Forgotten Memories

Disclaimer-NO! I do-not own Inuyasha...or anything related of him

AN-This is just little drabble I wrote when I was bored, I tried to make it as dramatic as I could, sadly, I'm not a dramatic person TT

Kagome stared at the well, and then at the Shikon No Tama.

It can't be

The well was sealed the jewel was complete

I never even got to tell him...

Her journey was done, forever.

Never again

They had killed Naraku, taking the last of the Shikon Jewel, and she vanished, back in her own time.


She would never see any of them again. Not Sango, not Miroku, not Shippo, not Kilala, not...

not Inuyasha.

Come back

She broke down and cried.

Don't leave me

The concerning voices of her family soon faded out

It's too much pain

She wanted to be back, back in the feudal era.


She wanted to see all of her friends. She wanted to see Shippo's eyes sparkle with happiness at the sight of treats. She wanted to see Sango curl up by Kirara at night when she went to sleep. She wanted to see Miroku with a red hand mark on his cheek with a cheesy grin. She wanted - no, she needed, she needed, to be in Inuyasha's presence one again.

It won't happen

That was all she wanted, to be with her friends again.


Through their traveling, they had formed a family. A family, with love and friendship. How could she leave them?


She was back to being a normal schoolgirl again, isn't that what she had wanted from the beginning?


It couldn't be

It's a lie

It's a lie