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Goku: Oh.

Chapter Sixteen: The Moon & End Credits

Vegeta was watching T.V. in his house. The channel fourteen news came on.

"In new news, there has been a robbery at the grocery store. The two top suspects are Goku Son and Vegeta Ouji."

Vegeta looked at the T.V.

"Their fingerprints were found all over the place. If you have any information leading to their capture, contact 5-894-465-0000. And since it is the most interesting news there is, more interesting then the hurricane warning, we'll repeat it all year."

"Woman!" Vegeta yelled. "I'll be on the moon for the next year. Oh, and I've disabled channel fourteen all through the neighbourhood. And there's no way to turn it back on!"

"What?" she yelled back. "Channel what-teen?"


"But everything I watch is on that channel!"

"Do I sound like I care!"

"No! But-" Vegeta left before she continued.

Vegeta went over the town and blasted every "WANTED" poster he saw. Even some of that guy who ate people's mail and that guy who ran through the city naked ever Sunday at 2:00. Everybody was surprised no one caught him, but the police usually played Poker at the time and day. And yet they never knew about it.

After that, he flew to the moon to find Goku already there. "Seen the news?" Goku asked.

Vegeta nodded. "And I'm not going to look or listen to you or else I may go crazy in this next year. So I'm drawing a chalk line around the planet. You stay on your side, I stay on mine."

Goku nodded and went to the moon people amusement park that was only on his side.

And the end of the story has come.

Vegeta: That's my last name?

Cir: From what my anonymous sources (coughFeenuxcough) say, that's it.

Goku: It's over?

Cir: Yep. But my secret is (censored until reach 11)!

Homer: Doh!

Cir: Where'd you come from?

Homer: Well, when a mom meets a dad…

Cir: ANYway, there's only one thing left to do in this story………CREDITS EPILOGUE PHOTO MONTAUGE!


Unimportant 'Cirdan' Who Cares

Goku got another job at the fast food shop.

(Photo of Goku making a Burger)

He was fired after three food poisonings.

Assistant Writers:

Unimportant 'Feenux' Unimportant

Goku Son


Vegeta made a show about his life on Pay per View.

(Photo of Vegeta behind a camera)

It was cancelled for being too "Sci-fi" before the director got to the second line of the script.


Goku Son as Goku

Vegeta Ouji as Vegeta

Eric Vamdubalù as Carrod

Carrod continued his job for many years.

(Photo of Carrod getting pooped on by dinosaur)

Doug Horco as Al Gilliston XXVII

Bulma Briefs as Bulma

Chichi Son as Chichi

Al set the record for the world's longest moustache.

(Photo of Al with three metre long moustache)

He moved to Australia to get rid of the attention.

Eric Vamdubalù as voice of Lefty

Paul Vegtergontinueegenton as voice of Centren

Eric Vamdubalù also as voice of Righter

The Gumbo Raptor broke the record for most eaten windows.

(Photo of drunken Lefty eating a window)

He was in lots of trouble from his brothers.

(Photo of Righter and Centren smashing all of Lefty's beer)

Harold Fungi as Arnold Schwarsinadgoy

Goku Son as voice of Led Pipe

Dick Sameno as Rug store clerk 1

Doug Horco as Rug store clerk 2

Arnold Schwarsinadgoy sued Vegeta twelve more times.

(Photo of him and Vegeta in court)

Animal Animation:


Some made up guy

Bulma and Chichi still had no clue what happened.

(Photo of Bulma doing something)

(Photo of Chichi doing something)

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Cirdan could not think of more epilogues.

(Photo of me at computer)

Employees in Author Notes:

Vegeta Ouji

Goku Son





Inspiration of Story:

DragonBall Z (Duh!)

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