A/N: I'm still amazed at how many people liked this little bit of silliness

A/N: I'm still amazed at how many people liked this little bit of silliness. Anyway, I thought I'd write a short epilogue.



One year later…

Pay attention. I am paying attention. No, you're not. You are daydreaming about Ginny again. I can do both things at the same time, thank you very much. No, you can't.

Besides, I haven't seen Ginny all day. You saw her at lunch. Yeah, but then she wolfed it down so fast and gave me a quick peck on the cheek! You are staring at her now, you know. This doesn't count. I can't do anything but stare at her. Poor baby.

Quidditch season had started again. Harry was sitting in the locker room, listening to the new captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team run the entire team through the mill over their performance in the last match. Fred, George, Angelina, and Alicia were gone, and the new captain found some pretty good replacements, including a pair of beaters—two Gryffindor fourth years—that would make Crabbe and Goyle look like house-elves in comparison.

"Now listen here, you lot," the new captain said, marching up and down the room, giving each person an intense look, "I don't ever want to see anything like that last game against Hufflepuff. EVER!"

"Aw, come on!" Ron protested, turning the captain's eyes towards him. Harry secretively scooted back in his chair. "We won, didn't we? And we weren't that bad."

"It was absolutely embarrassing!" roared the captain. "I can't believe how you—" the captain pointed an accusing finger at Ron, who went red at the ears—"let Hufflepuff score three times in a row. And where were my Beaters when that Bludger hit Lisa?" Lisa Stanton was one of the new Chasers, a fifth year. The other Chaser was none other than Denis Creevy, who was really quite good in Harry's opinion. Of course, that could be because he and his brother Colin chased Harry around the school for the past six years.

"The only reason we won the game at all was because Denis managed to score a goal right before Harry caught the Snitch!" Denis almost blushed at these words of praise from the new captain, and Harry tried his best not to grin delightedly as the captain's eyes stopped on him.

The new captain immediately launched into new and complex diagrams of Quidditch plays, the red and green chalk figures wriggling over the blackboard with a wave of a wand. Harry looked around at his teammates, each who were sitting up ramrod straight in their chairs, eyes following the figures on the blackboard. Well, all except for Ron, who was slouched down in his chair, muttering under his breath.

"She said this wouldn't take long," Ron murmured to Harry. Harry smiled, knowing Ron had plans with Hermione this evening and would most likely be late if this took any longer. Feeling a pair of sharp brown eyes on him, he suddenly turned back to the captain and nodded as a new series of diagrams were instantly conjured.

Before long, Harry's mind started to wander. You aren't listening. Sorry, but I was just imagining how much fun its going to be kissing Ginny senseless afterwards. You think you both would be tired of that little game by now. Only when I'm dead. It might not be as fun then. Especially for her, you mean. Shut up!

The captain finished going over the new plays." Any questions?"

Can I kiss you senseless now? Don't you dare ask her that!

No one else had any questions, and were all quite grateful to be dismissed. Ron jumped up and sighed "Finally!" as he scarpered out the door, leaving his sister to frown after him and his teammates to stare in amazement that anyone could move so fast.

Harry, however, made a beeline towards the new captain and had her backed up against the black board.

"I have a question, Captain."

The captain looked up at him, her brown eyes twinkling." Yes, Seeker?"

"Can I kiss you senseless now?" he asked just before he closed the space between them. He heard a few giggles and snickers from the rest of the team as they filed out of the locker room. Apparently, they still weren't used to the fact that the Seeker was head-over-heels in love with their Quidditch captain.

"I think that about did it," Ginny said breathlessly once their lips had parted. "So, what do you think of the new captain?"

Harry beamed down at her. "I love her. But I think she already knows that, doesn't she?"

"She probably wouldn't mind being told again. However, if you don't stop daydreaming when she's lecturing…." she scolded.

Harry laughed softly as he lowered his lips to meet hers again. It was a long time later when the left the locker room, their robes just a bit more wrinkled than before, hair tousled, and Harry's glasses were fogged up.