Sasuke can get any girl in school, but can he get any guy? He makes a bet with his friends that he can. Now he has to pretend he's dating one of the "freaks". Simple, until he starts falling in love. SasuGaa and a tiny bit of SasuSaku in the beginning and hints of other couplings AU

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Chapter One- The Bet


Sasuke inwardly groaned as Sakura seated herself next to him, sandwiching herself between he and Neji.

"Hi Sasuke-kun!" She chirped as Neji flinched at the sound of her high-pitched voice. Sasuke didn't return her greeting, so the pink haired girl continued talking.

"We don't have classes anymore since it's new semester now and all, so I was wondering if maybe you'd like to come and eat lunch with my friends and I?" She looked hopefully up at him. Sasuke didn't respond.

'Come and sit with you and be molested by your whole table? Yeah right.' He thought cynically to himself.

"Okay…maybe I can sit here then?" The Uchiha was beginning to get annoyed. Couldn't Sakura take a hint? Apparently not, he figured when she began eating her lunch. After taking a few bites of an apple, she spoke again.

"Sasuke-kun, I was thinking if you weren't busy, maybe you and I could go on a date this weekend? There's a concert and I bought tick-"

"Sakura." Sasuke interrupted.

"Yes?" She answered, green eyes shining.

"Go away. You and I are not dating, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend." He flinched at the last three words. "Just because I slept with you over winter break doesn't mean a thing, there was never anything between us, never will be."

Sakura's face fell, she looked as if she were about to cry, which she probably was.

"O-okay…" She pushed herself up off the cafeteria bench and grabbed her lunchbox before slowly walking off. Neji, Sasuke, and Kabuto, who was sitting across from them, watched as she went into the bathroom, followed by a worried looking Ino a few seconds later. Kabuto was the first to look away.

"So," He started, smirking, "you slept with Sakura during break?"

"And you didn't tell us?" Neji finished.

Sasuke grinned. "Hey, how am I supposed to keep track of everyone I sleep with?"

"Good point." All three boys burst into laughter.

"Hey, don't you think you were maybe just a little too harsh with her?" Neji asked once they had stopped. Sasuke shrugged.

"Maybe, but I would have had to tell her soon enough anyway. And she's so thick-headed, if I hadn't have said what I did, she'd never leave me alone." His two friends nodded in understanding, they didn't want Sakura hanging around them all the time either.

"…Was she any good?" Sasuke always told them the details of his 'exploits', and this time was no different. He told them every detail of his night with Sakura without even blushing.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Sakura was bawling her eyes out while Ino attempted to comfort her.

"He-he even said…he said…after we…he…he said he loved me…." The pink haired girl could barely even get out a coherent sentence.

"Shhh…." Ino murmured as she rubbed small circles on her friend's back. "It'll be okay, Sasuke's just being a bastard." Ino liked Sasuke just as much as Sakura did, but seeing him hurt her best friend so much made her think a little differently. Insulting him had been easy, but it only made Sakura cry harder.

"D-don't call him that! He's not a bastard, he's just…he's just… I must have done something to make him mad at me… He's just in a bad mood…" Ino decided to let Sakura delude herself for a while.

"Yeah, you're probably right," She forced herself to smile. "He must just be having a bad day or something. Now quit crying, your mascara's running. You don't want Sasuke to see you looking like this do you? If he does, he might just like me better."

Sakura looked up and wiped some tears from her eyes. "Yeah right, Ino. Sasuke will always like me better than you."

"Yeah sure, keep dreaming forehead girl."

"Ino-pig!" They both giggled, the names were no longer insults; they were affectionate teasing names. Some things never changed, Ino thought as she carefully re-applied Sakura's make-up.

'Too bad Sasuke is one of them.' The blonde added bitterly, what did she and Sakura see in him anyway? He was rude, emotionless, and an overall complete asshole, everything she didn't want in a boyfriend. His only real good quality was his looks. Yet she couldn't give up on him, and neither could Sakura.

"We're stupid you know. He'll never like us, let alone love us." Ino mumbled, mostly to herself.

"Yeah…" Sakura sighed, "I just can't stop hoping that maybe he'll be different one day you know? People change, it could happen."

"Guess we'll just have to wait and find out then, huh?" Ino put the cap on the mascara as she finished. "Come on forehead girl, let's go show him what we're made of!"

Ino glared at Sasuke as they walked out of the bathroom. She still liked him, but that didn't mean she had to act like she did. Sasuke smirked at her. Sakura, who's confidence had seemingly disappeared once she left the safety of the small room, looked at the ground before tugging Ino's hand lightly.

"Let's just go sit down." She said softly. Ino glared at Sasuke one last time before agreeing and leaving with Sakura.

Gaara watched as two girls walked out of the restroom. What were their names again? Haruno and Yamanaka, or something like that, but he didn't know them well so he wasn't sure. They were some of the most popular girls in the school, and he was one of the so-called "freaks", two groups that simply did not mix.

The one with the pink hair had puffy eyes that looked just slightly red, signs of crying. He wondered why, not that he really cared. The other girl was glaring in another direction and Gaara followed her gaze straight toward…Uchiha Sasuke.

He allowed himself to shudder. Sasuke and his two best friends, Neji and Kabuto, were the three most popular people in their grade, probably even the whole school, and they knew it. All three were arrogant and acted like the stereotypical popular people in movies and television shows. And that meant they made fun of all the losers, freaks, goths, nerds, and geeks. Gaara hated how the school was divided into cliques, especially since he wasn't in any of them, and he was the only one.

Not having any friends sucked, but he figured if everyone was as shallow as he thought they were, he didn't want to have any of them as friends anyways. Not being in a clique or group, even one of the 'lower' ones, meant that he was a target for just about anyone, but mainly Sasuke and his group. Sasuke was only in one of his classes, and luckily their teacher, Mitarashi Anko, was one of the few who didn't let her students get away with tormenting each other, so Sasuke had never said much to him. Neji and Kabuto however, were both in his sixth period, and both were Orochimaru's 'teacher's pets', meaning they could get away with almost anything. He really hated them.

He watched as Sasuke smirked at Ino before she and Sakura walked to their table. He watched as Sasuke turned back to face Neji and Kabuto and began talking to them. Since he didn't have friends, that meant he didn't have anyone to talk to, so he watched everyone, like he was on the outside looking in. The best place to watch people was during lunch, when they all gathered in one big room and ate. He could watch everyone at once and observe how they acted around their friends at lunch, and later, how they acted back in the classroom when their friends weren't there. That was another reason he didn't like anyone at his school, they were always acting differently; wearing masks, he couldn't trust them.

He spent the rest of lunch staring at a stain on the wall; he'd had enough of watching people for one day.

"Hey, look at Ino." Kabuto pointed behind Sasuke. "She's glaring at you."

"She must be angry about Sakura, think she still likes you?"

"Of course she still likes me." Sasuke answered airily after smirking at Ino, "And even if she doesn't, I could get her too. I could get any girl in this whole school." Neji narrowed his eyes slightly. Sasuke was his best friend, but his arrogance got on his nerves sometimes, he was sure if his cousin wasn't dating the blonde idiot, otherwise known as Naruto, he could get any girl in school too. He narrowed his eyes in thought, there had to be something Sasuke wasn't so confident in.

"Well we all knew that, Sasuke…of course you can get any girl. But is that the best you can do? What about the boys? Can you get all of them too? With looks like yours, anyone could fall for you." Sasuke didn't reply right away, and had he been less dignified, Neji was sure his mouth would be hanging open. Kabuto stifled a snicker.

"Are implying something, Neji?" Sasuke tried to mask the uncertainty under his voice.

Neji smiled coyly, "No, of course not. We all know you're not a queer." Kabuto made a face. "I'm just saying, since you're so good looking and popular and all, you could get guys too." Sasuke frowned. "Unless…you don't think you can do it?"

"I can do it."

'Gotcha Sasuke. Hook, line, and sinker.' Neji smirked.

"Let's make this interesting then, we'll make a little bet. How does that sound?" Sasuke nodded his agreement.

"You have one week to get a guy to go out with you, then you have three months to get him to say I love you."

Sasuke arched an eyebrow. "That's it?"

"That's it."

"Heh, that's easy Neji. I'd have expected you to come up with something better than that." Inside, Sasuke went through a list of possible candidates for his 'boyfriend'.

"What are we betting?"

Neji smirked. "Glad you asked, Kabuto. If Sasuke can do it then…"

"You two have to make out with each other. In front of everyone." Sasuke interrupted. If he had to pretend to be gay, then his friends were going to do it too.

"Fine. And if we win…we get your car." Sasuke stared. His car, a black Corvette he'd gotten the last year for his sixteenth birthday, was his pride and joy. And Neji knew that. Sasuke thought of backing down and quitting, but that would make him a branded coward.

"Fine, but I won't lose. In fact, I'll even let you pick the lucky guy."

Neji and Kabuto exchanged looks. Sasuke had walked right into Neji's trap. This was going to be fun.

"If you insist." Kabuto shrugged as Neji walked to the other side of the table and whispered in his ear. Sasuke pretended not to see the devious glints in their eyes. After a few minutes, Neji sat back down in his original seat, smiling triumphantly.

"Who is it?"

The silver haired boy looked almost preditorial as he and Neji answered in unison,

"Sabaku Gaara."

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