Chapter 5

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The ride to the tower was uneventful, but Robin couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss. The figure he saw flying towards his home was a part of it, but he sensed there was something…more. Lost in thought as he was, his driving was more erratic than usual, and Raven was afraid they were going to hit something. Ok, more afraid than usual. He sensed her fear and slowed down, focusing on the road. This would be her first time seeing the tower; he took the long way for the best view.

'Not that she would see anything with her eyes closed so tightly' he thought to himself.

Raven, however, had no idea where they were, only that they were headed to the 'Tower.' She did notice that Robin's reckless driving became somewhat less reckless. They were nearing a rise when she felt them slow down. She risked opening her eyes to look at Robin when she caught sight of the 'T' Tower. Home of the Teen Titans, this tower stood against all that would threaten these people, a duty it bore with pride and honor. From its rooftop one could see all of Jump City and a very beautiful view of the desert too. Raven looked upon her future home and felt a mix of emotions, one pride in the giant "T', and also fear of the responsibility living there would give. A duty that she felt she belonged to, as did the impetuous young detective.

"Are you ready to see the inside?" Robin's words woke Raven from her thought, and with a nod they were off again, heading to an unknown future residing in that tower.

Raven thought Robin's costume was over-themed, she had no idea what over-themed was. She also never thought she could hate a letter so much, but she was rapidly developing a certain distaste for the letter "T". As dorky as it made her feel to live here, she would accept it, after all, this place was the beginning to here solution. She wasn't sure if they could help her, but she had no one else to turn to, she needed help.

"Yo, Robin, we got company."

Cyborg's voice broke the silence the two had been sharing. Robin was walking in silence, showing Raven the path to the main room when Cyborg spoke.

"Who is it?"

"Someone from the JLA, said they have someone they want us to meet, a guest to this planet."

Robin walked into the main room to find two strangers, one obviously older, flamboyantly dressed hero and one…stunningly beautiful, teenage girl.

She had long purple boots, a simple purple skirt and top, orange skin, long red hair, and smiling green eyes…

The hero, Superman, handed Robin a stack of papers and started talking about the strange girl. Who, at this point, was ogling Robin.

"Her name is Starfire. She's from a planet called Tamaran, and she has come to Earth in an attempt for her planet and ours to have friendly relations…"

"Wait," Robin interrupted, and in a lower voice, "you want us to baby-sit an alien? That was not what I had intended when I started this team"

"We in the JLA cannot afford to look after a single girl, we have far too much on our plate already. When Batman told us of your plans here, we thought it would be a good experience for both of you. All we want is for you to look after her for awhile, show her around the city, that we are a peace-loving people. Then she will go back to her planet and you'll never see her again. She knows a little of our language and customs already, it's up to you now. Good luck, kid."

With that Superman opened the window and flew off, leaving the girl behind. Starfire, for her part, was rather surprised herself, but she was still staring at Robin. Raven was a little uncomfortable with the way she was outright staring at him, but the thought was fleeting as she finally spoke.

"Salutations fellow heroes, I am Starfire, and it is such a joy to be on your wonderful planet!"

Starfire had a 100-wat smile on her face the whole time, and Raven was envying Robin's mask at this point. The very Robin who was now getting to know the alien girl, seemingly forgetting about Raven. They all were, until a gentle shadow fell over her shoulder and started a conversation.

"She's a long way from home, you know. She needs a friend to help her now more than ever, and as you are the only other girl, you're our prime candidate."

Raven looked and saw Cyborg grinning at her, she had trouble sensing his aura as he was a machine, but she could grow used to it.

"I think…I could use a friend too."

Cyborg laughed, deep and from the belly, not loud, but sincere.

"Of that, Dark Girl, there are plenty to choose from, all good and true to the core. Our young Traffic Light more than any." Raven almost giggled at the name, "L'll show you to your room."

As Cyborg started down the hall, Raven on his trail, she took one last look around the main room, her gaze stopping on the still talking Boy Wonder. She turned and followed the bionic teen, trying to get used to her new surroundings.

Starfire had just told the boy in front of her, apparently the leader, of her circumstances on this planet. He was telling her of the place they were in, the "T" Tower, their headquarters. These people were heroes on their planet, crime-fighters, which was fine with her, she was against anything evil from the start. When the sun started to set, the boy, Robin she made a point to remember, showed her to her room. When the door slid shut behind her she put her things on her bad flopped down next to them. As her eyes drifted close her thoughts turned to the masked boy, Robin. And before sleep consumed her, she had time for one final thought.

'This might not be so bad'