Fullmetal Evangelion

Evangelion/Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover

I have gone insane. I ALREADY have plenty of stories needing an update. It is also a time when I have very little time to write these updates. And what do I do? I start a new one? Nuts.

Anyways, this is my attempt to combine these two universes. Why? Why not? Hehehe. Oh, and it's also my first NON-Teen Titans crossover fic. Finally, two REAL anime series that I'm crossing over with (note, I still think Teen Titans is great fun series. Just that, I also know that it isn't real anime)!

At the moment, this story is chapter by chapter. Most of my stories have a definite beginning, and a definite ending. Just the middle is iffy. This is usually true even for my more silly stories. The only exception, other then this story, was Silent Titan (although now, the ending is becoming pretty clear). The reason why this particular story is chapter by chapter was simply the fact that it just spontaneously popped into my head. BTW, it was partially influenced by the story, "Cyborg and Alchemy", by Apparition7 in the Ghost in the Shell story section. An FMA/GitS: SAC story. Pretty good story overall (just needs a little more details for it to be truly great). Check it out if you are fan of FMA and GitS: SAC.

Oh yeah, and if all goes well, this story will follow my other Eva fic in that it will be proofread before I put it up. That does NOT guarantee that all grammatical and spelling errors will be caught, but it should be more polished then my other stories where I don't do this step before putting it up.

And for those who criticize (valid criticism) that my other Eva story was too unoriginal (at least in the beginning), this story shouldn't have that problem (the other story attempts to, in essence, retell the Evangelion story with a few SMALL changes early on here and there so that it can be an original story later. In this story, well, we have the FMA cast joining Evangelion. Big difference)!

This story starts in the FMA universe, and them moves to the Evangelion universe.

Standard Disclaimer: I own neither the Fullmetal Alchemist series, the future movie, and the manga, nor Evangelion series, movies, and manga. All characters from those series that appear in this story are not mine. I am doing this out of fun. If asked, I will take down these stories without hesitation.

There's no real spoiler's for either series. Except the FMA part takes place before Hughes was killed. And the Evangelion part takes place during the first episode (though unlike my other story, it won't be a near novelization of it for obvious reasons).

Without further ado, on with the story!

Southern Vale - Amestris

Southern Vale was a town 80 km west of Central. It was a peaceful town where many people come from all over Amestris to get away from their mundane life in the city. Everyone was friendly and kind.

But on this particular day, fear and terror came to this small town.

"Take that you sons of bitches!" A man grabs a number of black roses and, with the help of an array on the ground, he made the vines grow and shoot themselves towards a little man, who's easily offended when reminded about his…height problem.

"Look out brother!" Al's eyes filled with concern as he watched Ed jump from side to side, avoiding the attacks of the so-called 'Black Rose Alchemist'.

Ed rolled from side to side avoiding the shoots of massive rose vines crashing beside him. "Don't worry Al. I can handle him just fine. Just stay back Al. I don't want you getting involved in this." Ed clasped his hands and turned his right arm into a sword. He slashed a number of incoming rose vines before they exploded.

The military wanted to contain the Black Rose Alchemist when he turned against him. A veteran of the war with Ishbal, the white haired man, scarred with a long slash on his very wrinkled right cheek, laughed methodically at Ed. "Soon, you will all pay! You will all pay for you crimes against me! Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Before he went insane, he was one of the military's most decorated soldiers. After he broke out of prison, he began taking his revenge against the military. Every alchemist he could find, he slaughtered them.

Ed continues to sprint towards Black Rose. He leans to the side as a vine shoots by him. He jumps and pushes himself off of one vine, then another. He does this seconds before Black Rose causes them to explode. Ed gets closer and closer. Determination fills his eyes and he tries to end this madman's reign. Just as he gets close to see Black Rose sweat, a fury of vines rocketing up from the ground sends Ed back. Ed crashed to the ground, skidding to a halt just a few feet away.

"Brother!" Al took a few steps towards Ed when a vine slammed into his armor body.

"Al! Stay back!" Ed screamed back.

"So, this is your brother?" Black Rose grinned with excitement. "Oh this is too good! Prepare to watch your loved ones die like I have State Alchemist!" The vines started to squeeze Al.

"Let him go!" Ed struggled to get up. He forced himself to stand up. He couldn't bear to lose his brother. Not like this. Not after everything they have been through.

"Make me!" Black Rose snickered. He makes the vines squeeze even harder.

Ed closed his fist as he stared down Black Rose. "I will." He sprints towards Black Rose. Everything seemed to slow down as he again gets closer and closer to Black Rose. This time, it seemed that he would finally be able to bring him down. That is, until…

A rush of fire consumed the area.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ed stopped dead in his tracks as he feels the heat from the fire.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Black Rose screamed as fire consumed him, and his rose vines. Black Rose tried to get away from the fire, which seemed to be everywhere. The fire burns through the vines that held Al. The charred remains of the vines collapse as Al falls to the ground.

After the fire around him subsides, Ed didn't move from his half running pose. He was completely blackened from head to toe. After a few moments of being stuck in that pose, he finally falls to the ground with a thud.

Al checked himself out, seeing that he didn't have any major damages, he got up from his position and jogged a bit to where Ed was. "Brother!" Al helped Ed into a sitting position.

'Only one man could do that.' Ed thought. As he looked up from his position, his assumption was verified. "Colonel Mustang."

Riza kicked the charred Black Rose to the ground. She holds her gun out as Armstrong came up from behind and locked Black Rose's arms in restraints.

Roy grinned as he sees that Ed has recovered from his attack. He took a few steps towards Ed. "Fullmetal. Good thing I was here or you might be dead by now."

Ed narrowed his eyes. "Oh shut up! I had him under my thumb until YOU showed up!" Ed spat at Roy.

Roy shook his head a little. "You should be thanking me for saving you and your brother."

Ed growled. "I had everything under control. Besides, I WAS IN MORE DANGER FROM YOU! Your stupid fire nearly burned me to death!"

Roy brushed off the criticism. "Hey! If you simply watched where you were going instead of rushing into things, you wouldn't have been burned."

"What a load of bull." Ed retorted. "Besides, I didn't know that you would be here. And speaking of which…why are you here?"

Roy's face turned serious. "What do you think Fullmetal?" Roy began. "I'm here to make sure Black Rose is caught. He's been terrorizing civilians and military personal alike. We can't allow that now can we? A better question to ask would be why you are here? While I appreciate your help in catching Black Rose…even though it was I that did it." Roy watched Ed growled who seemed to be ready to attack him. "Your orders weren't to bring in Black Rose."

Ed sighed. While he hated being the military's lapdog, and on occasion, tries to, at least bend the rules a bit, he still had to follow orders. He knew he had to do it when he joined the military in the search for the Philosopher Stone that would restore Al's body and his missing arm and leg back. Still didn't like though. Although Roy allowed him a bit of freedom when it came to the search of the Philosopher's Stone, he still had to follow whatever order Roy gives first. Why he was in Southern Vale though did have to do with the Philosopher's Stone. "We got word that a group of people in this town was working on a Philosopher Stone. Meeting Black Rose was just a coincidence."

"I see." Roy rubbed his chin. "Although Fullmetal, I don't believe meeting Black Rose here was a coincidence." He turned back as a man that exited the shadows of the alleyway. "Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, have you found any of Black Rose's accomplishes?"

Hughes walked up behind Roy. "Nope. We're still looking for them."

"Hughes." Ed waves at him. "Fancy seeing you here."

Hughes grinned. "Yup. We're pretty serious about this mess."

Ed smile however, started to frown as he remembered what Roy said. "What do mean by accomplishes?"

Roy turned his attention back to Ed. "Did you really think Black Rose got out of prison all by himself?"

Meanwhile, Armstrong slammed his foot on Black Rose's back. "You're going back to prison where you belong Black Rose."

Black Rose grinned. "You're all too late."

Riza held the gun to his head. "Too late? Too late for what?"

The ground started rumbling.

"Brother? What's going on?" Al looked fearful as everything around them started to shake.

Roy face turned serious. 'It must be Black Rose's accomplishes. And if the rumors Ed heard are true…'

Armstrong and Riza also looked up when the rumbling began.

Black Rose laughed methodically.

His laughter was getting on Riza's nerves. "SHUT UP!" Riza slapped Black Rose to the ground.

Suddenly, glowing lights appeared under them.

Ed looked down in complete surprise. "You have got to be kidding me."

Inside one of the Buildings

Inside one of the buildings, a group of men, all dressed up in robes, all had their hands on the array in the center of the floor.


Men, women and children screamed as they all tried to look for shelter as buildings started to crack and collapse from the continued shaking of the ground.

Black Rose, still on the ground continued to laugh. "We're going to make the Philosopher Stone, in exchange for this entire town and everyone in it!"

Ed's eyes widened. "You're insane!" He began running towards the center of the town. "I have to stop this before it's too late!"

"Brother! I'm coming with you." Al followed Ed as they headed towards the source of earthquakes.

Roy narrowed his eyes. "Those two boys are going to need all the help they can get." He started chasing after the Elric brothers.

'Black Rose isn't the only one insane here. Even if they somehow succeed…' Hughes frowned. "Right behind you Colonel."

Riza frowned as quake continued to worsen. 'The Colonel and the Elric brothers are going to need all the help they can get.' "Armstrong! Watch Black Rose for me. I'm going to make sure the Colonel and the others don't get in over their heads."

Armstrong slammed his foot down on the grinning Black Rose. "With pleasure." Buildings around them started to crumble. Rubble from a building falls from the sky. Armstrong, without looking up, slammed his fist into the rubble. Reddish electricity shoots from his hand and the rubble explodes into tiny pieces mostly harmless pieces.

Ed reached the building where the apparent alchemist was attempting to construct the Philosopher's Stone. He reaches the door that was sealed shut. "Think this is going to stop me?" Ed clasped his hands and then placed them on the door. In an instant, the doors disappear. Right when that happened though, a lightning bolt shot towards Edward. He rolled to the left, avoiding the bolt.

Roy rolled to the right, as he was next in line of the bolt. Upon seeing an opening, he snaps his fingers causing a spark. With the help of alchemy, he turns this spark into a semi-controllable flame (with the array in his gloves, he was able to take the oxygen surrounding the area to expand the and control the flame). The flame whipped into the building. However, when it approached the six inhabitants inside the building, the flame simply went around them. Roy gritted his teeth. 'Damn! They're somehow deflecting my attacks.'

Al stopped and looked up at the building. The buildings around them started to dissolve as they are being used to make the Philosopher's Stone. However, assuming Marco was correct, it takes more then just a few buildings to create the Philosopher's Stone. In fact… Al sees another lightning shoot at from the building. This time, it hits an innocent bystander. "No!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The man screams as his body dissolves.

Ed saw this. His eyes widened in horror. He began to grit his teeth. "We have to stop this now before anyone else is killed!" Ed forced out. He turned back to the building.


"Soon! We will have the power of the Philosopher's Stone! The military will not stand a chance!" Black Rose ranted through his maniacal laugh.

"I said quiet!" Armstrong kicked him in the stomach. "You will not suc…" As he was saying this…

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…" Black Rose contorted as a wayward lightning bolt hits him. His body started to disappear.

A stunned Armstrong falls back. The shaking continued to grow more intense by the minute. 'So much for him. He obviously didn't live to see this maniac plan come to fruition.' With Black Rose gone, and the situation getting worse and worse, it was clear that he couldn't stay here. Yet, he couldn't just abandon the others. 'I have to go and help the others. I must help put an end to this.'

-Meanwhile…outside of the building…

Riza was shooting many rounds of bullets while Hughes throws his knives into the building. Some sort of field deflected each of Riza's bullets, and each of Hughes' knives. From Riza's understanding, it was probably an alchemist manipulating the air inside, creating a cyclone that was strong enough to prevent fire, bullets, knives, whatever from interfering with their plans. It didn't help matters much that the lightning bolts were becoming more frequent with each passing second. It was becoming harder and harder to avoid them.

Ed clasped his hands again. This time, he brought it down to the ground and created a rocky wall in the hopes of at least stopping the lightning bolts as they try to advance closer to the building. However, the bolt was so strong that it ripped through his rocky wall, forcing Ed to roll away again.

Al tried to make an array on the ground. However, he stopped when a lightning bolt came straight towards him. He dropped and rolled to the side before the bolt hit him.

Armstrong ran into the area. He ducks as one of the lightning bolt shoots near him.

Riza looked back for a moment and sees Armstrong. "Armstrong! I thought I told you to look over Black Rose!"

"I was!" Armstrong picked up and rock and punches it, with his combined physical strength and alchemy, he creates an electrical wave that slams into the building. "But one of those bolts got to him."

"Hmph." Riza sounded. "Got what he deserves then."

Ed looked around him. The ground started to crack and was glowing an ominous red. "Damn it! So this is where the red water is. The underground aquifers." He started sprinting again. Jumping from side to side in order to avoid the lightning bolts. "We have to make this quick!"

Inside one of the Buildings

"We're doing it!" One of the robed men said in excitement. "We're finally doing it!"

The apparently leader, whose robe was a little flashier then the others grinned. The hood of his robe obscured his face. Only his mouth was showing "Soon, the Philosopher's Stone will be ours!"

Suddenly, a blinding flash occurred.

This shocked the leader. "What? This isn't supposed to be happening! No…NOOOOO!"


Ed and the others stopped in their tracks as a blinding light consumed the area.

"Brother! What does this mean?" Al had to cover his eyes as the blinding light was getting more intense.

"This is not good!" Ed yelled.

"You're telling me." Roy brought his arm over his eyes.

Armstrong, Hughes, and Riza simply gasped and covered their eyes. They all seemed to be drawn into it.

-Meanwhile…in another Universe…

Tokyo 3 - Japan

Shinji Ikari was at a pay phone. He was listening to the broadcast telling him that due to the state of emergency, all lines have been cut. When he replaced the phone on the receiver, he sighed. "It's no use. I shouldn't have come here after all." Shinji was about to take a picture of Misato out, when a blinding light next him distracted him. "Huh? What the?" Shinji covered his eyes as the blinding light became too intense. Once it subsided, he sees in front of him were a group of people, and a suit of armor that seemingly popped out of nowhere. Shinji simply stared, completely wide eyed and dumbfounded at the scene in front of him.

In front of Shinji was a short man, wearing a red jacket over black clothes. Standing next to him was a suit of armor that appeared to be something that belonged in some museum in Europe, those that survived the Second Impact obviously. Standing next to both of them was a group of four people who seemed to be wearing outdated blue military uniforms. One was tall, mostly bald with a small curl of hair above his forehead, and had a blond mustache. It was obvious that he worked out a bit due to his big muscled appearance. Next to him was a man, slightly shorter, black medium cut hair, and held a serious look. Next to him was another black haired man, this time wearing glasses, and a few stubbles on his chin. And next to him was a blond woman who had long hair that was bound up in the back to make it look shorter. Shinji was pretty certain that they weren't there a few seconds ago. And they certainly look out of place in modern day Japan.

Edward Elric was still covering his eyes when he came to. He blinked as the world around him came back into focus. "What, what just happened?"

Al was the next to respond. "We're…not dead?"

Ed was still trying to figure out where they were, and what happened. "No Al. But I don't think we're in Southern Vale anymore."

Roy, Riza, Hughes, and Armstrong scanned the area as they came to.

Armstrong was the next to respond. "I don't think we're in Amestris either. Look at the signs."

The group did just that. That's when they realized the funny symbols on the signs.

Al stared at the signs in amazement. It was obviously not the language that he was familiar with. At least, he thought he didn't recognize it. "What language is that?"

"It's Japanese." Roy responded.

"You know the language Colonel?" Riza asked.

Roy blinked. "Ye…yeah." He continued to blink in amazement. "But, I don't know how I know that or why."

Hughes continued to stare at the sign. "That's funny. I feel like I can read that sign…"

Ed then tapped his foot on the ground. "What are these streets made out of?" He took a closer look. They seemed to be made out of a rocky substance. That he knows for sure. But how did they make it? It seemed to be so uniform, like it was poured there, then allowed to set. Like dried mud in a why, except with fewer cracks. His first assumption would be alchemy. His guess was that someone was able to get, whatever this kind of rock into a liquid like state, and then used alchemy again to harden it. But that process sounded tedious to Ed. Not to mention pretty expensive in that there probably aren't that many alchemist in the construction business to cover kilometers upon kilometers of road with this smooth surface. Most of the cities he had been to, either left their roads as dirt, or bricked them since bricking them doesn't require the need of an alchemist.

Hughes also looked up and noticed a lot of lines going from building to building. He assumed that they were telephone lines but…why so many? "It seems that everyone here has access to the telephone." While telephones are not necessarily rare in Amestris, they weren't this prevalent either.

Shinji continued to stare in amazement at this strange group of people.

Ed finally notices Shinji standing near them. "Oh hello there! Hehehe…" He waved at him.

Shinji was startled as one of the members of this strange group acknowledged his presence. "Uh, konichiwa?" (hello) Shinji weakly waved at Ed.

'Great. It must that strange language Roy was talking about. Japanese?' Suddenly, Ed blinked in realization. 'Wait, I know what he said.' "Konichiwa! Watashi wa Edward Elric desu!" (Hello! My name is Ed.)

"Ano…" The shy boy replied back. "Watashi wa…Shinji Ikari desu."

(AN: This is as far as I'm going with the Japanese. I'm also aware that in Japan, it is last or family names first, and then the first name. Usually. But hey, since I'm not going to bother with Japanese for the rest of the fic, I'm not going to care about that)

Al, Roy, Riza, Hughes, and Armstrong's mouths dropped to the floor. Not only did Ed understand what Shinji said, he was also speaking the same language.

Suddenly, Al then realized something else. "I know what they were saying."

"Me too." Riza replied.

"Not only did that blinding light send us to this strange world," Hughes began. "It also must've enabled us to speak their language."

Edward smiled at the boy. "So, where exactly are we?"

Shinji blinked. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, um…" Ed scratched the back of his head. "What city are we in? Country? Year? That sort of thing."

Shinji continued to blink in amazement. "You don't know? Then how did you get here?"

Roy stepped into the discussion. "We're…trying to figure that out too."

Al thought he heard something strange behind him. It sounded like, maybe a battle was going on. He turned back when…


This caught everyone by surprise including Shinji. The group covered their ears as the wires and windows started shaking, and metal shutters resonated from the blast.

Ed waited a bit as the sound subsided. He unplugged his ears and looked around the area. "What the heck was that?"

Al hears the rumble of something behind him. As he turns back, he finally sees the thing that caused that boom. "Brother! Look!"

The group all turned to where the sound came from. At first they see something floating in the air. It was, some sort of flying vehicle.

"Machines can do that?" Armstrong was amazed. In all his life, he has never seen a vehicle that can fly.

However…that wasn't the only thing they saw.

The flying machines were shooting some sort of projectile weapons. Bullets? No, there were a little bigger then just bullets. Whatever they were, they were causing some kind of explosion on something. In fact, they seemed to be deflecting off of it, and hitting nearby buildings.

That something was a massively huge walking monster.

Al's eyes were wide in amazement and fear. "Brother, that thing…that thing…"

Roy was speechless. "What in the world…"

Ed was also trying to comprehend what it was. "Its…its…its huge!"


One of the flying machines came crashing down at them.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The group, minus Shinji who was too scared to scream, watched as inches away from them, the flying machine, that Shinji knew as UN Fighter, crashes and explodes in front of them. They all ducked out of the way when the pieces came close to them.

Right behind them, a blue sports car comes to a screeching halt. Inside the sports car, Misato was stunned at the group standing next to her target, Shinji Ikari. "What the?" Misato was completely stunned. Shinji was not alone as she expected. Instead, he was near a group of people in funny looking clothes. One was even in a suit of armor. Misato opened the door. "Shinji…what…" She then turned her attention to the strange group of people standing next to him. "What are you guys doing out there? And why the heck is that guy wearing a suit of armor? You're not trying to fight off the Angel in that do you?"

"Uh…" Al started. He wasn't sure how to answer that. If he could be sweat, he would be doing that right now.

Shinji waved at Misato. "Um, you must be Miss Misato…"

Roy blinked. Whoever this woman was, she was a babe. "Well hello there…"

Misato frowned. "I don't have time for this. Get to a shelter immediately! And Shinji, GET IN!"

Riza frowned at Roy whose eyes seemed to be glazed over right now. "We will, ma'am! If you tell us where the shelter is, we would be…"

Tons of debris started falling around them. Huge massive debris. Since her escape was slightly delayed with the talk, Misato, and Shinji's life was now in grave danger.

"Shit!" Misato yelled. She grabbed Shinji and pulled him in. She hoped that maybe, just maybe, that they had just enough time to avoid the debris. However, in a blink of an eye, something amazing happened that would forever change her plans.

Ed clasped his hands placed them on the floor. Electricity covered the area and soon, the debris that was falling over the area, turned into flower petals.

Misato blinked in amazement. 'What did he just do?' Not only did he save their lives, he also turned that debris into…flower petals? How the heck did he do that? 'Ritsuko will want to see this!' Since the danger was momentarily subsided, she decided to call out to him. "Hey you! What the heck did you do?"

The wind blows Ed's ponytail to the side. "Just a little…"

Misato sees the Angel approach. "Nevermind. I'll ask you later. Just get in. And hurry! That Angel is coming!"

"Angel?" Hughes was confused with Misato's terminology. "She doesn't mean that monster does she?"

"But what about us?" Al yelled back. "I'm not going to leave my big brother!"

'Big?' Misato looked at the armored man, and the shrimp. 'What happened to him? Got the bad genes or something?' Misato looked at the group. Although she doubt that they were all family, she still assumes that they are somehow all in this together, and would probably die together too. Or not. Still, at the moment, she didn't have time to discuss this. In a few moments, the Angel will be on them and they would be as good as dead. "Fine! Everyone inside the car!"

The group all stared at the small car. "Um…"

"Do you WANT to stay out here with that?" Misato points to the fast approaching Angel. "Now get in!"



"OW!" Ed's face was being pressed to the side window on Misato's side. "Can you move a little Colonel?"

Al, Riza, and Armstrong were sitting in the back seat, at least, as best as they can. Al and Armstrong were crushing Riza who was in the middle seat. However, at least she had a seat. In front of them were Hughes, Roy, and Ed that were tangled up in front of them.

"Not exactly Fullmetal." Roy struggled to talk, as Hughes' elbow was right against his face. "Besides, just be glad you weren't taller or it would be really crammed back here."

Ed's eyes flash with rage. "Are you calling me short?" Ed was moving all over the place, making it even worse for Hughes and Roy. "I'll show you short!" The back was bouncing up and down a bit.

"Oof! Ow! Calm down Ed." Hughes was currently useless against Ed's mini-attacks. "I'm sure the Colonel didn't mean it in that way. And please, could you stop?"

Misato was also being slightly banged around a bit. Although she was glad she wasn't in the back with them. 'So, the shrimp has issues with his height. Hey! Not my problem we couldn't have the best genes in the world. Also, why was he the one with the nickname Fullmetal. I assume it's a nickname; I don't think anyone would call their kid that. If anyone should have that name, it's armor guy back there!'

"Brother! Please calm down." Al tried to reassure him. "I'm sure Roy didn't mean it in that way."

Shinji looked back at the crammed group. He was amazed that they could all fit back there and in such a small amount of time. The Angel would've crushed them if they were a few seconds too late. 'I guess anything is possible with your life on the line.'

Misato sighed. "Excuse me for not having a bigger car. I wasn't exactly planning on picking you guys up. And you know, if armor guy had taken that thing off, you might have had a little more space back there."

Al, Ed, Roy, Riza, Armstrong, and Hughes looked every which way as they all couldn't figure out how to answer that statement. "Uhhhh…well…you see…"

"Al here has a skin disease." Hughes unconvincingly replied. "Yeah! That's it."

"Yeah!" Ed chimed in. "If he took it off, he'll die! So, we can't have that!"

Misato wasn't convinced, but hey, if they wanted armor guy to stay in that suit, she couldn't stop them.

Suddenly, Ed felt something in his left hand. "Hey, what's this?" He started squeezing it out of curiosity.

"Edward…" Riza got an elbow free and elbowed Ed to the window.

"Ow!" Ed's face was further crushed into the window. Anymore, he probably would crash right through it. "It was an accident! If I knew…OW!" Riza hit him again. "What was that for?"

"What was that for? You did it again Ed!" Riza frowned after being violated.

"That wasn't me this time I swear!" Ed defended.

Riza icy glare turned to a certain Colonel. "Colonel…" BAM!

"Ow! It was an accident!" Colonel weakly replied.

"Sure it was Colonel." Riza continued to glare at Roy.

Misato chuckled a bit.

Armstrong sighed. He dared not move from his position since they was absolutely no space to move. As he looked out of the small opening to the left of him, he did see the landscape pass by him. He was a little surprised at the speed that they were traveling. "We're going pretty fast."

Misato raised an eyebrow. "Um, I'm only going about 130 kilometers per hour. Haven't you seen a car before?"

"Yeah." Armstrong replied. Although he never heard it called a car, he has seen this vehicle before. "But never going this fast."

Misato smiled in embarrassment. "Well…I am going a little faster then the speed limit, but still, this speed shouldn't be that unusual."

Armstrong was still amazed. While there were automobiles in Amestris, none that he was aware of could go this fast. After awhile of admiring the speed that they were going in this automobile, he then noticed the little flying machines hovering, what he assumed to be the monster.

Misato also noticed the UN Fighters hovering around the Angel. Since they were far away from it, she assumed it was safe to at least, see what it and the UN Fighters were doing at the moment. Misato slammed on the breaks.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" BAM! Ed crashed into Misato's seat.

Roy and Hughes were dislodged a bit from their positions as well. They pinned Misato and Shinji in their seats.

Misato's head was resting on the steering wheel. "Last time I'm doing that!" She struggled a bit to get the seat back right up.

Shinji was a bit dazed after having his face bashed into the panel. "Uhhhhhhh…"

Misato turned back to the group. "We can rest here a bit. Then we can figure out the seating arrangements before we head into NERV headquarters."

While he was glad he could stretch out his legs a bit, he groaned at the thought of doing it all over again when this little rest stop ended.

The Elric brothers, Roy, Hughes, Riza, and Armstrong piled out of the car. Misato righted both seats and checked to see if Shinji was okay. She then got out her binoculars and checked the area where the Angel was at to see what it and the UN Fighters were doing.

Hughes stretched his arms behind him. "It's nice to be able to move around!"

Roy however, had something else on his mind. Well, besides his 'feel' of his Lieutenant. Roy took a quick glance towards Riza. He quickly turned away when he catches her ice-cold murderous glaze. Anyways… "Say…ummmm…"

"If you want to be formal, you could call me Captain Katsuragi. Otherwise, Misato is fine." Misato answered without looking away binoculars.

"Captain huh?" Roy replied. 'So, she's in the military of this nation?' "By the way, where exactly are we going?"

"Hmmmmm." Misato thought whether or not he should tell him. 'After all, NERV was a secret organization under the direct control of the UN. Then again, if she follows through on her plans to bring them there, it would nearly be impossible to keep that a secret. What are they going to do? Cover up all the NERV logos? Then again, it would be easier she to just blindfold them. Then what about Shinji? Unless she separates him from them as quickly as possible, they would find out eventually though him. Maybe. However, if Ritsuko and Commander Ikari saw what they could do, maybe they would offer to join NERV.' Misato looked back at Roy. 'Might as well tell him at least. I somehow feel he won't be blabbering off to the media. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that when all is said and done, it will eventually get out anyways. At least in a controlled fashion for obvious reasons.' "You're going to…NERV Headquarters." 'Which reminds me, I need to get this through Commander Ikari and Ritsuko first…'

"NERV Headquarters?" Roy repeated. Given that Misato hesitated… "Let me guess, it's some sort of secret project or something."

"For the most part." Misato finally turned back to where Roy was. Though the tone of Roy's voice ran through Misato's mind. Maybe her suspicion that he won't be a problem was true. "You know something about secret projects or something?"

Roy nodded. "You're not the only one who works for the military and had to deal with classified material."

Misato raised an eyebrow at Roy's statement. "Wait, you're telling me you're in the military?" 'It would explain the uniforms. But, what nation would have them wear that kind of uniform?'

"Oh," Roy started. "I forgot to introduce myself." He stood upright. "I'm Colonel Roy Mustang."

Misato chuckled a bit. "In that outfit? Where did you get that uniform? In the 105 yen costume store?" (105 yen is about 99 cents)

Roy face faulted. 'It's apparently that they don't were these kinds of uniforms here.' He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. As he looked up and down Misato, he realized her dress wasn't exactly, well, normal. At least for their standards if she's in the military. 'Though she could've been off duty when they called her up. Although there's nothing wrong with dreaming about it being the standard dress…' "Well, uh…it's the style my country choose for me, um, us. Besides…" Roy put his hands on his hips, and a foot on a conveniently close small rock. "When I become Fuhrer, my first job would be to update our uniform. Soon, all the women in the army will wear mini-skirt!"

Hughes grinned. "Same old Colonel Mustang."

Misato sweat dropped at Roy. 'This guys freaken delusional!' However, his little rant did shed some light about their origin, or, at least, their delusion. 'He mentioned Fuhrer. So my guess is somewhere in Europe. Most likely in Germany or some German-speaking nation. However, no one uses that term anymore. Not even in Germany. Although the word itself simply meant leader in German, after Hitler became synonymous with that word, everyone stopped using it.' As she looked at the group, it was clear that they were of European decent at least. However, she was surprised at how well they spoke Japanese. 'Must've been one fine Japanese program in the schools that they went to.'

Al walked up to Shinji who was standing next to the car. "Um…Mr. Ikari?"

Shinji jumped a bit "Oh, um…hi." Shinji looked up at the armored suit. "And you can call my Shinji…"

"Alphonse Elric. You could just call me Al." After introducing himself, Al wanted to ask a few questions to Shinji. He remembered Captain Katsuragi mentioning that everyone should be in the shelter. But why wasn't he in one? "I was wondering, why weren't you waiting in the shelter?"

Shinji thought about the time when he entered this city. The time when he stepped off the train right before the warning went about the attack. "Well, I was called to this city by my father. He sent Miss Misato when the Angel attacked."

"I see." Al thought about what Shinji said. It could've been just him, but he thought he detected a scent of sadness in his voice. He brushed it off for the time being as another question was nagging at him. "That reminds me, why is that monster called an Angel? Aren't Angels supposed to be god's messengers? And isn't god supposed to be good?"

Shinji shrugged. "I don't know. All I know is, everyone calls them Angels."

'Something was not right about this world.' Al thought. Well, other then the big monsters attacking of course. 'But why call them Angels?'

Misato continued to watch the movements of the UN Fighters. Suddenly, they all scatter. "Wait a minute. They are going to use an N-2 mine?"

Ed was enjoying his ability to stretch when he heard Misato's panicked voice. "N-2 mine? What's that?"

"Everyone get down!" Misato knocked Shinji into her car.

Al stared in amazement at Misato's movement. This could only mean one thing. 'Something's bad is about to happen.' He turned back see what could've gotten Misato so scared.

Everyone else stared at where the Angel was when…


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ed's eyes were wide in terror. His mouth was to the floor as the blinding light gave way to a massive explosion. He was so shocked that he forgot to even try to counter it. The shockwave knocked him to his back.

Al held the same reaction. He was blown back when the shockwave hit him.

Hughes and Armstrong tried to run back. Instead, they were hit by the blast and dropped to the ground.

Roy stiffened when he saw the explosion. When he saw the blinding light, the mushroom cloud, and the sound of the shockwave hit him, memories of the Ishbal massacre flashed before his eyes. He couldn't take his eyes off of the explosion as the first shockwave approached him. He mind was so flooded with the images and sounds of that event that he didn't hear Riza yelling at him to get down. Nor did he feel her crashing into him, forcing him to the ground as the shockwave finally hit him.

Misato held Shinji as the car rolled over again and again. Luckily for her, she was able to get her legs inside as the open passenger side door would slammed shut during the rolling. When the blue sports car finally came to a stop, it took a few moments for Misato to get her bearing straight and peek out the window.


Al was over Hughes who was still lying on the ground in a strange, running position. Hughes looked like one of those old Egyptian paintings with his head turned to the side, his body facing the sky, and his right arm angled up, and his left arm angled down. His legs were also in some sort of running position. "Are you alright Hughes?" Al was the first to get up. Being a piece of armor, he didn't suffer any scraps or brushes. Though his armor appears to need a good polish though.

"Oh Elysia! You smile is as wonderful as ever!" Hughes spoke without realizing it.

"Lieutenant Colonel Hughes?" Al asked with concern in his eyes.

Hughes finally noticed Al's presence. "Oh hi Al. Ummm...just need to rest here a bit! Hehehe…"

Al sighed. "Want me to help you up?"

"Um, no." Hughes replied weakly. "I'll…I'll get up on my on. After I rest here a bit."

"If you insist." Al replied.

Ed was getting his bearings straight. 'That was some explosion.' As he was walking back to the group, he sees Roy sitting on a rock. As he approached him, he notices Roy seemed to be in deep thought. He sat next to Roy. As he looked back at the explosion, and what it did, he wondered if, if it was like… "So, Colonel. Was that how it was like?"

Roy continued to stare blankly into the ground.

Riza breaks the silence. "Edward. I don't think now is the time to bring that subject up."

Ed looked at Riza, then back at Roy and sighed. He stood "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up."

'No.' Roy mentally responded. 'It was missing the screams of the men, women, and children before their voices were silenced forever.'

As Ed was walking away, his mind was running over what he has been through, and trying to think what Roy had been through. While at first, he thought that Roy was a cold heartless bastard, especially what he did in Ishbal, after a while, he started to realize that Roy wasn't what he originally thought. 'After all, when he went to Risenbool, he visited the Rockbells. Especially since it was he that took away the parents of Winry. It might've been his attempt to confront his past and maybe, just maybe, try to correct the wrongs in his past.'

Misato looked at the group. 'They all seemed to have suffered a lot in their lives.' She looked at Edward whose artificial leg and arm was exposed slightly exposed. 'What could've happened to someone so young?'

Shinji climbed out of the car. He landed on the ground with a thud.

Misato looked back and saw Shinji. "Shinji!" She waved at him. "Now that you're out…you can help me get my car righted."

Before Shinji could respond however…

"Hold it right there Captain Katsuragi…" Armstrong ripped off his shirt. He started posing his massive muscled body. "I can help right your automobile!" Sparkles seemed appear from his body. "My strength has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!"

"Um…" Misato sweat dropped. "Sure! Go ahead!" She gave a reserved smile at him.

Armstrong pushed her car back on its wheels. "I'm always grateful to be of service Captain!" He continued to pose in front of Misato.

"Hehehe. Thanks…" Misato gave an embarrassed smile before turning to Hughes who had finally gotten up from his position. "Does he do that all the time?"

Hughes grinned. "Pretty much."

Misato sighed. "Well, this day is just full of surprises." As she entered her car, she attempted to turn the key. Nothing. "Dang! That explosion must've killed the engine!" She looked down the road to see a few cars. "While a few of them might've been affected…"

Ed approached the car. "Wait! Why don't you open the hood. Maybe I can try something."

Misato blinked at Ed's demand. 'Could he actually do it?' She remembered how he was able to turn debris into flower petals. 'Couldn't hurt I guess.' "Okay. But if you screw up anything, you're dead!"

Ed blinked in surprise at Misato's threat. He then noticed the handgun that was at her side. 'Obviously Hawkeye here wasn't the only one armed.' He gulped. "Don't worry. I'm just, going to take a look, that's all."

Misato nodded and popped the hood open.

Ed looked into the machine. "It's a lot more complicated then the ones back at home. Still…" He looked at the battery. He read what was in it. "Lead-Acid? This must be where the electricity is stored to run this thing."

Misato nodded. "That's right. And right now, it needs a jumpstart."

Ed grinned. "I know just the thing!" Ed clasped his hands and placed them on the battery. "Now Captain Katsuragi, try it now!"

Misato blinked in amazement. She was about to warn him that doing that might be dangerous. Of course, she never seen anyone jumpstart a battery like that before. And if he did something that would, well, destroy her car, Edward Elric would join the dearly departed in this world. After all, she still had payments to pay off for this car. Still…well, anyways, she needed to check to see if Ed did what she thinks he did. She went inside and turned the key. To her pleasant surprise, it started. "Wow! I don't know what you did, but you've just made my day!"

Ed beamed. "It was nothing!"

Misato got out her car to close the hood. When she slammed the hood shut, her bumper fell off. "GAWD DA…" She stopped herself as she wondered what else this boy in the red jacket could do. She turned to Ed.

Ed instantly knew what she was thinking. "I can fix that too." Ed again clasped his hands and placed it on the hood of the car. Suddenly, all the dents and bang ups that was afflicted on Misato's poor car was all gone.

"Amazing!" Misato couldn't believe what she was seeing. 'Ritsuko definitely has to see this!'

Shinji also saw this in amazement. "Wow!" He turned to Al, the armored man. "Your brother is definitely a talented man."

Al felt a little embarrassed about the praise. Granted, it was praise for Ed, but still, he was slightly embarrassed by it. "It's nothing! He does that all the time!"

"Great!" Misato patted Ed. Ed didn't take too kindly to this move however. "Well, I guess everyone should pile into the car now! I need to get to NERV Headquarters as quickly as possible." She lowered her voice and added… "Before I get chewed out again."

Ed groaned. "Do we have to?"

Misato frowned. "Well, you could stay out here if you want." 'But then I can't show you off to Ritsuko.' "And I could call to see if I can get someone to pick you guys up. But since we're in a State of Emergency, that might not be for some time." As she looked around her now repaired car, an idea sprang up. "Tell you what, I think I have a better seating arrangement you guys can try."

Ed raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"


Al, Riza, and Armstrong were again seated in the back seat. Still crammed given that her car wasn't exactly built to handle, well, two six foot plus guys back there, with one in a piece of armor. However, this time only Hughes was on top of them with his butt on Al's lap, and his legs lying mostly across the other two. Ed and Roy? They were in the small hatchback area of the car. Ed and Roy weren't happy being crammed into the small hatchback area of the car. While it did free up much needed space in the back seat, and Ed and Roy had to admit that it was a lot more comfortable then their first attempt, it still was no fun for either of them.

"Why couldn't Hughes be back here?" Roy fumed. "He's about as tall as me."

However, it was Riza that responded. "I think the current seating arrangements is just fine, Colonel."

Roy sweat dropped.

Ed fumed. Unfortunately for him, his placement in the hatchback portion of the car was a given. He hated to admit it, but there was an advantage for being as, well, short as he is.

Misato picked up the phone. "Ritsuko…"

"Misato, do you have him?" Ritsuko said over the phone. She was slightly concerned since she knew that Shinji was, for the most part, their only hope at the moment.

"Yes I have him." Misato responded. "Oh, and I need some clearance for a few civilians that I would like you to meet."

"Civilians?" Ed frowned. "I'll tell you that we're not…"

Roy elbowed Ed. This caused Ed to slam against the back window a bit. "In this place, for all they know, we are civilians Fullmetal. Remember that."

Ritsuko could here the commotion in the background. Her tone dropped. "Civilians? Misato, not only are we supposed to be a highly classified base, we are also in a State of Emergency! Civilians aren't supposed to be near this facility!"

"I know Ritsuko!" Misato continued. "However, these civilians have, special abilities that I would like you to see. I promise you that you will be fascinated with it!"

Ed frowned at what he was hearing. He didn't like it one bit. "Excuse me, we will not going to be your guinea pigs here!"

"Shush Fullmetal." Roy continued. "We still don't know where we are. Not to mention the many other questions we still have about our situation. This could be our opportunity to get some of them answered."

Misato placed her hand on the speaker. "And some of my questions answered as well." Misato turned back even though she was driving at speeds most people would consider, unsafe. "Look, I won't be forcing any of you into something you don't want. And as long as you don't wander into something classified, I can ensure your protection and safety." She then took her hand off the speaker and spoke into it again. "So, what do you say?"

Ritsuko was still not convinced. "And if they cause trouble Misato?"

"I take full responsibility of all their actions." Misato continued. "I promise you that you won't be disappointed."

Ritsuko sighed. "Fine. I'll grant them clearance. However, Section 2 will be escorting them for the time being."

"Fair enough." Misato smiled. "Oh, and one last thing, get a car train ready. Express one."

"Sure thing." Ritsuko said unenthusiastically. "Just hope this is worth the paper work Misato."

"It is. Bye!" Misato hanged up the phone.

Ed internally smiled. While he still wasn't happy about the idea that he could be someone's guinea pig, it still beats being crammed in the back of Misato's sports car. "Express train. That means fast right?"


Train to NERV

"Can't this thing go any faster?" Ed complained. He was eagerly awaiting his chance get out of the car. Especially since his non-automail right leg was going numb.

"Just a few more minutes and we'll be inside NERV." Misato looked at herself with her makeup kit.

Shinji sighed. As he looked outside the window, while he had a lot to think about, like the strange people crammed in the back seat and trunk, his thoughts kept wandering back to his father. Finally, he asked the question that was on his mind to Misato. "Are you taking me to my father?"

Misato closed her makeup kit. "Yes. Yes I think so."

Shinji sighed. "Father…"

After a few moments of silence, Al spoke up. "Shinji…about your father…do you get along with him?" From the tone in his voice, it didn't sound like Shinji and his father was close.

Shinji looked back at Al. "I…no. Not really." Shinji lowed his head. "The last time I saw him was three years ago. The only thing I know is that he's the Commander of NERV from my teacher."

Misato frowned a bit. "Kind of like my father."

Ed and Al felt like they had something in common with him. From the sounds of it, his father simply abandoned him three years ago. After all, he didn't even know that he was the commander of this organization. However, at least now it seemed that maybe, his father is making amends by calling him back? Something Ed and Al can't say about their own father. Supposing that he's still alive of course (which at the moment, they had no reason to suspect that he wasn't). Though that leaves the question about his mother.

Ed was the one that asked it this time. "So, that means that you lived with your mother right?"

After a bit of silence, Shinji shook his head. "No…she died eleven years ago."

Ed and Al lowered their heads. They both discovered another thing they had in common with Shinji. But in a way, Shinji had it worse. At least their father abandons their mother when she was still alive. But Shinji, not only did he lose his mother, but his father abandoned him! The only family he had. Why would his father abandon Shinji? Did it have anything to do with his mother's death? While both Ed and Al were curious about this, they decided that now was not the time to ask such a question.

Al wanted to know that Shinji wasn't alone. From his tone of voice and his reaction, it appeared that he was lonely in this cruel world. "We lost our mother at a young age as well."

Ed nodded. "Yeah."

The other passengers sat in silence, listening in on the conversations between the Elric brothers and Shinji. For the most part, they didn't know what to say or do.

Although inside Hughes' mind, he was starting to hate Shinji's father even though he hasn't even met him yet. 'How could he just abandon his son like that? Especially after his mother was dead? I mean, if something horrible were to happen to Glacier, I wouldn't abandon Elysia.' The only logic that he could think of was the fact that Shinji's father was the commander of this organization and in turn, couldn't take care of Shinji then. 'But even so, I wouldn't abandon my child over it. If I had to choose between being Fuhrer or Elysia, I would choose Elysia in a heartbeat.' Although Hughes had to remind himself that his father did call him back here. 'Call him back? Then why wasn't it he who picked him up? This isn't right.'

Another uncomfortable silence engulfed the car while on they got closer to NERV Headquarters.

Misato didn't like this silence. It was too sad. That's when she decided to break it by changing the subject. "Oh Shinji, didn't you get your ID card from…?" 'DANG! It still goes back to him.'

Shinji looked at Misato and nodded. "Yeah! I have it right here." Shinji took out an ID card that was clipped to a paper that was mostly blacked out.

Armstrong could only catch a glimpsed of the paper in Shinji's hand. 'This organization must be really secret when even a personal document had to be blacked out.'

"Thanks Shinji." Misato took the ID from him. She also internally sighed. 'At least the conversation didn't go back to Shinji's father.' "Oh, and here is the NERV handbook." She hands it to Shinji.

While all this was happening, Riza whispered back to Roy. "Colonel, what do you think about this NERV organization?"

Roy simply shrugged. "I don't know. The only thing I could guess would be that it has something to do with that monster out there. Maybe it was set up to counter it."

"And what about Shinji Ikari?" Riza continued. "I have a sneaking suspicion that his father didn't call him back so that they could mend their relationship."

"I don't think so either." Roy replied with a frown.

Ed didn't like the sounds of this. "What could he possibly do at NERV? I mean he's barely my age!"

Roy glanced at Ed. "Careful Fullmetal. No one could've thought that a 12 year old could become a State Alchemist either. Who knows what Shinji could do?"

"Yeah." Ed conceded. However, he knows that his situation was different. "Except I chose to be a State Alchemist." He looked behind him to where Shinji was. Though Armstrong and Riza was blocking his view. "I have the feeling that no one asked Shinji if he wanted to be here."

Roy was thinking the same thing.


NERV Headquarters Entrance

"Ehhhhhh…" Ed was gritting her teeth. Ed was rubbing his non-automail leg as the blood started rushing back into it.

"Ehhhhh…" Roy was gritting her teeth. He too was rubbing his legs as the blood started to rush back into them. Difference of course was the fact that unlike Ed, both of his legs were real.

"Welcome to NERV!" Misato proudly proclaims. They were standing in front of a turnstiles awaiting clearance.

Shinji looked around the narrow hallways. It's strange that just outside this facility, was a massive opening entirely underground filled with open fields, trees, and a few scattered buildings. He wanted to know more about this and started reading the manual that Misato gave to him.

Hughes was stretching. "At least this time it wasn't as cramped as before."

"I'm still trying to comprehend that we're entirely underground." Armstrong mentioned. He too stretched and cracked his backs. He remembered looking out the window and seeing what Misato called the 'Geo-Front'. It was simply amazing.

Riza nodded. She was rubbing her sides since they still felt numb from the trip. "We could fit Central down here."

"Well, at least our trip is over." Al sighed. He was the only one that wasn't uncomfortable, for obvious reasons.

Ed was about to speak to the group when he hears the pounding of heavy boots.

Shinji wasn't paying much attention since he was reading the manual. That was, until the guards' boots reached his ears. He turned to them just as they reached their general location. "What's going on?"

The group turned to the sound. Suddenly, they find themselves in front of heavily armed men covered in multicolored uniforms with some kind of black vest, all pointing machine guns at them.

Al brought his arm up as if he was surrendering.

Riza took out her side arm and pointed at the guards.

Hughes narrowed his eyes. He had one hand inside coat ready to throw a few knives at them.

Armstrong didn't react, at least as openly as the others. He just narrowed his eyes a bit as he stared down the guards.

Ed gritted his teeth. "I knew it!" He was about to lunge forward and attack the Section 2 guards when Roy grabbed his shoulder, forcing him back.

Roy shook his head at Ed. He then turned his attention to Riza. "Put your gun away Hawkeye."

"But sir…" Riza looked at Roy confused.

"We don't want to start any trouble." Roy held a determined face. "Put the gun down now."

Riza reluctantly put her gun down.

"I know what this looks like." Misato started. "But remember, we're in a State of Emergency. I wasn't exactly planning to bring civilians here."

"I understand." Roy replied.

Suddenly, a woman came through the line of guards. She was wearing a white lab coat over a swimming suit. She appeared to be a blond, though upon closer inspection, her hair color wasn't uniform. "So this is the group of people that you wanted me to see." She looked at one of them at a time. "Other then their odd fashion statement, I don't see what makes them special. Especially the short one over here."

Ed gritted his teeth. His eyes were burning with rage. "You're calling me short?"

"Edward. Not now!" Roy harshly spat at him.

Ritsuko shook her head. 'Kid has some serious issues.' She then approached Shinji. "You must be Shinji."

Misato answered it for him. "Yes. According to the Marduk Report, he is the Third Child."

'Third Child? What does that suppose to mean?' Ed frowned deepened. 'What the heck is going on here?'

Ritsuko turned to the group. "Well, I'm not sure about Captain Katsuragi's logic in bringing you guys here, but I guess I should at least introduce myself. I am Doctor Ritsuko Akagi."

Roy saluted Ritsuko. "Doctor Ritsuko Akagi, Colonel Roy Mustang at your service."

"Colonel huh?" Ritsuko looked at him skeptically. "With that kind of uniform?"

"We are willing to answer any of your questions." Roy replied.

Ritsuko frowned. 'I certainly have a lot of questions. But right now I don't have time for it. I need to get Shinji up to speed and stop that Angel out there.' "Very well. We will be holding you in the brig for the time being until we deal with the other issue."

Hughes frowned. "The brig? But we…" But Roy interrupted him.

"That would be fine." Roy spoke up. "I promised you that we wouldn't cause any trouble."

Ritsuko nodded. "Very well. Once we deal with the Angel, I will be personally interrogating each and every one of you. Take them away."

Ed wasn't about to just let them be pushed around. "Why you…"

Roy slammed his fist into Ed's head. "Don't do anything rash. I promise that we cooperate. And we will."

Riza eyed Roy as they were taking away. "I hope you know what you're doing."

Roy nodded. "Trust me. This is the only way. I'm explain everything if we get the chance."

Suddenly, one of the Section 2 guards approached Al. "Let me see your face."

Al started to panic. "Ummm…I can't!"

"What do you mean you can't?" The guard was becoming irritated. "Let me see your face!"

Ed tried to get in front of Al. "You can't. You see…"

"Let him stay in the armor." Ritsuko called back. "If he causes any trouble, just use armor piecing rounds on him."

Al sighed. His secret was safe, for now.

As Ed, Al, Roy, Riza, Hughes, and Armstrong were being led to the brig, Ritsuko, Misato, and Shinji were heading to the Evangelion Cage.

"I hope you know what you're doing Misato." Ritsuko eyed her friend with suspicion.

"Trust me Ristuko." Misato began. "Once you see what the shrimp can do, you're going to be thanking me! Oh, and while I haven't seen it myself, I also think the others have some other skills too."

"For your sake, I'd better be impressed." Ritsuko looked back at the departing group.

Shinji continued to read the NERV manual.

End of Chapter 1

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