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No one really knew what happened that day. The humans came back to the city, to find absolutely nothing, yet the place was in ruins. Los Angeles University had over half of their campus burned, and the beltline was also broken and currently under repair. No fragments of bombs could be found, no evidence of gunpowder or flames to have burnt the campus. The humans were stumped: how could all this destruction magically happen?

Meanwhile, the mages had to clean up. The dragon's bodies were all transported to a safe location, where their families and clans could take care of them. The three mages managed to create a portal back to their main home, using the full power of Serena, Sugoroku and Aokii. They barley managed to get Atemu, Yugi and themselves through, but once they all got to the other side, the portal was snapped shut.

Yugi was quickly rushed to the Head Sages in the main house, while Serena took care of Atemu. The dragon managed to keep his human form, but his wings were visible. He was right on the thin string borderline of transforming into a dragon, and staying in his human form. With much cooing, and pushing, Serena managed to give Atemu a bath; she washed his wounds and dressed them so they would not be infected. The dragon never responded to her, even once he had gotten in the water. It seems that more had happened on that day then anyone could have imagined.

Atemu killed his sister; after seeing his love fall, the dragon charged at Mizuka, biting into her neck and ripping it away. He had completely destroyed her jugular veins and arteries, so her brain lost blood. It was only a matter of time before the dragon fainted from blood loss, soon dying. Atemu transformed into his human form, but from was Serena could see, was breaking from the inside out. True, Mizuka had power over his mind, but it wasn't just sometimes that her presence existed in Atemu's subconscious; Atemu just noticed then, that Mizuka really was a base for his mind. Taking away that support, it began breaking down Atemu's magic and mental walls bit by bit, until Serena noticed and rushed Atemu to the Sages.

They managed to save Atemu's magic, but it was weakened, and would take years upon years to build it back up to full. Yugi also was in a near same condition. He was hit twice in the same spot, completely paralyzing his shoulders and arms, which traveled up to his neck and head. That is why the young mage fainted so easily, for his heart was paralyzed for a moment, so his blood ceased to flow. The Sages healed it, and Yugi was back to normal (able to sit up) in a matter of weeks. Since his brain lost blood, even if it was just for a second, it still did some damage. Yugi's motor skills were damaged, not beyond repair, but disabled all the same. For the first week and a half after he could sit up, the mage's words were slurred to together more then they used to be. His arms could barley hold a spoon for the first six days, and even weeks later, was he still bedridden.

The two stayed in the same room together, Yugi the minute he woke up, demanding that he see Atemu. The room the two stayed in was enormous; Yugi getting a queen sized canopy bead, and the room being almost the size of a living room. Serena placed down a special, soft rug that Atemu slept on. The dragon had lost enough energy that keeping a human body for over a day was so strenuous; he had to reserve his strength by staying in the shape that he was born as. To Yugi, it didn't matter what happened, as long as Atemu was safe.

On this fine, Sunday morning, Yugi was lounging on his bed, laptop placed over his lap, while Atemu snoozed on the floor. The two could not go back to collage this year…well, not even humans could either. The University would take all first semester to remake most of the main dorms and buildings; Yugi was also forced to bed rest for a mouths time, so he began taking online courses.

Suddenly, Atemu groaned and flipped over onto his back, stretching out his legs. --Hiiiiiiiiiikari, I'm hungry!-- he whined, flipping back to curl his body into a small ball. Yugi chuckled and glanced over at the giant, black furry thing that occupied half the room.

"Sorry love, I can't move yet," he explained, poking his casts that covered both arms with his nose. Yugi's hands were free from the healing cast, so the boy could still type. Atemu whined again and slowly stood, stretching his wings. He folded them back in again, and walked slowly over to Yugi's bed. Placing his front claws on the sheets, Atemu let his head fall down onto Yugi's feet. He began purring, rubbing the appendages lightly.

Yugi squeaked and lightly kicked Atemu's head. "Atemu, you know I'm ticklish!! Stop!" he cried in a fit of giggles. Atemu snorted and immediately changed into his human form. He flopped onto the bed and sighed. Yugi glanced up from his laptop, only to divert his attention back to the keys his face beat red. "Please put on something," he complained. Atemu laughed.

"Aww, Aibou, I thought you didn't mind me this"- he was cut off by a playful kick to the head.

"Pants-NOW!" Yugi ordered. Atemu groaned, rubbing his head, and sitting up.

"Yugi, why?" he groaned. The mage just rolled his eyes, pushing Atemu's head again with his toe.

"Because I love you," he smirked and stuck out his tongue playfully. Atemu let out a sly leer and leaned in to capture that tongue with his own mouth. Yugi bit back a gasp of surprise, eyes widening. Slowly, the mage closed his lids and opened his mouth more, humming.

Atemu leaned in, tilting his head to the left to push his tongue further, tasting his love. Their lips crushed and ran over one another heatedly, till Atemu began drawing away. He detached his lips and took in a sharp breath, giving Yugi a light peck on the cheek before completely drawing back. Yugi opened his eyes, and smiled. Atemu crawled around the boy, wrapping his arms around his waist and resting his head on the mages back. Taking in a deep breath, Atemu sighed, falling back into the pillows.

"You'll just let me hold you…right?" Atemu asked, eyes alert and waiting for an answer. Yugi sighed, letting his body fall into the male behind him. Atemu seemed to like to touch and feel Yugi more…the mage did not know why, but Atemu would spend hours just holding him Yugi believed that he did practically give the dragon a heart attack when he collapsed after Mizuka hit him. The light turned his head, lightly running his lips over Atemu's chin.

"Of course."

8 years later

Two beings trudged through the heavily fallen snow, the smaller of the two managing to keep his hands on the presents in hand and keep balanced. The one behind him gently grabbed onto the present-holders elbow and aided him in walking up the steps and to stop in front of great ebony doors. The taller let go, and reached forward to ring the doorbell.

A great dinging sound emitting from inside, and after a moment of silence the door was swung open. A young teen stood before the man, her long curly hair falling down just past her shoulders. The girl was dressed in a nice, black and pink top, while her pants adorned some 'nice' jeans. The girls face broke out into a happy grin. "Uncle Yugi!" She bellowed, launching her self at the other in a tight hug. The man laughed and tried to hug her back.

"Merry Christmas Anakai!" he greeted, hopping all the presents in his hand and arms wouldn't fall. Anakai stepped back and allowed Yugi to walk through the door. She then turned her face to the second man entering their door. She smiled giving him a hug as well.

"Merry Christmas Atemu!" Atemu chuckled and gave her a big hug in return.

"Merry Christmas to you too Anakai," he said joyfully, letting go of the girl to walk gracefully into the hallway. The door closed behind him, and Atemu began taking off his many layers. Throwing his scarf onto a pole, Atemu hung up his and Yugi's coat and then placed his boots next to the door. Turning around, Atemu followed his aibou into the next room where everyone was. Yugi immediately walked over to the tree to place presents underneath it, while Atemu began saying 'hello's and 'Merry Christmas's to everyone around him, waiting 'patiently' for his hikari's return to him. Yugi waltzed back to his side, a smile already present over his lips and two drinks in hand.

The younger handed off the wine to Atemu and dragged the dragon into the next room where food was. Not even waiting, Yugi grabbed a plate and dived into the orderves. Atemu laughed and took a plate as well, throwing some food on that plate, and then wandering over to the Christmas tree to sit down on the couch. He gently placed his plate one the ground, bringing his glass up to his lips to take a slow sip. Yugi followed suite, but instead shoved his wineglass into Atemu's hand and began eating.

"Hikari!" Atemu shouted, bopping the other in the head with his glass. "You're gona choke!" Yugi's eyes found his, and they showed irritation.

-You wouldn't let us stop even once to get food on the two hour drive here, sorry I'm just a LITTE hungry- Yugi scolded, taking his wine and gulping it down.

Atemu gave him a scolding look. "Now aibou, don't chug the alcohol…you'll be drunk in no time…" he trailed off, a sly grin present over his face. Yugi suddenly ceased his drinking and glared at Atemu. He blinked, and then ran his hand into the back of Atemu's head.

-Baaaaaka, we're staying here remember!? How is it that you always have sex on the mind…?- he muttered, popping the mini-hotdog into his mouth. Atemu chuckled and leaned over to nuzzle his lover's neck.

"Cuz you're so gosh darn sexy aibou!" he chirped, kissing the white skin. Yugi rolled his eyes, trying to bit back his groan as some of his more distant family members scooted away. He rolled his eyes and went back to eating. Atemu had moved away from his lights neck and was now eating as well. Suddenly, Atemu's human ears perked and he glanced up from his plate. Another stood before them, his grey eyes sparking.

"Atemu, Yugi, how are you!" he greeted, drawing up a chair and sitting down in it. Yugi glanced up and smiled.

"Oi sensai!" he shouted, placing his stuff to the side and giving the elder a hug. Aokii chuckled and hugged him back. Releasing his student, Aokii turned towards Atemu. The dragon blinked questionable; last time he had seen Aokii, the two still were on shaky terms. Aokii eyed him, and then smiled.

"It's nice you see you doing well Atemu," he said, reaching forward and giving the dragon a hug as well. Atemu stiffened, took in a breath, and then relaxed.

"Ma-ma…So-so" he muttered. Aokii moved back and chuckled.

"I suppose you're still not completely healed?" he asked, flopping back in his chair. Atemu rubbed the back of his head.

"Anoo…my magic has returned, but I have to change into my dragon form at least once ever six months to a year right now…I think after spending my whole childhood with Mizuka's extra magic, I was able to keep my form easier. So…still recovering," Atemu explained. Aokii nodded in understanding.

"I see." At that said, the three of them then shot off on a casual conversation, Yugi and Atemu the ones mainly leading it. Aokii listened to what they had done over the past many years, both now out of college and Yugi even already getting a decent paying job. After Yugi graduated a year after Atemu, both decided to move to Chicago. Though both took a detour year to stay in New York City, where Yugi was trying out for the New York Philharmonic, however, the payments they had to pay were far to high for them. So, that idea was thrown out the window. Then, Atemu suggested they go with their orignal plan, to move to Chicago. The two loved the city life, so the both wanted to live in a larger city. By the time the two had gathered their stuff and moved to Chicago, Yugi was already 24 and Atemu 25. The two had just moved to Chicago in that previous spring to the Christmas party they were at now.

As Aokii and the couple talked on, Aokii noticed a few distinct things that had changed in his student and boyfriend. Yugi's hair was much shorter then it was when the man graduated. The black and maroon spikes were trimmed to they looked more natural, but Yugi kept his blonde bangs long; and even the one that fell down the middle of his face had grown down to be almost touching his nose.

Atemu's appearance had also changed. The dragons face was slightly thinner then before, and it looked as if he had some facial hair growing as well. Though not enough that it was noticeable in darker light, but could be felt easy. Atemu had not cut his hair down, but instead allowed it to keep growing; but Atemu had now tied his hair down in a low ponytail by his neck. His blonde bangs had also grown out, and the ones that streaked through his spikes were tied in with the ponytail holder. They looked like Atemu had streaked his hair with bleach.

Aokii then began asking how the two's careers were going. Yugi had already tried out for the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra, and was waiting for a reply to get in. At the moment, they man had a part time job at a business in the city. Atemu had a full time job at the same building Yugi worked for, but on a different floor. He was the reason Yugi managed to get a part time job there, since they usually don't give out part times. Atemu was still writing, and he was almost done writing his first book. It was going to be sent to the publishers in the next year.

Aokii laughed when Atemu made an odd face, saying how those publishers better read his book, unlike the last ones that just glanced at the cover and said 'no'.

"I mean, seriously!" Atemu bellowed. "Those people are so rude sometimes, I swear!" The dragon growled. "I'll go give em' a good scare if they don't, THAT'S what I'll do," he began laughing, thinking of how he could burst through the window in his dragon form. Yugi rolled his eyes and took a bite out of the cheese and crackers he had on his plate.

"Yes…and then the building would be destroyed and then what will you do?" the man asked sarcastically. Atemu scoffed and folded his arms.

"It would get their attention, that's for sure!" Atemu nodded, agreeing with himself. Yugi just rolled his eyes to the ceiling and continued eating. The three of them trailed off into a peaceful silence, only broken when Atemu stood.

"I'll be right back," he told the two of them. Taking his plate and glass with him, Atemu slowly walked out to the kitchen. Yugi watched him leave, with a slightly concerned look on his face, and then returned to eating.

Aokii watched his student's expression with interest. "So Yugi…how are you two doing?" he asked. Yugi blinked and glanced up confused.

He got the question and smiled. "We're fine. I mean…like, we haven't gotten into really bad fights at all. And…" he trailed off for a moment. "And…well, actually, we got into a fight a mouth ago, but it was because some of our taxes didn't go through…or some sort of bill, I don't really remember." Yugi suddenly began laughing. "He was sooooo pissed that night…we had to pay a good extra…lot, and Atemu just wasn't happy," Yugi said. Aokii nodded.

"Mmm, sounds like you two are doing all right then," Aokii commented. Yugi was silent for a moment, and then his lips turned up in a loving smile.

"We are…though, he's been a bit edgy this month, because his parents came to visit," the smile vanished. "It was a hard week, for the both of us, and I think he's still a bit shaken…" Yugi suddenly stood and walked over to the doorway. "I'm going to go see what he's doing," he said. Aokii cocked his head to the side and smiled.

Yugi treaded his way through all his relatives to the kitchen, where Atemu said he would be. The man placed his paper plate in garbage and place his wine glass in the sink as well. The mage glanced around the crowded area, to not even spot the familiar blonde bangs and blood dipped hair. Yugi jumped up a couple to times, to finally spot some interesting hair pass through the glass door. The man smirked and began 'running' towards the opening to the outside. As he ran, the man sidetracked to the closet to grab his coat and then go out the door.

He was hit with a blast of snow and cold air, making him rub his hands together quickly and blow on them. Yugi glanced around the two-story porch with keen eyes, his violet eyes glimmering in light of the fallen snow. Yugi walked forward, and then blinked as he saw the familiar leather coat, with arms flopped lazily over the railing. The being seemed to be in deep thought, for he did not even sense or smell Yugi when the mage came up behind him. Yugi stopped on Atemu's left and smiled.

"So…this is the kitchen?" he commented, leaning forward to lay his arms over the railing as well. Atemu, startled, whipped his head to the right, his eyes wide and a gasp emitting from his lips. Yugi chuckled at this and just leaned his head on the other's shoulder. "So…answer the question," he taunted lightly, prodding the other's side.

Atemu blinked for a moment, bewildered, then smiled. "You caught me by surprise, hikari," he commented, draping his arm over the others shoulder. Yugi inclined his head up to look toward the face of his lover.

"Well, I expected you to sense me, but you didn't," he commented. Atemu nodded, turning toward to endless meadow of falling crystals.

"I was thinking."

Yugi smirked, and prodded his side again. "About what?" he asked. Atemu chuckled and rubbed his bare hands through Yugi's hair.

"Nothing you need to worry about aibou," he answered. Yugi was silent, his smirk faltering.

"Actually, I believe it is something I need to worry about…" Yugi murmured, his eyes catching on an annoyed hue. Atemu's grin fell as well, and then he sighed.

"I'm still confused about…my parents," he murmured. "They just…they were so nice to me, so…accepting, and I keep thinking they're doing this because," his hands continued their trek through Yugi's spikes, "Because they're afraid of me. Since I…killed Mizuka," he forced this out. "They don't trust me (like they ever did but,) they just seem like they have to be nice to me in order to be safe. Like, if they're mean to me, then I will kill them." He stopped talking, his face taking on a shadowed look.

"I don't want to be looked at as a murder…"

Yugi cocked his head, and wrapped his arms around Atemu's waist. "Gomen nasai," he whispered, kissing the nape of the other's neck. "I wish they could just see you as a person then…a thing or animal they have"- moist lips being pressed to his own suddenly cut off Yugi. The mage blinked, eyes wide. Sighing, the man fell into the kiss and pulled Atemu's waist closer to his own. Lips massaged his own, and a tongue caressed his. Yugi hummed and tilted his head to the side, deepening the kiss. Atemu craned his head up and caressed the top of the other's mouth with his tongue, smirking as Yugi squirmed with the odd sensation. Ever so slowly, Atemu pulled away and lightly detached his lips from the others. Smiling, Atemu leaned down to rest his forehead on Yugi's.

"Lets…not talk about this right now," Atemu murmured, his eyes closed in contentment. "It's Christmas, I just want to enjoy myself," he paused and his smile widened, "with you." Yugi chuckled and tightened his grip around the other's waist.

"All right. Another time then."

Atemu nodded and laughed lightly. "Arigato aibou." Yugi nodded against his chest.

A coughing beside them disrupted the moment. The two drew apart and turned their heads towards the light. Yugi gently brought his arms from around Atemu's waist to his side and took a tiny step back from the dragon.

Atemu was slightly disappointed at this movement, but allowed it all the same. The being that interrupted them let out a hesitant, forced smile.

"Yugi," he greeted, wrinkled dimples pushing up into his plum eyes. Yugi smiled and walked forward to give his grandfather a warm hug.

"Merry Christmas grandpa," he murmured into the elder's heavy jacket. The man drew away and took a step back. Sugoroku smiled, more at ease, and began asking his grandson about how his time in Chicago was going. Yugi answered with some slight excitement, but he still bore in his mind that Sugoroku hadn't even acknowledged that Atemu was standing right behind them.

Atemu took in a breath, and let it out deeply through his nose. He watched his breath form into a whitish cloud with limited interest. Suddenly, Yugi turned around and walked back to the dragon. Atemu let out a semi-gasp of surprise before he was hauled over to the elder Motou. Sugoroku eyes him with harder irises, making Atemu glance at the ground uncomfortably.

He was defiantly naming this year "Bad year with Parents/in-laws". Sugoroku's grey brow rose. "Hello Atemu," he began, his voice covered in a light ice. "How are you?" Atemu swallowed and let out a hesitant, forced, smile.

"I'm fine…" Atemu trailed off, wondering what exactly he should call Yugi's grandfather. Mr. Motou or Sugoroku…defiantly not grandpa! "…sir…"

Yugi glanced at him with a sympathetic gaze. Though Sugoroku helped both men against Mizuka, he still did not seem to accept Atemu just yet.

"Grandpa…please," Yugi sighed, exasperated. "Please, just no more of this…ok? Can't you just accept this…it has been 5 YEARS for gods sake!" Yugi cried. Sugoroku glanced to the ground and crossed his arms. He didn't answer.

Yugi fell back, and laced his fingers through Atemu's "I thought you had accepted him, but I guess I was wrong," Yugi's eyes suddenly laced silver. "You know that if you keep doing this, it draws you an me apart…I still care for you grandpa, and I still love you; but if you are going to go around being rude to MY partner ever time we come here…I think we'll have to make some changes…" he trailed off, voice clipped and icy.

Sugoroku sighed. Yugi had been putting this off for him every time the two of them visited. The time has come to make a decision.

Sugoroku blinked and opened his mouth to speak, "I understand. And," he paused and his eyes locked with crimson.

Atemu's eyes held no wrath, no anger or opposition. He was not here to argue, but to agree.

"And, I know what I have been doing is rude. And wrong. But Yugi, you have to see that throughout my life…what you are is considered wrong, and as much as I care for both of your well being, I just," he trailed off, his white breath disappearing into the Christmas cold. "I can't change my biased nature. It's what I know, and it's easier to just not change." This was indeed an odd speech for Sugoroku. He was fully admitting his faults, which is something the elder had never done before. He was also, in a sense, telling Atemu that he was sorry.

Even if he had just acted rude a moment ago, he was talking like he had acted that way a week or so ago. "I understand," the elder continued. "That I must make a choice. Yugi, I cannot make a choice this readily, this easily." Snowflakes reflected off of all of the men's eyes.

Silence was bestowed over them. Atemu shifted his feet nervously. --Aibou, your grandfather is acting very different today…-- he commented. The younger mage nodded in agreement, but said nothing in reply.

Suddenly, Sugoroku closed the distance between him and the two men. He raised his arms and wrapped them around Atemu's shoulders. The dragon bit back a gasp, and his body stiffened. Yugi jumped to the side to give his grandfather room, his face too showing confusion and amazement.

"I will try." That was all the elder had said. Then moving away from the dragon he gave Atemu a hesitant, yet somewhat sincere smile. He turned around in the falling snow and walked back into the light of the home, closing the sliding door behind himself.

Both men watched him leave, their confessed expressions never leaving their faces. Finally, Atemu decided to break the silence that was strung of from his departure. --So…I guess his going to actually…try…-- Atemu murmured.

Yugi nodded and his lips immediately broke out into giant smile. He semi-twirled toward Atemu and jumped up to latch his arms around the others neck. Atemu, after taking a moment to gather himself, laughed heartily, wrapping his own arms around his bubbling love.

Atemu spun around in the falling snow, Yugi still clutched in his arms. The mage giggled, his cheeks a light tint of red from the snow and his happiness. As they stopped the younger gained his footing again and slowly moved back, but stayed securely in Atemu's embrace. Their eyes locked with one another, both emitting a happy glow.

Yugi then turned his head out, his eyes gazing over the field of white. "So pretty," he voiced. Atemu nodded and wrapped his left arm around the boys shoulder and intertwined his right fingers with Yugi's right. He squeezed them lovingly, and Yugi returned the gesture.

"So…" the mage began. "Did I not tell you that coming here one more time would be good?" Yugi commented and mocked at the same time. The dragon laughed and rubbed his nose into the shorter spikes of his other.

"Yes, yes, you were," he murmured. His eyes closed for a moment, then opened and gazed out into the sea of snow. He let out a deep breath, and watched again as his breath formed into white clouds in the air.

"There might be hope for us here after all, ne?" he asked, eyes traveling down to look upon his lights head.

Yugi laughed and leaned his head upwards to capture the others lips in a kiss.

It lasted as long as both could endure, and the mage was the first to break it. His eyes were closed in rapture, as were Atemu's. Slowly, he opened his eyes and his lips broke out into a happy smiled.

Atemu grinned back and leaned his head over Yugi's again, his eyes taking in the scenery one again. Snow began piling on their shoulders and hair, but neither moved nor thought of moving.

Yugi broke the silence. "Love you," he murmured, his eyes still staring forward. Atemu chuckled and gently squeezed his shoulder, brining the mage even closer to his body.

"Aishiteru Yugi." Crimson eyes glowed with affection. "Enien"

Rose lips craft into a smile.



Ma-Ma- Means So-so, like someone asks how you are, if you're not really happy, but not disappointed of sad either, Japanese say Ma-Ma, So-So, I'm ok, but not great.