Teen Titans: The Beginnings of Greatness

The day started like any other, bright, with mild clouds to obscure the sun's rays, and yet its significance was wasted on the rest of Jump City, a hot spot for criminal activity. A man stood at the foot of an extravagant set of stairs leading to a pair of huge, ornate, gilded doors. The building, ancient beyond its inhabitant's reckoning, looks as if it was built for the wealthy nobleman of the 16th century France. Ancient and foreboding, the place also possessed a unique blend of strength and peace. This place was a school for orphans, lost children, those with no other place to go. Run by a dedicated old couple, and the hired help, this place turned none away. He was here on business, but part of him could remember the familiar feel of living with forty other homeless kids. For this man, this teenager was an orphan at one time. The man was Robin, masked hero, and sidekick to the famous Batman. Heir to the Dark Knight's legacy, this masked teen also devoted his life to stemming the tide of evil that threatens to drown humanity in chaos. He was cautioned by Batman earlier, that working solo was harder at first; criminals hardly respect the power in individuals. Their "talk" still echoed in the back of his mind.


Robin paced the Bat-cave, a habit he picked up from Batman, while his mentor watched.

"All I'm saying is that you need more experience Dick. You can't just go to a city and expect the criminals to flee."

"I know, but how am I supposed to get experience in your shadow? I can't be the Boy Wonder forever, you know. I've got to grow up sometime."

"Why don't you try working in a team? They could help, and you could even make some friends."

"Stop treating me like a kid, heroes don't need friends, they need strength."

"Where do you think that strength comes from? The will to carry on when you know there will always be evil out there, comes from friends, from knowing that you can make the world a better place, even if it's only for a short while."

"Still, who else in their right mind would want to be a teenage superhero?"

Batman stared, silent for once.

"Look, the point is, you need experience, and you can't get it in Gotham City. So, why don't you go to Jump City?"

"Where would we stay, I've never been to Jump City before?"

"Accommodations are being made as we speak," Batman said cryptically.

"Who would join this "team" when they don't even know about it?"

"Do I have to do everything for you?" Batman said with a sigh. He pulled out a folder and tossed it on the table.

"What's this?" Robin asked, picking up the folder.

"A list of teens you can ask to join your team. All have expressed interest in becoming heroes. Well, all but one…"

"Raven," Robin cut him off, reading the file, "says she might be powerful if she could control her powers. Cyborg wants to be a hero, and BB too? Hmmm…this might not be so bad."

(End Flashback)