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Title: Thranduil's Last Breath 1

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Celebwen & Manon

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Angst, violence, character death

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Legolas is called home to Mirkwood when he receives word that his father is dying. Aragorn follows.



"Legolas!" Aragorn called, and handed the elf a letter.

Legolas came forward; his eyes caught by what Aragorn had in his hand.

"What is it this time, your highness? Is it something from Gimli?" Legolas asked, a smile on his face.

Legolas thought of Gimli's teasing; the dwarf used to send Legolas foolish things, until Legolas had enough of it and let Aragorn open all the messages, not wanting to fall for Gimli's tricks.

"It is not Gimli's doing this time, my friend," Aragorn said, and handed him the letter.

"This is from Mirkwood, from your father…"

Legolas took the message, and opened it. "My father…?"

Aragorn looked at his friend, not knowing what was passing through his mind.

Tears fell down Legolas' face, which made the king move and stand next to him.

"Legolas, what is it? What is wrong?" Aragorn asked.

There was no answer from Legolas, only more tears.


The prince read the letter over and over again, not believing what he was reading.

Aragorn reached out with his hand and grabbed the letter to read it for himself.

"Oh… Legolas…" Aragorn said and put his arm around Legolas' shoulders. He gave them a gentle squeeze as he thought his friend would need all the comfort that he could give.

Legolas wiped away the tears and swallowed hard before he said with a sad voice, "I need to go… my father needs me…"

"Then I am coming with you, my friend," Aragorn said.

"No! You need to stay. Your people need you. They need their king!" Legolas exclaimed.

"They will understand, and Arwen will be here, anyway," Aragorn said to him, not knowing why Legolas did not want him to be there.

"But…" Legolas did not see why his friend should accompany him, and tried to give his reasons, but was interrupted by Aragorn.

"Oh, Legolas, stop that," Aragorn said, and added, "You cannot handle this by yourself, and I cannot see you broken inside, not like this."

Legolas swallowed, not saying a word.

Aragorn continued, taking advantage of Legolas' silence. "You need a friend to be there for you when the time comes, and you know it."

Legolas lowered his head; he did not feel capable of dealing with what lay ahead of him.Maybe Aragorn was right.

"Then we are leaving tonight…" Legolas said, but was interrupted once more by his friend.

"No, Legolas we will leave at first light… I need to inform Gimli, and my wife, so they are aware of the situation," Aragorn said.

'Aware of the situation…' Legolas thought and walked away, feeling the need to be alone.

Aragorn saw his friend leave and wanted to follow him, but his legs did not move.

"Curse you," he told his legs.

At night…

Legolas cursed his friend. He wanted to go to his father immediately, not wanting to be too late. He packed, walked to the stable and mounted his horse.

His mind was focused on his father, worried about his condition, and he wished desperately to be there.

He left, thinking that no one would notice his departure, though he knew that Aragorn would be very angry with him in the morning.

But he did not know that Lord Faramir had seen him; he was too caught up with his thoughts.

End of Chapter 1.