A New Hero in Town

Disclaimer: I have no relationship to DC Comics and all recognizable characters herein are the property of others. The plot and a few of the characters, including Hazard and Kadeen, are my characters.

Clark Kent, a young man in his twenties, leaned back in his chair, watching as Jimmy tried to get a date with Katie Bell, one of the hottest reporters in the business.

"So…um…I was thinking that maybe we could go out to eat and-and then go to my place and watch a movie or something." Jimmy stuttered.

Clark chuckled to himself and shook his head. He was never going to get a date.

"Sorry Jake." Kate replied.

Jimmy frowned. "My name is Jimmy."

Katie walked off, without giving him a second glance.

Yeah, Jimmy defiantly wasn't getting a date.

Seth Jay Hazard, a seventeen year old man with silver eyes and long, silver hair, walked up beside Jimmy chuckling as he put his arm around his shoulders. Seth had on dark jeans, black boots, and a dark T-shirt which was covered by a red, button-up shirt. "Jimmy you are never gonna get a girl like that with that stunt. Here, let me show you how it's done." Seth winked at Jimmy at then walked over to where Katie Bell was standing with some other reporters. "Hey, Katie, aren't you going to be modeling for that Victoria's Secret Catalogue? "

Katie turned around to face Seth. "No, someone else got the job. The manager says I was "lacking". "

"That manager must be blind."


"Because only a blind man could pass up beauty like yours."

Katie blushed "You're just joking."

"How could I joke about a girl like you? Why don't I take you out to dinner tonight, Katie? To cheer you up?"

"I'd like that."

"Great, what time do you want me to pick you up?"



"I'll see you at 7 then."

"I'll count every second."

Katie Bell blushes even brighter as Seth turns and walks back over to Jimmy.

"See? Easy as that."

Jimmy frowned and turned towards Clark and shrugged. He then went to his desk and plopped down, sighing heavily as he began to sort through the photos he had taken.

Clark grinned and got up, walking over to Seth. "That was slick man." He replied, winking. "But we got to get Jimmy a date. The boy is going to be a real mess if we don't."

"Thanks, man. Yeah, I know. Maybe we should teach Jimmy a few tricks and see if he can handle 'em. We could start out small. You know, with the tripping one. Girls always fall for that one."

Clark laughed and agreed with him, then turned as Lois Lane entered the Daily Planet. He stopped talking for a moment to just take in the view. He found himself smiling like an idiot, then stopped, and cleared his throat. "Well…I got some work to do." Clark left and went back over to his desk.

Suddenly Jimmy, who had disappeared from the office without anyone knowing, came running in. "There's a hostage situation going down at the bank!" he shouted.

Clark looked around at everyone. While their attention went to Jimmy, he quickly left the room at the speed of light.

"Hostage situation?" Seth muttered quietly. "I think it's time I make my entrance." Seth quietly walked out of the room then, making sure no one was around, ran off towards the bank in a bolt. A split second later a dark-clad figure with silver hair and eyes appeared in front of the bank. The top half of his face covered with a mask which made his silver eyes look rather spooky. He surveyed the situation. People noticed the man and said things like. "Hey, where'd he come from?" "Is he a swat guy?" "Maybe he's a superhuman like Superman?" "Why's he wearing all that combat stuff?"

Superman showed up at that moment and flew down beside the strange looking man before him. At first he thought he might be the cause of the situation, but he could plainly see that he was just scanning the scene. Where had he come from?

"Superman!" The police chief replied with relief. "There's a hostage situation going down. Can you help us?"

Superman looked at the building and nodded, jetting into the building. He smiled at the bank robbers. "Hello." he replied.

The man smirked as Superman flew into the bank. "This show's mine, Superman." He then ran into the bank and appeared behind one of the robbers. "Hello. Nice gun. I think I'll take it." The man grabbed the gun out of the robbers hand and hit him with it, knocking him to the ground. The other robbers began shooting at him and he jumped up into the air and shot one of the robbers before he landed on the ground behind the bank booths. "Ha, you missed me. I'm touched to know you care so." The man said as he shot at another robber.

Superman let the bullets bounce off of him as he got to the hostages and began carrying them out one by one. He was furious at how that man was acting. He was putting innocent people in danger. "Don't worry, I'll get you out." Superman replied to a mother and her young child. After he had gotten all the hostages out he went back in and glared at the man. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Getting the bad guys, what to you think?" The man replied, shooting the last robber. He walked over to the first man he had gotten, who was lying on the floor, unconscious. He threw the gun at his chest. "Thanks, man." He then stepped over the man and walked out of the building. The bank was destroyed except for the robbers, who were all shot up.

When Clark got back to the Daily Planet he was furious. He stormed in and kicked his desk, sitting down.

Jimmy came over to him and gently squeezed his shoulder. "Superman must be really ticked off at that guy…huh Clark?" Jimmy replied.

"What do you mean?" Clark asked, agitated.

"Well, you were there, I saw you on the news. Didn't Superman seem…upset?"

Clark nodded. "Oh…Oh yeah. Yeah…he is pretty ticked."

Jimmy sighed. "Well, I'm sure he'll get whoever that show off was."

Seth walked in with a large smile on his face. He was in a great mode and it showed. He walked into the Daily Planet and up to his floor. He noticed Clark and Jimmy talking over at Clark's desk. His smile grew and he walked over to them. "Did you guys see the news? There's a new superhero in town. That guy was awesome!"

Jimmy cringed. He knew what was coming next. Lois, who was close by, also cringed and slightly chuckled as she waited for Clark to blow his top.

Clark's face turned red. "That idiot could have gotten the hostages killed!" He snapped at Seth. "He wasn't awesome! He was a jerk and a show-off!" With that Clark stormed away and out of the door. He had to go blow some steam.

Jimmy chuckled, patting Seth on the back. "You'll soon learn that Clark's biggest hero of all time is Superman. It's like they could be brothers."

"Yeah? Well Superman sucks! What makes him so special! He's just a big, stupid show-off! This new guy is the best and soon everyone will forget about that stupid, alien, in tights!" Seth shouted and jerked away from Jimmy.

"Seth..." Lois began.

Seth snapped his head towards Lois and glared. Lois went quiet and looked away. Seth turned to Jimmy and he did the same. With a roar Seth stormed out of the Daily Planet mumbling. "That stupid, tights-wearing, alien, idiot, show-off, want-ta-be...!"

Superman flew around the city, saving people here and there, getting smiles and waves from others. He loved his life being Superman. But there's a new guy on the block now, bad news for the city. He thought to himself. I'd best find out who he is before he tries to cause any more damage..

Jimmy sighed heavily and walked over to Lois. "Long day, huh?" He replied.

Lois nodded. "Yep."

"So…where's Clark?"

"I don't know." Lois replied.

Then suddenly…"HEY GUYS LOOK! It's Superman! He's on TV! Someone has a bomb in the Mayor's building!"

Jimmy and Lois rushed over to the TV. Lois peered at the screen and sighed, studying Superman's face. "He looks familiar…" She muttered.

As Seth walked down the street he noticed a group of people staring at some televisions in a shop window. He walked over and saw a news reporter saying that there was a bomb in the Mayor's office. Seth ran off into an alley and changed into his uniform in the blink of an eye. He set the black mask over his eyes and flew off toward the Mayor's office. When he got there he noticed Superman. "Not this time, Superman. This one is mine." Seth looked around until he found the window all the cameras were pointing to. "The Mayor's window," he thought and then without hesitation he made his way to the Mayor's window.

Superman flew up into the building and found the Mayor and his people inside scared to death. "Don't worry, I'll get you out." He replied, taking them in his arms. He looked around, sure that the show-off was somewhere in the building. Superman groaned and flew out with the victims, landing them softly on the ground. He then flew back up to find the young man. "Where are you?" He muttered to himself.

Hazard burst through the window and noticed at once that Superman had already been there. The men and their bomb were there, but the hostages were gone. "I hate that guy!" he thought and punched one of the men in the face. He kicked the other in the chest and another in the head. He was taking his anger out on the only people around. Good think they were bad and not good.

Superman looked around the building, then found the man he was looking for, beating up the robbers and not really paying attention to the bomb that was about to go off. With lightening speed Superman flew over to the bomb, then brought it outside, flew up, out into space, then the bomb went off. He came back, the top part of his suit looking a bit ragged, but the crowd below him cheered.

Off in the distance Lex Luthor watched, smirking. He hated Superman. All he needed now was someone to get rid of him for him. Lex looked up into the building. Hadn't there been someone else in there? Lex smiled. He'd have a talk with this new character.

The last criminal fell to the ground and the man stood over the unconscious bodies of the fallen criminals. The man was panting, not out of exhaustion, but anger. He looked through a nearby window just in time to hear the crowd outside cheer as Superman landed on the ground. The man snapped around and noticed that the bomb was gone. "No!" The man yelled and turned back to Superman. "No! This one was mine." The man swung his fist into the nearby wall, knocking through and creating a large hole. "This one was mine!" The man glared at Superman from the Mayor's office window.

Superman glared back at him. He then shot off into the sky.

Jimmy stared in awe at the TV screen and smiled. "Good 'ol Superman." He laughed with a-WOOT!

Clark ran in just as they turned the TV off. Clark walked over to his desk and sat down. He smiled over at Jimmy who winked at him, then got his camera and ran off, probably to get more photos of Superman. Clark shook his head, that boy was going to get himself into trouble some day. Clark looked around and spotted Lois. She smiled at him and he blushed furiously and ducked behind his computer, beginning to type up his report about Superman and how he saved the day once again.

Seth walked into the office. He was clearly not in a very good mood. His eyes were on fire and he kept mumbling something. Lois tried to say something to him and he shot a venomous glare in her direction. Lois looked away and returned to typing her report. After Seth had sat down at his desk and began to hack away at his computer as he typed some new report Lois leaned over to Clark. "What's with him?"

Clark frowned. "I don't know. He's been pretty upset lately, ever since Superman saved all those people. I think he's rooting for the other guy." He whispered.

Jimmy suddenly popped up. "I hear that he hates Superman." He replied quickly before finally leaving the room.

Clark looked at Lois and then shrugged. "No ones liked by everyone."