Title- Shisou Hiryuu

Part- 1 of ?

Author- DMYamiyugi

Warnings- Yaoi…um…killings, demon things, and…yeah; Using Atemu as well, not Yami.

Genre- Romance/Action/Fantasy…some sad stuff and all…

Parings- YugixAtemu…and maybe some others eventually…

Disclaimer- I do own Yu-Gi-Oh! -Looks around the area- Oh fine…I don't! ;-;

Summary- Young Yugi is a freshman at college. Everything is new, and he is struggling slightly to become comfortable with his surroundings. Having to contain his family secret as well, he becomes stressed. One day, he runs into a young sophomore, who has some secrets of his own that intertwine with Yugi's. And soon, secrets will be revealed; some for the better good and pure happiness, and others drawing the darkness closer and closer.

BETA CHAPTER. I am reposting most of my chapters now. Please go to my profile for more details. Beta: AkizukiSakura.

Chapter 1- The Beginning

Silence blanketed the night. The moon hung at its fullest and the multitude of stars lay in view for all to see. The breeze flowed gently across the earth, creating soft ripples in the feathered grass on this warm spring day. Many couples had taken the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, walking hand in hand, arms draped over one another.

But one boy had no lover, no romantic partner, and yet he enjoyed this night, too. A young man, just a freshman in college, strolled down the beach. He rode with inline skates on his feet and headphones on his ears. His large, open violet eyes held a slightly dazed expression as he glided down the pavement. Blonde bangs flowed from the crown of his head, neatly framing his face. If this was not odd at all, the dark hair that spiked naturally atop his head, tipped in light red, earned him many a stare. In his ears nested white headphones, connected to a small iPod, possibly a nano, in his back pocket. A smile was currently spread across his face as he turned the corner on the street and continued skating, enjoying the gentle breeze ruffling through his head of richly-colored hair.

As he rounded another corner, caught up in the wind in his face and the music beating against his ears, he failed to notice the individual walking in front of him. Right before impact, a gasp emitted from both men's lips. They collided, the younger one flying back, helped by his rolling skates, into a tree. The other merely fell to the ground, receiving a sharp pain in his rear.

The skater took off his headphones and immediately apologized.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry about that!" he exclaimed, attempting to stand using the support of the tree. The older one stood as well, smiling.

"Oh, it's ok. I wasn't looking where I was going, either!" A rich laugh emitted from his mouth as he stood up as well. The skater slowly traveled over to the other to see for sure if he was all right. When he felt sure, the young one held out his hand to the stranger.

"Really sorry about that. Name's Yugi Mutou." The other took Yugi's pale hand in his own and shook it.

"Atemu Akashi," he answered in return. As Yugi let go of his hand, he got a better look at the young man he'd knocked over. This new stranger had the same hair as him; blonde bangs, black hair. The only noted difference was that, in the right light, the tips of the stranger's hair were crimson, rather than the lighter hue that adorned Yugi's hair, and some of the blonde bangs shot up, stark against the red and black. Atemu also stood taller than Yugi, his skin a golden bronze and eyes a deep blood-like crimson. Yugi almost lost himself in those hypnotic red eyes. Blinking, he looked away. He bowed in apology. But with skates on, it didn't really work. The wheels rolled, first one way, and then the next, and then Yugi slipped over the pavement, falling forward with a surprised yelp. Waiting to feel the harsh, unforgiving inflexibility of the concrete, he heard only deep laughter.

"I can understand your apology, but going to slip to the ground will just hurt you more," Atemu laughed. Yugi felt a blush of embarrassment course up against his face. Pushing himself out of the safety of the other's arms, he stood, swaying slightly, unsteady on the skates. Atemu still had his arms out in case the other fell again. Yugi regained his footing and smiled sheepishly at Atemu.

"Sorry about that…" he muttered, causing the other to laugh that rich laugh again.

"Don't apologize! No need to, no need to!" he said. "It's just fine." Yugi looked to the ground.

"Um…sorry…" he muttered to the ground.

Atemu's smile broadened. "I already said, Yugi," he began, using the teen's name for the first time. Atemu leaned down so he was eye level with him. "Don't apologize," he completed, his voice dropping a few octaves. Yugi swallowed and nodded. The other's smile turned to a smirk.

"So, Yugi." He stood at his full height again. "What do you do around here? Are you going to school here or something else?"

"Um…I'm going to Los Angeles University now. I'm a freshman," he said, scratching the back of his head in thought. Atemu's smirk broadened.

"I'm going there too. I'm a sophomore," he laughed. "How ironic, but it seems many students are out and about tonight…" he said, placing a hand on his hip. Yugi nodded.

"Nicest night this year, why not enjoy it?" he answered in response to the implied question. Atemu beamed.

"So true, little one." He grinned when the other looked to the ground, a blush formed over his face. "Anyway, what are you studying?" he asked while starting to walk. Yugi rolled next to him.

"I'm majoring in music and doing some Egyptology stuff as well, for fun. You?"

Atemu smiled. "I'm actually majoring in English at the moment," he answered. "Creative stuff, novels and all."

Yugi grinned. "That's cool…you written anything yet?" he asked. Atemu smirked.

"Yeah, little things here and there, nothing much. I have almost technically written a novel, though." Yugi smiled.

"Cool…is it very interesting?" Atemu glanced over at him.

"All depends on what you think is interesting," he said, grinning. Yugi couldn't help but allow a small hint of laughter escape his lips.

"Yeah, yeah, you're right. So, what dorm do you live in?" he asked. Atemu smirked. He pointed in front of them.

"There, that one on the water," he said. Yugi looked up.

"Wow…that's one of the nice ones too. Damn, are you some rich man that I don't know about?" he asked, a grin forming on his face. Atemu chuckled.

"No, no, I don't like to take on that interpretation. My parents have a good amount, though. They're the ones who rented it out for me." Yugi nodded in comprehension.

"Oh…ok. I was just wondering, 'cuz that's one of the nicer ones…costs more money and all." Atemu smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, most people think so. I have a moderate amount, but my parents have more and they love spending it, too," he laughed. "I'm not that way; I don't really like having and spending so much money." Yugi laughed as well.

"That seems to happen." He slowly came to a stop at the curb.

"Well, I should get going now, it's getting late." He looked down at his watch. Atemu grinned, nodding.

"Yes, as shall I, Yugi." His smile increased with humor. "Shall we meet again?"

Yugi turned fully and smiled.

"Sure, if you want to. What times are you free tomorrow?" he asked. Atemu closed his eyes in thought.

"Well…around seven I would think. You?" Yugi smiled.

"Same here. Ok, how about we meet in the park, same spot we ran into each other today," he suggested, laughing at that. Atemu let a chuckle buzz softly twixt his lips, too.

"Yes, that seems most appropriate. Ok then, Yugi. Ja." He turned and began walking toward his dorm.

"See you tomorrow!" Yugi called, waving even though he thought the retreating man couldn't see him; Atemu surprised him by lifting a hand in a casual wave without turning around. Blinking violet eyes slightly, Yugi decided to simply let it go. He shifted on the skates and shot down the street toward his college home. As he grew farther and farther away from the other, thoughts of Atemu swirled about in his mind, refusing to be pushed away.

What a weird day this has been! Yugi sighed in his mind happily. Strange…never thought I could hit someone and end up meeting a new friend this way…nope never… He laughed.

Hmm… Atemu…what a different name… Yugi looked up to the stars, his eyes taking on a distant look.

"But…" he thought out loud, "Where have I seen him before…? I swear I recognize him, especially his eyes; I've seen them before…somewhere… And those red eyes are hard to forget!" He pouted slightly. "Damn… I hate it when I can't remember things." A sigh. "I'll ask him where he grew up; maybe it was near me…"

Shrugging off the strange feeling settling on his heart, Yugi pushed forward more, and shot off toward his home while, in the shadows, golden eyes watched.