Chapter Seventeen

Warning(s): brief mention of M-Preg


Harry stood on the dark pathway leading up to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The wind billowed about him, lifting his cloak and blowing his hair around in a gentle-like manner.

The castle loomed over him in the darkness and Harry could feel the sorrow radiate from it. But the sorrow was distinctly human, and not the castle. It seems like the students missed the old headmaster more than the castle did.

"Are we going?" Harry turned to Kayan and removed his hand from Blaze's head. "You can't just stare at it all night."

"I know. It's just been too long. I don't know if I should… I mean, I'm not even supposed to be here. After Two years….." Harry said nervously. Kayan wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulders.

"Harry, the Headmaster's family as the right to live with him in the castle." Harry smirked. "It still gets you does it?"

"It's is odd that my father was chosen to take over the position. I thought McGonagall would have been the choice." Kayan shrugged. "I guess they liked my father because of his potential to be…erm….you know. Not biased." Kayan laughed.

"That must be the reason. Now let's go. Your father is waiting for us." Harry followed Kayan up tot he castle and down the hallways to the Headmaster's office. Harry spoke the password, unity, and they rode the stairs up.

"Harry! Kayan! I've been waiting for you two." Severus called out from inside. Harry gave Kayan a look and they stepped inside.

"How do you do that?" Harry asked. "Dumbles did it too."

"A little plate with the visitors names lights up when you reach the gargoyle. Then I hear your footsteps and time it just right…" Severus trailed off as he caught the look of exasperation on Harry's face.

"You mean all this time it was something that simple? And here I thought he was psychic or something." Severus laughed. "How did the sorting go?"

"It went well. One of the Weasley brats, one of Charlie's kids, got sorted into Slytherin." Severus commented. "And some of the children from darker homes went into Gryffindor."

"That's good then." Harry said. "Have you started a house-friendly group?"

"Yes. They meet every few nights to talk or do whatever children do. I've even set up a table for those who want to sit with friends from other houses." Harry smiled. "How is Tom doing?"

"He's good. We've managed to throw a hook into the Ministry about Fudge and his incompetence. They're biting. We're hoping to place Arthur Weasley, who has talked to Tom and is in agreement with us, as Minister."

"Then things are going well. Good." Harry nodded. "Soon we'll be the way we should be."

"That will be nice." Harry agreed. The fireplace to their right suddenly flared to life and Tom stepped through. He dusted off his robes and gave them all a devilish grin.

"It's done. Fudge is out and Arthur is in." Harry sighed with relief and Severus grinned. "He's already working on the jumbled mess Fudge had called paperwork. Expect some changes within the Ministry and the Law soon."

"Excellent. Do Remus and Sirius know?"

"Just told them. Remus was crying…does anyone know why?" Harry and Kayan shared a look. "What?"

"Hormones." They said at the same time. Jaws dropped, Harry and Kayan laughed, then Harry placed his hand on his own abdomen. "Looks like this will be the perfect world to raise children. Don't you agree Kayan?"

"Totally." Severus fainted and Tom sat down hard on the nearest chair. Harry and Kayan laughed.

Their laughter rang throughout the office and down the corridor, marking the beginning of a new age and a new world.


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