The Darkness in My Heart

A Friend in Need

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Sora thought of a memory with him and Riku together. He chose one from when they were very young. In fact it was the very first time he met Riku. He was six and Riku was seven.

Sora had just moved to the island, and this was his first time alone on the island. The Destiny Islands were famous for their safety when it came to robbers and kidnappers. That's why his mother had chosen this place. Wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of red shorts, he wandered around the island, eventually coming to a small island that was connected to the main island by a small, wooden bridge.

He went through the wooden seaside shack and up to the bridge. He spotted a tree that was grown at an odd angle. It had small, yellow, star shaped fruits coming off of it, and Sora started to wonder what kind of fruit it was. He walked up to the tree and climbed on top of a part that looked like somebody could sit on.

He reached up the fruit, but realized that he was to short. He started to climb the tree, finding it difficult. He had never climbed one before. He had almost reached the top of the tree. He reached a hand out to get the fruit, and he could almost touch it, when he heard a voice from behind him.

"Hey, what are you doing on my tree?" came the voice of a boy behind him; surprising Sora and making him fall to the ground. He looked at the source and of the noise, and he saw a boy with the strangest features he had ever seen. He had silver hair that glistened in the sunlight, and entrancing aqua eyes, which were narrowed into a glare. "Well, are you going to answer my question, or not?" the boy asked, snapping Sora out of his thoughts.

"Oh, uh, I didn't know it was your tree," Sora said, rubbing the back of his head where he fell. "It's just I …" Sora trailed off.

"You what?" the boy asked, getting angry.

"I was just wondering what kind of fruit that was," Sora answered, sitting up and looking at the ground. "I'm sorry," he added.

"Hmph," the boy said. He climbed onto the tree, and with expert motions he climbed the tree and picked two of the star shaped fruits. He climbed back down and lay with his back on the tree. "Here," he said, throwing the fruit at Sora.

He caught it barely, and he held it close. "Umm, thanks …" Sora trailed off again, realizing that he didn't know the boy's name.

"It's Riku," he said, taking a bite out of the fruit. "You?"

"Oh. I'm Sora," he said, giving off his famous smile.

"So, you new here, Sora?" Riku asked, taking another bite out of the fruit.

"Yeah, I just moved here," he answered. He took a bite, finding the juices sweet and runny. It tasted sugary, surprising the boy.

Looking at the surprise on the boy's face, Riku said, "It's called a paupu fruit. They say that if two people share a fruit, their destinies become intertwined."

"Intertwined? What's that mean?" Sora asked, genuinely confused. Riku looked at him and the confused look, and started laughing at him. "What?"

"Intertwined means that their destinies will always be apart of one another," he answered, after he said after he got over his laughing spell.

"Oh," Sora said, his cheeks becoming rosier. "Well …"

"What?" Riku asked, looking down at him.

"Do you wanna share one?" he asked, slightly embarrassed. The question seemed to catch Riku off guard, and he looked at Sora in surprise. They sat there in the uncomfortable silence, until Sora, feeling very embarrassed, thought he had done something wrong. "I'm sorry, Riku. I shouldn't have asked," he said getting up and running off with tears in his eyes.

"Wait!" Riku yelled, grabbing Sora by the arm before he could get to far away. "It's not that I don't want to, it's just … that nobody's cared before. It just … surprised me, that's all," he said, looking at the ground. "I'd like to share one with you, you know, if you still want to," he said with uncertainty.

"Yeah!" Sora said, looking at the older boy. "But what do you mean nobody's ever cared before? Don't you have any friends?" Sora asked, interested.

"No …They all think I'm weird because of my hair and eyes," he said.

"Well, I'll be your friend," Sora said, and gave Riku a friendly hug. He broke the paupu he was holding in half, and handed the other half to Riku. "Friends?" he asked.

"Friends," Riku said, taking the offered fruit, and they sat on the tree and ate it.

End Flashback

He looked at the small mirror he held in his hands, and he saw Riku sleeping with his arm in a sling. Sora aimed the Dream Mirror at the wall, and the portal was a strange mix of blue and pink. He remembered that pink meant that somebody was frightened, and was worried. He had never seen Riku frightened before, and he wondered what had him scared. He entered the doorway, and found himself in what looked like the islands except … different. There was no one else on the island, and it seemed smaller. He couldn't get into any of the houses on the island, so he took to looking around.

He saw a figure sitting on the paupu tree, and he went over to the seaside shack. He tried the door, but no matter how hard he yanked, it wouldn't open. So, instead, he went around to the side, and climbed on top of the roof. He walked over to the side, and jumped on to the cliff that connected the island to the smaller one. He crossed the bridge, and saw what looked like little Riku and little Sora sitting on the tree, sharing one of the fruits, just like in his memory.

Sora was confused. How did this scare Riku? Suddenly, everything seemed to change. It started to get all dark and creepy. He looked back at the younger versions of himself and Riku, and was surprised to see that it was they were no longer little kids, but they were the same age as they were now. Sora moved closer to the two boys, and listened to their conversation.

"Riku, I don't like this," the dream Sora said, shivering slightly.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you," he said, putting an arm around Sora's shoulder in a friendly way.

"Thanks," Sora said, huddling up into a tighter ball.

"Well, you're my best friend. I have to take care of you," he said, as lightning crashed. Dream Sora closed his eyes as the thunder boomed, so was completely oblivious to the giant tentacle that was rising out of the water. It slowly snaked it's way around Sora's waist, and no matter how Sora tried to warn them of it, nothing worked.

"Watch out," he yelled, trying to get their attention. But his cries fell upon deaf ears, and the tentacle gave a mighty yank, pulling Sora into the water. He gave a quick scream as his head disappeared under the water.

"Sora! No, Sora!" Riku cried, trying to grab his friend. After five minutes of the storm starting, it ended abruptly, leaving a saddened and wet Riku staring at the water. In the distance, something washed up on shore. The real Sora and dream Riku rushed over to it, both already knowing what it was.

They reached the lifeless object, and Sora's eyes widened at the sight. Riku gathered up a now dead dream Sora in his eyes and started to cry. "Sora … Sora!" he called. Suddenly, the real Sora started to glow blue, and was thrown out of the dream.

Confused at how he was now in the long tunnel, he groaned and looked into the Dream Mirror. There was Riku, sitting up, awake. He was sweating and his face looked drawn. Something told Sora that he had had this dream before, judging by the bags underneath the boys eyes. The older boy collapsed onto the bed, and just stared at the ceiling.

"Just a dream," the boy muttered to himself. He tried to move his arm, but winced in pain as he did so. "Dammit! Still hurts," he said to himself. "Sora, when are you going to wake up?"

The light in the hallway turned on, and Kairi came into the bedroom, in her nightgown, and yawning widely. "Have that dream again?" she asked, and Riku nodded his head in response. "You've been having that dream ever since you fell off of the island two days ago. What's wrong?" she asked, concerned.

"Nothing, I'm just worried about Sora, I guess," he answered.

"Does your arm still hurt?" she asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

"I tried everything I could, but even with my new powers, I can't mend it all the way. You're just lucky I kept it from breaking," she said. "I'm worried about Sora, too. Just … try to get some rest, okay?"

"Yeah, whatever," he said, and then turned on his side. Kairi left, and shut the door. Sora watched as Riku sighed, and the image faded.

"So, he fell off of the island?" Sora asked Pluto, who nodded in return. "Must have been pretty bad, if his arm almost got broken," he said to himself. "It's going to be weird not hearing you talk anymore," Sora said to the dog, and scratched him behind the ear.

Sora got off of the ground, and climbed inside of the large tent. He found the hairbrush, and started to brush the knots out of his mass of cinnamon locks. After a full ten minutes of brushing, he finally set down the brush.

He made his way over to the water basin, and washed his face and then brushed his teeth. He lay down in the small bed, and just relaxed for a bit. He took out the lion claw that he had received, and examined it. It was a rich white color, and very big. The tip seemed to have been dulled, so that it wouldn't hurt Sora when he wore it. After awhile, he put it away and turned to the side.

"Kairi, how are you?" he asked himself, pulled out the Dream Mirror. He thought of the memory where they discovered Kairi's cave, and the mirror glowed green and then showed Kairi sitting in her room. She was still awake from when she checked on Riku. She was leaning against the wall, and listening to her ipod while reading a book.

After awhile, she seemed to get bored of the book, and she marked the page that she was on with a bookmark. She sighed and started to fidget with something around her neck. Sora looked closer and realized that it was the necklace that he had given her, and he felt a small sense of pride inside himself knowing that he had worked hard to get that for her.

She sighed again, and got up and went over to the window, where she looked out over the ocean that reflected the large moon in the sky. "Sora, when are you coming back?" she asked softly to the ocean. "I miss you too."

"Kairi, I miss you too," Sora said quietly to the mirror, "don't worry, I'm coming back to you." He watched as she turned the light off and walked back to her bed, and eventually fell asleep. The mirror dimmed after that, and Sora put it away. He lay awake for awhile, before he too, fell asleep.

Sora found himself in what seemed to be the mountains. It was snowing, and Sora, being raised on the islands, wasn't used to the temperature. He continued to trudge on, shivering and holding his arms tight to his chest. Why he was here, he had no idea, but nevertheless he continued to walk along. Suddenly, a figure jumped out of the forest at him, and he jumped back in surprise.

"Come quietly, now," the figure said, and started towards him.

"No way!" Sora said, summoning the Keyblade. He eyed the figure in front of him with distaste. It was a tall, pale man with gleaming yellow eyes and long silver hair. It wasn't the same color of Riku's hair, more … paler. Sora lashed out at the attacker, and smacked him back. This seemed to make him angry.

"Resistance is pointless," he said, motioning around him. "I have you completely surrounded," he said with a smirk, and sure enough, there were large shadows all around him. They jumped on him, and there were just too many to count. And even though Sora put up quite a fight, they soon had him pinned to the cold, frozen ground, his Keyblade lost among the snow. He struggled violently as the man came closer. "Come now. You didn't think you could really save Kairi, did you?"

"Let her go," Sora ordered, a fierce look on his face. He continued to struggle against the shadows, but realized that it was futile.

"Bow down to me, and swear to serve me, and I might let you live," he said, looking down at him cruelly.

"If living means bowing down to the likes of you, then I'd rather die with my head held high!" Sora yelled at the man, and it seemed to anger him.

"Fine! Any last words?"

"Yeah!" he yelled, and managed to get a hand free. He grabbed the lion claw around his neck and yelled, "Power!" Suddenly, the air seemed to shimmer as a portal opened beside Sora, and King Simba stepped out onto the mountains. He attacked the shadows holding Sora down, and the young boy immediately sprung up and grabbed the Keyblade. He yelled, "Strike Raid," and he flung the Keyblade at some Heartless lingering over him. After he retrieved it, he turned his attention to the figure, who looked a little less confident. "Where's Kairi?" he demanded, but the man didn't give an answer.

"Find her, if you can," he said, and melted away into the darkness.

"Darn you!" Sora yelled, running to the spot where he used to be. He slammed the Keyblade into the ground, and leaned on it, clearly exhausted. "I have to find Kairi," he said, and got up and continued on his way up the mountain. Suddenly, he felt something pushing him to the side …

Sora awoke to Pluto nosing him to the side, and he groggily opened his eyes. He realized that it was a dream, and groaned than rolled over. "I don't wanna get up yet, Pluto," he moaned, and attempted to go back to sleep. The dog started to bark at him, and eventually Sora had to give in. "Fine, fine, I'm up," he mumbled, slowly sitting up. He ran a hand through his mass of brown hair, and then slowly got up. He went over to the water basin and rinsed off his face, and then found a hairbrush to fix his bad case of bed head. After all this had been done, he brushed his teeth then found a fresh pair of clothes to change into. He was now wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt underneath a gray jacket.

He exited the tent and found the button on the side. He made sure that Pluto was out before pressing the button. He watched the odd tent fold itself back up into a box, and Sora just shook his head. "I suppose I'll never know how that works," he said to himself, and picked up the box and put it into Pluto's bag. He put on his own backpack, and walked over to where the dog was waiting for him. "Alright. Ready to go?" he asked the dog. The dog nodded yes, and they started along the pathway.

Sora trudged along, seeing nothing before him but a strange mix of darkness and lightness, now more light than dark. He got bored of the same, mundane scenery, and instead looked down at his feet.

Walking along sort of became a pattern for the two as they continued along. Left. Right. Left. Right. (Or in Pluto's case, front left foot and back left foot, right front foot and back right foot.) Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right foot being pulled on by Pluto. Well that was new.

He looked down at the dog who was currently pulling on Sora's jeans. "What?" he asked. He set down the pack, and pulled out a small box from inside. Then he knew. "Oh, I guess I'm hungry too." He picked up the box that contained food for both of them, and he found a sandwich and a thermos of juice. He split the rather large sandwich in half, and handed one half to the dog. They split the thermos of juice – apple – and they finished their lunch. Afterwards, Sora put away all of the things that they used, and put his backpack back on.

He continued forward, the bleakness starting to make him drowsy. He was starting to fall asleep, and started to sag, but every time he did, he was barked at by the big dog next to him. "Sooo tired," Sora moaned, and they continued on for a little while before Pluto finally deemed a spot worthy enough for them to rest. He gratefully got out the tent and opened it, He crawled into the opening and laid down on the bed for a bit before he decided to get out their dinner.

This time when he opened the box, he found many different types of fruits. He picked out a couple, and placed them on the bed next to him. He searched through the contents and even found a couple that he didn't know. Which was why he was immensely surprised when he found a couple very rare fruits inside. He picked up one of the star shaped fruit, and he saw a note attached to it. It read:

Dear Sora,

I thought that you might be feeling a little homesick, so these sent this to you. Enjoy!

Your friend,


He looked surprised, and looked at the yellow fruit. He gave Pluto a couple of apples, and took one of the paupu fruits for himself. He bit into it. The sugary juices flowing into his mouth and making him drool slightly. It had been so long since he had one, and he had forgotten exactly how they tasted. "Mmmm," he moaned, savoring the sweet fruit in his mouth. "I'm gonna have to thank him when I see him again," Sora said, taking another bite. He finished off the paupu, and saved the other one for someone very special. They finished all of their dinner, and he put away the small box.

He laid down to rest, and he took out the Dream Mirror. Sora set remembered when he and Kairi were very little, and he had just met her.


Sora walked along the beach, the sun in the middle of the sky. There was a cool ocean breeze flowing across the island, bringing in the salty smell of the ocean. It ran across the flowers that littered the island in the back, stirring up the daffodils, daisies, and lilacs that Selphie, Sora, Wakka, Tidus, and Riku had planted last summer. The scent was a pleasant one, and Sora inhaled it deeply as they continued along their path.

They had just come from the cave that they had discovered the other day. Sora had been convinced that there was a monster in the cave, and had "persuaded" Riku to come. In fact, he had actually been begging and giving off his infamous pout, because he had been too afraid to go himself. Riku had finally decided to come, although it was more because he hated it when Sora just sat there staring at him with his big puppy eyes.

They had soon discovered, much to Sora's embarrassment, that it was just the wind coming through the cave and not a monster. With nothing else to do all day, they had decided to go meet the new mayor's daughter, who had just moved her from some far away place that neither Sora or Riku could pronounce. So, they followed the path from the cave down to the beach, heading towards the new mayor's house.

They arrived at the large place, and Riku timidly knocked on the door. An elderly old lady answered the door and smiled down at the two youths. "Ah, you must be here to see Kairi," the woman said in a kindly voice, then called up the stairs, "Kairi! You have some new friends down here that would like to meet you!" Soon, a redheaded youth came down the stairs. She saw the two young boys standing at the threshold and came outside. She shut the door behind her, and walked a little ways off of the steps.

"Umm … hi, I'm Kairi," she said, her voice kind and friendly. "What are your names?"

Sora stepped up first. "Hi! I'm Sora, and the silver haired boy over there is Riku!"

They both looked at Riku and the older boy eyed her carefully. He had only ever known one girl, and she was insane enough for everyone on the island. He didn't need two overly hyper girls jumping on him whenever they felt like it, very similar to the way Tigger jumps on Rabbit in one of his favorite storybooks. "Hey, Kairi," Riku said timidly.

"Yeah, he's kinda shy," Sora said, walking over and putting an arm on Riku's shoulder, obviously trying to impress her.

"Hey!" Riku said, and cuffed Sora lightly on the head.

"Ow! What was that for?" Sora cried indignantly, even though the small smack he had received hadn't hurt at all. Kairi giggled softly, her small white dress fluttering slightly in the breeze.

"Nothing," Riku said playfully. "So, Kairi, want us to show you around, seeing as you're new here and all. I should probably warn you to watch out for Selphie, though," he added, dodging one of Sora's weak lunges at him. Sora landed on his face, and sat up, cleaning sand off of him. "Sora, I'm going to have to teach you to defend yourself one of these days," he said, laughing slightly at the younger boy. Kairi giggled once again, and helped Sora off of the ground.

"Sure! I'd love a tour, Sora, Riku," she said, walking off with the two boys.

"Okay, so that over there is the paupu tree …" Riku started.

End Flashback

The memory made Sora smile, and he looked down and into the mirror that was currently glowing blue. It showed Kairi on the beach, and she looked … lonely. She looked like she was waiting for someone. Sora opened the portal, and entered it, paupu in hand, landing on the same beach as Kairi. He walked over to the red head, and she didn't seem to notice his approach. Her eyes were fixed on the water, and she kept looking out over the horizon.

Sora snuck up behind Kairi and covered her eyes with his hands, and said, "Guess who?" Kairi looked surprised for a minute, but then seemed to realize who it was.

She smiled up at him, and, even though she couldn't see, she said, "Hi, Sora." He uncovered her eyes and smiled down at her. He sat next to her on the sandy beach, feeling the soft breeze ruffle his soft, spiky locks. She looked at him with a longing look, and snuggled up closer to him. "So, Sora, you decided to come and visit me?"

"I couldn't stop thinking about you," Sora said, putting an arm around her shoulders. She leaned into him, and inhaled his scent. He smelled like cinnamon, just like his hair.

"I missed you, Sora," she mumbled into his strong chest. She felt so safe around him, and she let her guard down for the time being, knowing that Sora would protect her.

"I missed you, too. I brought something for you," he said, and pulled the paupu fruit out of his pocket.

"Oh, Sora! Is that for us?" she exclaimed once she saw the fruit.

"Yeah, I brought it for us to share … that is if you want to," Sora said, uncertain. Kairi just smiled at him, and took the paupu from him. She broke it in half, and gave one of the halfs to Sora.

"Of course I want to share it with you, silly," she said, and took a bite of the sweet, sugary fruit. Sora bit into his, too, and he felt happy knowing that his destiny would always be intertwined with Kairi's. "I … I love you, Sora," Kairi said, a slight tinge of pink coming to her cheek.

"I love you too, Kairi," he said as he started to glow blue. "I have to go now, but don't worry. I'm always with you."

"I'm always with you, too, Sora," she said, sad that he had to go. She leaned up and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips before he disappeared into the sparkling mass blue.

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