The Darkness in My Heart
Troubled Sora

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Sora sighed as he looked out to the ocean from the balcony above his house. Glancing down, he saw Riku and Kairi by the paupu tree. Noticing this, he looked harder and noticed that they were close – TO close for Sora's liking. He pulled out his collapsible telescope and took an even closer look. What he saw crushed his heart. They were kissing each other, hot and passionately, leaving Sora feeling like they had ripped out his heart and cut it up, not caring how he felt.

Infuriated, Sora stomped down to the docks and untied his boat. It had been a present from Kairi when he turned twelve, because his other boat had gotten ruined in a storm. Sora always had the worst luck. At least he always had his friends – or at least he THOUGHT so until today. He decided to go out for a while and clear his head – AND get away from his backstabbing friends. He looked over at the tree, and to add to his fire, the two were now on the ground kissing and holding hands. Angrily, Sora rowed out into the vast ocean without realizing that it would be dark soon.

By now, Sora was exhausted. He had pushed himself harder and harder, not even listening when his arms had started to ache. All he concentrated on was his "friends" betrayal of his feelings. By the time Sora decided to rest, his arms fought in resistance to the slightest movement. He laid back in the boat, staring at the now darkened sky. From where he was, he could just barely make out the island by squinting.

"Here I am, by myself… again," Sora mused out loud. "It seems I've been doing a lot of that, lately."

This wasn't the first time he had gone out alone on his little boat. But this time was different. He had never gone so far or at night before, but he still sensed that something wasn't quite right. He shrugged it off, thinking it was just his bottled up emotions; nothing more. Slowly, he sat up, arms still sore.

Lately Riku and Kairi had been spending more time together, often times leaving Sora all alone. And the few times he was invited he often felt left out in their activities. He would have gone and hung out with Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie, but they were always like they were meant just for each other, and had no room for outsiders. So he spent his time alone, finding various tasks to entertain himself.

Feeling his stomach growl (he had left before dinner) he decided that he had to go home and face Kairi and Riku sometime. He picked up the oars and started rowing the boat slowly. One reason because he didn't want to be near his two traitorous friends, and two, his arms still hurt from when he first rowed out.

He hadn't gotten very far before suddenly the sky – which had been crystal clear mere minutes ago – clouded with tons of storm clouds and a thick fog settled around the small boat and the young boy inside it. Without any sense of direction, Sora frantically rowed the boat in the direction he remembered last seeing the island, ignoring his aching arms and only worrying about survival.

The water had suddenly gotten rougher, making it harder and harder for Sora to row. He finally had to give up the effort – he was getting nowhere and the rowing was tiring him out. A now soaking wet Sora pulled in the oars, letting the boat get thrown around in the worsening storm.

He had only been in the storm for 5 minutes, but already his boat was filling with water. Picking up a bucket, he started bailing out the water. It was a worthless attempt, because with every bucket he put out, more came in.

As he looked out while throwing out some of the salty seawater, he saw dark figures beneath the surface. Ignoring it, thinking it was mind tricks, he looked up at the cotton candy shaped clouds (he couldn't help but think about food) and he hoped that they weren't the kind with lightning. But those worries were soon the least of his problems, as a big black and purple tentacle rose out of the surface of the water …

Riku was holding Kairi by the paupu tree, enjoying the taste of Kairi's sweet lips in his mouth. He wasn't thinking, or even paying attention to anything else, just the warmth of the small, younger girl in his lap. He hadn't noticed when Sora left the island, or the fact that he was starving (evidently, Riku hadn't gotten dinner either), and only noticed that a storm was going on, until he started getting wet from the rain.

Waking Kairi up from her nap, they both went to the small building where Sora, Riku, and Kairi's rooms and house were. Selphie, Wakka, and Tidus' rooms/ house were on the other side of the island.

He left Kairi in her room, where she decided to turn in for the night. The silver-haired boy went to his own room and jumped onto his bed, where he bounced slightly from the landing. Now that Kairi was gone, Riku was finally able to think clearly again. His thoughts came flooding back to him, and he remembered his guilt about leaving his friend all by himself.

'Sora and I used to be inseparable before Kairi came. We went on tons of adventures together, always sharing whatever we found. But now … where was Sora anyways?' Riku thought.

Climbing off his bed, he went to Sora's room and knocked on the brown wooden door. No answer. "Sora?" he called. Still no answer. 'He must still be mad at me for ignoring him. Either that, or he saw Kairi and me kissing.' Riku went back to his room.

Inside, he said, "Either that, or he's over with Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie, but there is no possible way I am going to the other side of the island to find out!"

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Panicking, Sora tried to get away from the tentacle. The giant appendage crashed down on the small boat, smashing it to pieces. Sinking, the last thing he heard was a menacing laugh and three words so soft, it was barely audible . . .

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