be coming with us next week."

Everybody then started to chat with each other all talking about the so-called field trip. Kakashi hushed them all once again and began with his lesson.

When they had finished his class, the field trip was still their topic and everything. Sakura and the others were all excited. But the thought of Sasuke going too bothered Sakura.

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Sakura was heading towards the direction where most of her classmates are. They were gathered in one place and mostly everybody was there except for Hinata and of course Neji (because they come to school together) Naruto (probably still eating ramen) Umi, Shikamaru, and the other girls.

Sasuke was the only one there so he's the only one left to talk to. But Sakura didn't talk to him, but he did.

Sasuke approached Sakura and asked if she'd seen his friends. She shook her head no.

"Are you alright?" Sasuke asked. Sakura looked at him and unexpectedly blushed. She quickly looked away. "Yes of course! I'm okay Sasuke" Sakura replied rather sheepishly.

"Well, it's just you seem nervous. Don't worry if ever we were paired to fight again, I won't kill you or embarrass you." Sasuke said

That statement hit Sakura like a thousand bricks. It's as if Sasuke's bragging that he'll surely win if ever they'll be chosen to fight.

"Excuse me! I am NOT nervous because of the test!" Sakura said…more like shouted. Then Sakura walked off and found Hinata and Ino talking. 'Thank goodness!' Sakura sighed in relief.

"There you are!" Ino said waving at her. Ino sensed that Sakura was in a bad mood so she instantly asked what was wrong.

"Sakura what's wrong? You had a bad hair day?" Ino asked. "No! It's just that…that big stupid, idiotic, fucking shit-like man thinks he's so mighty and clever and ARGH!" Sakura sighed in frustration. She didn't know what else to curse just to let out all her anger.

Ino just looked at her as if she was an insane creature but Hinata just giggled her head off for she knew who Sakura was talking about. Sakura was steaming with anger. She didn't know what else to say or do but she wanted to kick the hell out of that Sasuke.

"Okay everyone! Line up please! We're leaving now!" Kakashi shouted over the chattering people.

"Wait a minute, where's Temari and TenTen?" Ino asked.

"We're here!" Temari and TenTen chorused. "Miss Yamanaka and company! C'mon you're going to be left behind!" Kakashi shouted at them.

And so Ino, Temari, TenTen, Sakura and Hinata followed the rest of the class. Sasuke looked back at them only to see the laughing Sakura and he smirked at the sight. Unfortunately for him, Naruto saw this and smirked also.

'Wow, I believe the cold hearted bastard is falling in love!' Naruto thought.

When they reached their destination, most of them were hungry and tired. They didn't even bother to listen to Kakashi anymore, they just set up their tents and went in and rested.

Kakashi assigned some of them to get logs and unfortunately Sasuke and Sakura were the people ordered to get some.

'Why am I always stuck with that jackass?' Sakura thought as she got out of the tent. Hinata giggled as Sakura left the tent but Sakura was too busy cursing under her breath to notice.

"Stick with me; I wouldn't want to get in trouble if ever you're hurt" Sasuke told her as they plunged in deeper in the woods. "As if!" Sakura cried.

She quickened her pace then stopped then looked at Sasuke. "I'll be off your shoulders the sooner we gather some freakin' logs!" Sakura said. She was bursting with anger but she wouldn't want to embarrass herself right?

"Then stay here" Sasuke said then disappeared. Sakura rolled her eyes then counted. "3…2…1" then Sasuke appeared again his arms full of logs and twigs and pieces of wood.

"C'mon let's go." Sasuke said heading back to their campsite. "Show-off" Sakura muttered under her breath then walked back to the campsite also.

Kakashi assigned Chouji to light the fire but he was too busy eating his chips as usual so he assigned Sasuke instead so he used his Fire Technique or whatsoever and once more Sakura found herself muttering "Show-off"

After they had lit the fire somebody was assigned to cook some fish that were caught by some other students. Temari and TenTen were the ones assigned.

Okay so after eating and everything they rested for awhile but then they got bored and decided to think of something to do. "I'm bored" Ino said out of nowhere. "Duh? We all are" TenTen said

Ino rolled so that she was lying on her belly and rested her head on her hands. "Uhmm…How bout we play a game." Ino said.

"Yeah! How bout Truth or Dare!" TenTen suggested. "No! How about Truth AND Dare?" Ino said her eyes twinkling.

"Yeah that is a great idea. Only problem is, who're the people involved?" TenTen asked.

"Leave that to my charm" Ino said standing up. She easily persuaded Temari and they planned to have a conversation in front of Naruto since he is easily persuaded.

Well their plan was a success. Naruto was once again eavesdropping and immediately urged the guys to come and play the game also.

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Hinata decided to play also because the presence of his cousin in a "Truth and Dare" game is kind of hilarious to see and a bit interesting to watch.

"C'mon Sakura! It's gonna be fun!" Ino said trying all her might to convince Sakura to join them. Sakura shook her head no. She really didn't want to be involved in a game where she could be embarrassed and made fun of.

"No I don't want to." Sakura said with a smile when she was about to turn Sasuke said something. "Are you afraid or something?" Sasuke said.

'Damn! He's being an idiotic man again!' Sakura thought. She turned then said, "For your uninformed information I am not afraid of a simple game like that!" Sakura said a frown plastered in her face.

"Then why don't you join us?" Sasuke said. Sakura's frown deepened then walked towards them then seated beside Hinata. She was shooting sharp daggers at Sasuke. Well he just smirked at this predicament.

"Okay! Let's start! Whoever the person is being pointed at by the head of the bottle will have to answer the question and do the dare."

"And after doing the thing being asked, he'll spin the bottle and give the question and so on and so forth. Get it?"

"We have to answer the question truthfully and do the dare?" Neji asked. "Yeah" Ino answered.

"I thought this was truth or dare" he said. "Nope! I changed it to Truth AND Dare! It sounds more exciting and interesting." Ino said. Neji then nodded.

"Okay I'll begin." Ino said then spun the bottle. It was pointed at Neji then she smiled mischievously. "Here's the question"

"Do you have any crush on any of the girls in our class?" Ino asked smiling an evil smile and she looked directly on Neji's blank eyes. Hinata can't help but giggle. I mean who would ever think about asking Neji such question?

Neji raised an eyebrow. But then he should tell the truth. So he slowly nodded. Hinata was wide eyed and was really shocked that he actually told the truth. She expected for him to lie but WOW he told the truth!

Everyone was shocked especially TenTen. She was slightly disappointed that he had a crush on one of their classmates. 'It's impossible to be me. Who would like me?' TenTen thought sadly.

"Then here's my dare. Hold the hand of the girl you're crushing on and drag her here or if she's here already then just hold her hand." Ino said.

"What if I don't want to?" Neji asked. "Then take off a piece of your clothing. I repeat clothing not accessories or whatever. It's really cold tonight don't you think?" Ino teased.

Surely Neji was not yet at all ready to tell the whole world who he's crushing on. Then without any hesitation Neji took off his shirt then immediately shivered.

"Well that's your choice, not mine, Go ahead spin the bottle." Ino said. She was disappointed that Neji didn't do her dare and so are TenTen and everybody else.

Neji spun the bottle and it landed on Naruto. Naruto was about to eat ramen when the bottle pointed towards him. "Hold that bite Naruto!" Neji commanded.

"What'll you choose? Ramen or comrade?" Neji asked. "I'm not stupid Neji of course I would choose comrade over ramen!" Naruto said then started for the ramen again.

"Hold it again Naruto!" Neji shouted. "I dare you, not to eat ramen starting tonight until this trip is over." Neji dared. Naruto stopped. He froze. He couldn't do that! He loved ramen too much! Even when he was in missions he still had ramen by his side. But it was a challenge and Naruto wouldn't back up on a challenge so he slowly nodded his head.

Everybody was shocked. Could Naruto survive without eating ramen while all of them are? "Or else I'll beat you up to a great lump of pruned flesh." Neji threatened.

"I don't care if you beat me up, what I care about is not taking back my word!" Naruto defended. Neji smirked. "Good Luck" Neji said.

"Okay! My turn!" Naruto said like an excited little boy. He spun the bottle and it was pointed to the direction of Sasuke. 'Great luck' Sasuke told himself sarcastically.

"Sasuke! Do you enjoy Sakura's company?" Naruto said kneeling on his knees and looking at Sasuke's eyes directly. Everybody's head shot up. What was the meaning of Naruto's question?

Sasuke was stomped! What the hell was he talking about? While Sasuke was having a frustrating battle inside his mind Sakura is annoyed about the question.

"I don't know" Sasuke said. "You're not telling the truth" Neji said out of nowhere. 'I forgot, Neji can read minds' Sasuke thought.

"Yes and No. That's all I'm saying" Sasuke said. He didn't sound like he was guilty or hesitant. It sounded like he was telling the truth. Naruto looked at Neji and then he nodded.

Sakura raised an eyebrow at this. 'Yes and No? What kind of answer is that?' Sakura asked herself.

"Okay the dare…" Naruto whispered as he looked around. He was looking for something that Sasuke could do then he came around a certain clearing then a thought came to his head.

"How 'bout you drag Sakura somewhere in the woods and you go on bonding and stuff." Naruto said. 'It isn't that hard Sasuke. Thank me for not making the dare more complicated.'

"I'm so not going out with that jerk!" Sakura said out of nowhere. "Then take off a piece of clothing." Ino said giggling. Sakura muttered numerous curses then looked at Neji that was slightly shivering.

"I don't want to do it" Sasuke said. "Then take off a piece of clothing" Ino and Naruto said. Sasuke took off his shirt also and immediately shivered just like Neji.

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After the exhausting game of "Truth and Dare" they finally decided to turn in and get some shut eye. Naruto was given a lot of questions and a lot of dares. They consist mostly about ramen since Naruto loves ramen.

Ino was dared not to speak for the whole game. Hinata was asked to speak up. TenTen was asked to let her hair down since she hates doing that. Shikamaru was told not to be a lazy ass. And Umi, well he was asked to shut up for the whole trip and he could only speak when he needs to. Temari was asked to beat the hell out of Gaara and Kankorou which she gladly did. A/N: How did she hurt Gaara?o0

And Sakura? I'll tell you that on the coming chapters.

While everybody was sleeping, Sakura slipped out of her tent and sat at a branch of a tree. She stared at the moon and thought of how perfect the moon is.

She then suddenly heard a rustle of leaves. She looked around but saw nobody. She figured it might just be the wind. Again, a rustle of leaves but this time there were no sign of any wind. Sakura became suspicious. Then suddenly Sasuke came into view.

"What're you doin' this late at night?" he asked Sakura. "I should be saying the same thing." Sakura replied. Sasuke smirked and sat down beside Sakura.

Sakura had cooled off from the earlier incidents. She forgot all about it when she started to admire the beauty of the moon.

"I was gazing at the full moon. It's perfect isn't it?" Sakura said looking up the sky. "It's pretty along with the stars." She said. She didn't notice that Sasuke was staring at her.

Sasuke was awestruck with Sakura's beauty. The way she glowed when the light of the moon shines on her. He would like to do nothing than kiss her right there, right now.

'What the hell am I thinking!' Sasuke thought looking away from Sakura slightly blushing.

"Sasuke are you okay? You're turning into a red hot chili." Sakura said looking over at Sasuke's direction.

Sasuke looked at her again and he couldn't resist her anymore. He leaned over and kissed her fully on the lips.

Sakura of course was super shocked at his sudden gesture. But to her utter amazement, she found herself kissing him back.

Sasuke's hand moved up and down her arms which gave Sakura some shivers. Neither of them was thinking straight. They were only focused on the kiss they're giving each other.

He parted her lips and was happy that she didn't resist him, as his tongue tasted the inside of her mouth. They were so caught up in the moment they didn't realize how long they were kissing until they had to stop for air.

They looked at each others eyes. 'Is this a dream?' Sakura said to herself. 'Was my head working properly!' Sasuke screamed inside his head.

But at that moment, nothing really mattered to them. It was just insane.

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