Title: Thranduil's Last Breath 9 (Sad End) Part 2 of 2

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: nautika

Rating: T

Warning: Angst, violence, characters death. Tissues are needed

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Legolas is called home to Mirkwood when he receives word that his father is dying. Aragorn follows.

Warning Note: A bit of Non-Canon, and OOC stuff, please don't kill me for it.

Author confession: I am deeply sorry for the late of the update. This is the closest of eulogizing I did. I never mourned of those who died, even when I was younger, so this is for you, my grandma, and for my grandpa-s who died, when I kept my emotions inside.



The king, the queen, Gimli, Elrond, the twins, Mirkwood's royal guards, elves and men, walked slowly over the beautiful place to bury Prince Legolas.

King Elessar cherished this place, and wanted to give it to Legolas. It was now the last gift he could give the prince.

The group surrounded the elf's body as it lay on the green grass.

The king looked at his friend's body, and then he simply turned around. He could not face him and found himself simply speechless.

Queen Arwen noticed the way her husband walked away from the group; she hurried after him, reached him and then she moved her hand over his shoulder and softly asked, "Estel, what is wrong?"

"I cannot…" the king answered as he turned to face her.

Arwen could see the tears that feel from her husband's eyes. She moved her hand to wipe the tears away, comforting him as she spoke, "Yes, you can, Estel. Respect him in his death, talk about the unique friendship that you share… speak of the good things about you and Legolas…"

The king stared at her with amazement and pride. He felt happiness that she married him, and then the sadness covered him, thinking of the loss of his best friend.

"You are right." Elessar said to her, and then they returned to the group.

Elessar spoke, "We are here today to show respect for Prince Legolas, as a friend, and even as a brother..."

Elessar could hear a sob; he looked over and could see Gimli crying.

"Gimli?" Elessar called to him, and put a hand on the dwarf's shoulder, squeezing it lightly.

"I am all right, though it is not everyday you lose your friend, even one from different race." Gimli replied as tears still fell from his eyes.

"You right, my friend," Elessar softly said to the dwarf, and then he continued, "And this is the meaning of it."

They all stood around Legolas's lifeless body, circled him, and then they lowered their heads to show the honor they had for him.

And then Lord Gimli took the first step, and knelt beside his friend's body, he sighed heavily, and then he started to say in grief, "I can no longer say I do not trust the elves, as I do trust you as the best friend that I ever had. I will keep the memories, adventures that we took part."

King Elessar watched Gimli closely to make sure that Gimli finished saying whatever he had in his mind.

"Lord Gimli?"

"I do not know what I should say…" Gimli looked up at the king, his eyes were wet as the tears rolled down his cheeks as he cried upon the elf's body and cried over the loss of his best friend.

Arwen stepped forward and knelt beside him and took him into an embrace, letting the dwarf cry upon her shoulder.

Then she raised her head; looking over the dwarf's shoulder, to see what her husband doing.

King Elessar knelt too over the dwarf, gently saying what was in his heart, "You should speak about him; what kind of person, elf, he was to you, how you acted in your first talk without fighting, how you befriended him. Tell what it is in your heart."

Gimli nodded at his words, took one deep breath, and then released it, as he stared over the fresh grave in front of him. He knelt, and took some dirt in his hand, staring at him, and finally spoke with emotion, "Legolas, mellon-nin, why have you left me here? Why are you giving up? You, you are the one who never lost hope until after your father died, why?"

Elessar watched his friend as he noticed the brand new tears that fell from his eyes, and he could felt that Gimli had only started his funeral oration.

"I love you as a friend… why have you left me like this? Where could I find friends like you, an elf like you, to share my thoughts, anything? Where? Could you tell me?" Gimli almost cried aloud as he let the tears fall from his eyes.

Elessar turned to look at his wife, hoping she could do something to help the dwarf, before he had a breakdown.

Arwen walked over to the dwarf, helping him on his feet, and then she looked at her husband, hoping that he would talk to ease the pain from his mind and heart, knowing how close and tight the friendship was between Aragorn and Legolas, knowing how important it was for both of them.

"Estel… talk to him, do not just stare at the grave, you need to say something." Arwen said, and moved over to him, and softly moving her hand over his shoulder.

"I do not know where should I begin…" Elessar said though his mind was elsewhere.

"You should start from the beginning." Arwen suggested and kept staring at him, as her eyes gleamed with hope and understanding.

The king knelt by the open grave, staring at the lifeless form of his friend, and with a shattered voice he started to say the words he never wished to say, "Legolas, mellon-nin, I will never forget how we first became friends, and brought Imladris and Mirkwood closer, though I could tell how Lord Elrond worried about the two of us, returning injured though happy from every journey we took…" he could feel the tears leaving his eyes, he leant his head on his hands as he cried for the loss of his friend.

Elrond came closer to the man, he moved his hand and put in on his shoulder as he encouraged him, "You are doing well, ion-nin."

Elessar did not turn to look at his foster father, though he continued, "I know that you followed me blindly in the Quest of the Ring, no matter what I did, you did. You saved me more than once, claiming that my life is worth living for, and my presence is needed…" the man swallowed hard as he let go with another cry, and then he continued, staring into the blank air, "I still can not bear that you are dead, how can I? You were my closest friend, and I feel that you were like a brother to me, and now when you have left me like this, I could felt a hole blown in my heart, as though I lost my own flesh, as I lost you, my best friend, my brother…"

Elessar broke down and fell upon the open grave.

Arwen and Elrond hurried to the fallen king, they could see the way the tears rolled down, and tried to comfort him.

"I… I do not know how I will manage without you for covered my back every time we had fun and were hurt on the way… I do not know how I will keep you in my heart. I do not wish to forget all the good times and even the bad times that we shared." Aragorn added with new tears.

"You will manage, my son," Elrond said to him, "We are here for you, to help you with what you will need."

Elessar turned to look at his Adar. Elrond could see the sorrow behind the tears and yet he continued to comfort the man, giving him assurance that he is not alone.

Elessar continued, as he turned his head again to the open grave, and said his last words, "I wanted to give you Ithilien, I knew how much you were fascinated the beauty of the nature. I could feel that you loved it same as your own kingdom, enjoying the smell and the song of nature that surrounded you. I could felt it too… that is why I decided to lay your body in this city…"

The End!